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Do you know Kyle Edwards? Apparently the Wienermobile is heavily affiliated with my j school, the Missouri School of Journalism

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check out Tom Misch, Tame Impala, Kaytranada, Kali Uchis and JID

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and Gus Dapperton & Clairo

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As someone studying journalism and looking to get into more meaningful, impactful storytelling, how did you guys ascend to being able to cover war and harsh stories in the Middle East? I don't know what either of you look like, but is it hard to cover if you're of whiter, European complexion? (I am Argentine-Italian from San Francisco Bay Area, USA, but study Documentary at the Missouri School of Journalism. I'm interested in doing longform/microdoc-style stories in this region eventually)

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Thank you! I plan to check out Stone and see how hopefully I can utilize it as a multimedia journalist myself