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  • When repossessing items that are within someones home, how do you go about the legality of entering the home to take it?

  • Have you ever been forced to repossess something, but due to the person(s)/family's condition, chose not to (ie, seen that someone hadn't had a Christmas in a while and chose to walk out like your partner)? What are the repercussions for doing something like that?

  • What is the most expensive item you've been forced to Repo? The least expensive? (monetary value if you can't say what the item was)

  • How many repos do you do in an average day or week?

  • Are you paid hourly, commission, or a combination of both?

  • Unfortunately, in your line of work, as you said, people wanting to physically intimidate or hurt you are part of the job. Has anyone ever taken it further? Have you ever been required to phyisically defend yourself from an attacker? If it isn't too shocking or personal, could you tell us what happened?

I think that's all the questions I have for the moment, I hope you get a chance to answer them, and thank you very much regardless of if you do.

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Don't even bother looking at the comment by Heymanwth (Hey Man What The Hell).

It's just a shitty troll account and he's not even very good at it, as most of his posts still have his +1 from when he posts them.

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I remember Oblivion originally being rated T for Teen, but the only thing I could think of that would change that, was after a mod was released where women could be naked. Not sure if that's what changed it to M, but it's all I've ever correlated it to.

Edit: Had a lot of people comment and say it was because of the gore/graphic content as well. I meant was that when I finally received the game, I thought it was weird that the T game I ordered had an M rated sticker on the front. By that point the gore/blood didn't bother me, so all I could see justifying it was the breasts.

Thanks to /u/GrecoRomanStrength (Comment) for finding this Gamespot Article that everyone (myself included) was too lazy to do, instead of just speculating.

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I work with/around news anchors and reporters all day, so it's definitely cool for me to see them when they weren't on the air, or even just between bits.

For example, watching the news anchors watch the final 'fluff' bit at the end for the first time, making light of it with off the cuff remarks, and then watching them do it live, with the typical serious News Anchor demeanors. I know another reporter who was told to do a story he disagreed with, and has received thousands of hate-mail/comments because of something he didn't want to do.

So basically, where any of the news anchors fun people to be around/not wise stuffy reserved people but appeared to be fun-loving?

And have you ever seen/heard of someone or had to report on something you didn't want to?

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