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Can you describe the sort of emergency which might necessitate one of the two vehicles not in use to be called into action? Is there some kind of Weiner Signal which is put up with a spotlight against the clouds, spurring the drivers to action?

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If it enthuses you, I just left a career in corporate radio and the PD kept telling all the jocks to study your podcasts. At a higher level, they were trying to figure out what you were doing right and attempting to mimic it. They're on the ropes.

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Being There's my favorite movie. I feel so validated. I'm going to go apply for a loan!

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When I got laid off with a group at one of the major AAA publishers, they put security on every door in both buildings and did not allow us to return to our desks to get our things (they were shipped to us - exception being that HR would go get your car keys or medication). When your only asset is your IP, you generally don't take chances. Having been on the other end of that - it is very hard. Like one of the worst ten days in my life bad.

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Not to defend the music industry - but iTunes & Amazon Music are both reasonably priced legitimate distribution platforms, Pandora (which is certainly trying to incorporate into the music industry) fills another distribution niche. Additionally, CBS Radio has Last.fm and the iHeartRadio App in the mix. And of course there are more examples. It's not that any of these are perfect - we can poke holes in them all day.

I think the OP is trying to say that the music industry is starting to face reality and develop alternative methods, but we're all still supposed to pay 12 bucks for a ticket, 8 bucks for a coke, and sit in a broken seat to watch a movie being projected on an old bulb. Oh right - 17 bucks for the ticket + broken sunglasses. It's in 3D.