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How does one become an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver?

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Hello from Winter Garden, FL!

I’m curious who your favorite Muppet Show Guest Star was to work with, and who was your favorite as it comes to looking back on the episode now as a completed project?

As in “Beverly Sills was a sweetheart, but the episode is just okay. Paul Simon and I didn’t get along at the time but MAN that’s a great episode.” (No offense to Paul Simon, I’m sure he’s a cool guy!)

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Hello from Winter Garden, FL!

What’s something about Jim Henson that people don’t know or have misconceptions about? Oftentimes celebrities become myths themselves, and I’m just curious what you as a partner, friend, and collaborator you can set straight for us.

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Hello from Winter Garden, FL!

How do you feel about being approached in public by fans?

By the way, I love your policy on not performing the character voices on command for fans - it always bugs me when people say you were “the voice of Fozzie” instead of the performer.

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Is this like “Practice, practice, practice?”