My short bio: Hello!

Some redditors suggested that I should do an AMA about becoming a smith, so here it is! If you'd like to know how to start that kind of a business, just shoot me a question and I'll answer!

About me: I was born in a tiny hamlet in the woods of Poland. My stepfather was the village blacksmith and I learned by observing him. When I was 15, I left the village and went to the nearest city to seek a better life. I found work as a helper at various smithing shops and finished my high school, then the university. Faced with little job opportunities beyond McDonald's, I decided to start a swordmaking operation of my own.

My company, AudentiaGuild, makes highly embellished swords, armour and other metalwork.

I'm 26 now. Took me some time getting there!

I also teach sword moves on YouTube - some of you might know me as The Sword's Path. My background as a fencer is mainly in HEMA, but I also trained kendo, kenjutsu and sport fencing.

Here's one of my previous posts, if you'd like to see my crafts!

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tired_of_morons2574 karma

What is it like studying the blade while I am partying?

Code4124576 karma

While you were mastering the blockchain, I was having premarital sex

DigiMagic1633 karma

Is Klingon batleth actually an effective, usable weapon?

Code4122583 karma

Any hard, sharp object is.

It it good at killing a person? Sure. Is it optimal? No.

CodeBridge626 karma

What modifications would make this fantasy weapon more capable? It is portrayed quite elegantly in Star-Trek.

Code412975 karma

Well, the construction isn't that practical - in general, you want your weapon to have as much reach as you can operate well. I can imagine a bat'leth being quite deadly in very tight quarters, however. Not as deadly as a historical weapon, but still very much usable.

CodeBridge365 karma

What limitations might it have which a normal sword does not? What limitations does a sword have which might not be present in a batleth?

Code412750 karma

Well, a batleth, wielded as intended, has an abysmal reach. The design isn't optimized towards thrusting, either.

An actual sword would be way more dangerous in every way, being a lot faster, reaching farther, and allowing for easy maneuvering.

syrstorm305 karma

I tend to agree with this analysis, except for one thing - when I've thought about practical use of the Bat'leth, I think of it more as a quarterstaff. Obviously, that's not really how it was portrayed on the show, but by releasing one hand and snapping the weapon out with the other (assume incredibly strong klingon wrists), I think the reach problem is solved. With this technique, I think it becomes extremely dangerous - it has the staff's distance flexibility with the cutting damage of the blade.

(10+ years of kenjutsu here)

Code412571 karma

You can either snap for reach or prevail in the bind, not both at the same time. And an experienced opponent will go for a bind usually. :(

James__K__Polk1270 karma

Hello! I was wondering in modern TV shows and movies, what fallacies or innaccuracies do you see regarding both smithing and swordfighting/combat?

Thank you

Code4121946 karma

Whoa, that's a big subject.

Let's start with swordfighting: it's mostly balls, with no respect to our current knowledge of medieval/renaissance martial arts at all. Hollywood and TV are terribly stagnant about swordfighting: while the portrayal of, say, gunfighting or unarmed combat has evolved MASSIVELY over the past 30 years, most sword choreographies employed in high budget productions are still the same collections of slow, cliched-to-death moves bereft of dynamic and grace as in the 80s. If I had to point the main fallacies history-wise? Cutting through plate armour, never using the point, using a sword in a parry-response manner rather than /Indes/.

As for the smithing? Well, it usually doesn't get a lot of screentime, but when it does, the art is often raped with scenes such as reforging broken blades and casting swords from molten iron. :)

kentuck401548 karma

So once a sword is broken it is just scrap metal because it is too weak to reforge?

Code4121045 karma

In a nutshell, yes. To achieve the previous material consistency, you'd have to smelt the shards into raw steel again.

It's also possible to forge weld the shards, creating a pattern-welded "damascus" sort of blade, but it will never be as good as the original one.

CaptainFilmy1169 karma

But muh Anduril

Code4121631 karma

I know. :( But hey, the Elves of Rivendell knew magic. Maybe they fixed it right?

PM_me_yur_pm362 karma

Which is more realistic swordfighting: Errol flynn style, conan style, or Kurosawa's samurai style?

Code412654 karma

I'd say Kurosawa out of the three. At least it portrays the speed and dynamic of a sword cut reasonably well. :)

granpappynurgle121 karma

What is Indes?

Code412233 karma

That's the great secret of german longsword fencing. :o

granpappynurgle74 karma

Am I allowed to know the secret?

Code412346 karma

You might wanna ask a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

granpappynurgle61 karma

Slaanesh and I aren't on good terms.

Code412152 karma

"Indes" is the secret concept of striking simultaneously with the opponent rather than waiting for him to finish his attack. :)

suprtommyman658 karma

How many people have asked you to make buster swords?

Code4121005 karma

Like 10, but they always get scared off by the price estimate. :(

suprtommyman378 karma

Is thst because of the material cost of a buster sword, the effort it'd take to forge such a thing, or because it's just completely unfeasible and you're just teasing them.

Code412726 karma

There's simply a lot of material and work involved. Especially if it's meant to be wieldable by an unaugmented human. :)

SusonoO309 karma

So how much would a replica as close to the original size, but still wieldable by a person cost?

Code412603 karma

I'd price it at around 2200 USD

SusonoO256 karma

That's about around what I'd expect. It's a lot of metal and it can't be easy to work with something that large. How would you go about making it? Would the blade be all one piece or would you have to combine several?

Code412314 karma

If it was meant to be wieldable, I'd make the blade out of several angled plates rather than a single piece of steel. :)

SusonoO177 karma

I see. I don't mean to keep pestering you, but how much would the sword weigh if it was an exact replica not meant to be wielded and how much if it was?

Code412399 karma

I estimate a wieldable replica at 5kg with good optimization. A forged, full one? Eh, 30 kg easily.

Callow_2273 karma

Is that possible to make that sword as a pipe shaped like a sword?

Code412132 karma

Sure. With proper geometry, it can be made hollow and still be highly durable.

batmansdeadmomanddad566 karma


Code4121163 karma



Panzerr80195 karma

Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads! Swords for everyone!

Code412351 karma

Go for the eyes, Boo!

qtm124 karma

Which enchantment is best for swords? Should I go with 2H to do more damage or 1H so I can use a shield?

Code41275 karma

Get Savagery with a 2H weapon

Dunmermasterace493 karma

What is your stand on the whole ,,hand-and-a-half sword'', sometimes called bastard sword in fantasy books and rpg games? Do you think that it is the right name to call a longsword? Have you ever made such weapon, and how would you wield it?

Code412634 karma

As the name suggests, I'd have to mutilate my hand to properly wield it... so I'm waiting until I'm ready to ascend as the ultimate hand-and-a-half swordmaster.

swordgeek400 karma

There seems to be a real shortage of smiths who look at late-historical swords, e.g. French small swords and other 17th century (and later) weapons. Have you done any work in that area?

Code412486 karma

I've made several rapiers under one of my masters, but haven't delved into the subject at my own workshop yet. I know how to make a complex hilt from a single piece of steel, however! :)

ramblingnonsense157 karma

I'll bite. How do you make a complex hilt from a single piece of steel?

Code412257 karma

With operations such as drawing out and forge welding. It's a lot of work, but it's possible. Hell, people already did it 300 years ago.

Callow_22371 karma

Hi, How can I start swordsmithing? Can you recomend some books? (Polish language would be preferable)

Code412589 karma

I don't know of anyone who learned to make swords from a book. :( Sadly, most of those available in Poland were written in the 80s and are terribly outdated, filled with inaccurate knowledge and long-debunked myths.

I think learning from YouTube videos is entirely possible nowadays, if you're determined enough.

Callow_22235 karma

So can you recomend some channels instead? ;)

Code412617 karma

Man at Arms is very entertaining... and VERY educational actually. The guys know what they're doing. :)

There's also an excellent armormaker on YouTube, Eric Dube.

Callow_22195 karma

Thank you, subbed. Btw you're making great job on yt. I'm waiting for more of your videos.

Code412214 karma

Thank you! I've got some cool things coming, stay tuned! :)

pcarson92156 karma

If there are no good recent books, sounds like you just found yourself a money making opportunity

Code412218 karma

Haha, that's not a bad idea actually.

Claybeaux6846 karma

Wouldn't you say this leaves the field wide open for someone like you?

Code41298 karma

Oh, the stuntsman lobby is very insular. It's nigh impossible for an outsider to enter the Hollywood/high budget TV stunts environment. The producers mostly rely on outdated, tragically inept teams when it comes to stage fighting.

cloverdoodles347 karma

Can anyone with the passion and time and money learn how to forge blades? How long does it take? Do you really need a mentor (it seems like you might since it's such an art form)?

Also, have you thought of competing on Forged in Fire?

Code412561 karma

Never thought about competing on Forged in Fire. I prefer to work at my own pace. :)

As for learning - OF COURSE. In fact, it's a simple thing compared to what we learn at universities nowadays. It's no rocket science. All you need is some tools, the will to learn and a tiny bit of crafting talent. The knowledge is freely available on the Web.

In fact, to make a sword, you don't even have to actually forge a blade - you can make it by grinding and its quality will be AT LEAST as good as that of a forged one!

LazyTheSloth310 karma

I want to become a blacksmith.

What is the best way to start?

Code412399 karma

Well, actually... watching YouTube videos is a very good way to start. You will soon notice the basic tools that you need: an anvil, a forge, a hammer, a grinder. Experiment with those, keep learning from YouTube... and eventually you will get the hang of it.

LazyTheSloth179 karma

So im off to a decent start than. Good to know. Ive been slowly gathering supplies. The major one im not sure what to do about is the forge itself. Do you have a suggestion?

Code412353 karma

You can purchase a propane forge quite cheaply at... eh, what was their name? Devil Forge. They sell their stuff through eBay.

If that's too steep, consider making a coal-powered "drum brake forge". I heard it can be done for ~50 USD or so. :)

Nathan12PL293 karma

Hi, i've been watching you for a long time on YouTube.. also i'm a visitor on a few of your streams. And yes, i am Polish but let's keep it English. So, i've got a question; It's quite interesting and rare to meet a person online who've been raised in a hamlet. So, can you tell me a little bit more about that? What kind of lifestyle did you have, in the terms of arising technology.. and also, gaming. Yes! I remember you mentioned gaming, when did you start? And, what do you think of the game Gothic if you played it? Cheers!

Code412514 karma

I was raised by farmers, so as a child I worked the fields, milked the cows, pastured the horses... I spent most of my free time wandering the woods.

Around 1999 I got a PC from my uncle. It was a Celeron 366 and it allowed me to experience games such as Sacrifice, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Gothic.

It was about 2002 when I first encountered THE INTERNET at a public library a few villages over. It blew my mind. :)

Chips86279 karma

The 40k feder you did was absolutely stunning. If you could design a feder or longsword based on any other Sci fi/fantasy/pop culture theme which would you chose?

Code412412 karma

The Lord of the Rings! The art in the movies is quite stunning. Also, the assassin symbol of Assassin's Creed would be pretty awesome on a federschwert. :)

Chips86167 karma

I agree the art of the lord of the rings is amazing. Id be a liar if i said they werent half the reason i have a sworder (sword boner, im trying to get it to catch on).

However, what if you had to choose a theme not generally associated with swords/high fantasy?

Code412287 karma

Dune. Definitely.

LoonVapeGod82 karma

I'd pay for that shit

zwiebi54 karma

Well, here is your chance.

Code41276 karma


BizzQuit266 karma

Other than making money, and fulfilling the dreams of fantasy enthusiasts what value do you see in swordsmanship in todays world? While I understand that waving a big blade around may be intimidating it seems rather impractical as you are unlikely to ever encounter another person with which you will need to do combat with outside of some hobbyist association. Further, as a self defense weapon it seems rather useless as a long blade in tight quarters is more a hindrance than a benefit. To say nothing of the old "sword to a gunfight" premise......

Code412762 karma

I see it as a martial art: something that is worth preserving and practicing, but isn't directly useful in the modern world. I also see it as a unique sport with merits greater than all others: fencing trains the body and the mind (it's like chess with turns lasting tenths of a second). But beyond that...? I wouldn't recommend a sword as a self-defense weapon (even though it's far from useless in tight quarters), nor would I go to war wielding one.

In fact, I don't think it needs an external justification. It's a brilliant sport with a connection to our history.

JakeHT249 karma

Can I run away and become your apprentice?

Code412597 karma

If you're asking for permission you're doing it wrong. :D

Tachyos168 karma

I saw your latest video and your mention of attempting to legitimize the Witcher fighting style was of great interest to me. Based on the small sequences you've shown in that video, the style seemed highly reminiscent of Meyer. What would you say are the differences between the Witcher style you are developing and the Meyer longsword discipline that are of note?

Code412235 karma

Well, Meyer certainly loved his wide, beautiful strikes. But he also advised agression, true to Liechtenauer's legacy - while the Witcher style, as portrayed in the games, suggests a highly defensive art, where you set up traps for your opponent to fall into rather than engage him with a direct attack. :)

coryrenton166 karma

What is the most modern sword type out there (in terms of materials and smithing technique)?

Code412277 karma

Huh. That's an easy question, actually. My Chromium-Molybdenum new generation XVa-s. :)

coryrenton89 karma

are there any interesting swords made with ceramics or carbon fiber?

Code412169 karma

Not that I heard of. But metallic glass/amorphous steel sound incredibly interesting as a potential swordmaking material.

coryrenton74 karma

are there any techniques you borrow from people who make cutlery?

Code412114 karma

The methods of grinding the blade into shape are similiar. :)

KennedyLoganM135 karma

How did you motivate yourself, at 15, to just move away and start doing what you did? Was anxiety a big issue and if so what did you do to alleviate it?

Code412213 karma

It was a matter of necessity, I think. I could no longer bear to live in a small society. I wanted the world. My parents disagreed, so I had to make the escape. Sure I was afraid, but at the same time I firmly believed I could survive and thrive on my own.

theLiteral_Opposite97 karma

Where did you go? How were you not homeless?

Code412151 karma

I was lucky enough to get a bed at a dorm. I had it planned while I was running away. :)

eddied9679 karma

Have you spoken with your parents since?

Code412174 karma

Actually, yes. I talk with my mother over the phone from time to time. But not too much.

Navy_Pheonix131 karma

So, how do you feel about threaded pommels?

Do you think "End Him Rightly" is a viable technique in sword combat?

Code412120 karma

I wouldn't rely on it, but I can see it working sometimes in a duelling situation.

confusedbossman127 karma

Hey! I have always been curious about the choice of using curved blades vs a straight blade. In my mind, in a combat situation I would not want a curved blade as it seems like it would get stuck. Also, full disclosure I like Game of Thrones and am thinking of the Dothraki sword, but have been to a lot of museums and seen many curved blades.

Any insight on straight vs curved?

Code412244 karma

Curved blades are actually better at slicing cuts and don't get stuck as easily as 'chopping' straight blades. But there are downsides: smaller reach-to-weight ratio and single-edged... ness.

confusedbossman76 karma

I get that for like a scimitar or a ghurka type blade, but what about the really curved ones?

Code412145 karma

Ehh, not very practical in my opinion. I'm still not sure why the Egyptians invented the khopesh instead of using straight blades. :)

OneCatch49 karma

I always wondered if it was for hooking and pulling shields down in a tight formation, a bit like axes and various polearms could. Does that sound plausible to you?

Code41246 karma

That sounds like a possibility, yes!

Nathaniel_105105 karma

Hey, how did you first get into fencing ? As a matter of fact, I would like to do so but can't find any HEMA instructor nearby, do you know how to find one ?

Code412113 karma

I found my first fencing master from a recommendation - a friend of mine trained with him and invited me. :)

It's much easier nowadays - just jump on Facebook and ask on groups such as the HEMA Alliance or HEMA International. :)

_Donald_Trump__99 karma

A man with an eye patch once told me that swords are not for decoration. What's your stance on that?

Code412250 karma

They will fucking cut you open

matrimus92 karma

What are your favorite youtube channels?

Also, you should definitely do a 'Draw my life' video!

Code412203 karma

I watch Angel Vivaldi a lot, such a brilliant guitar player.

From the big ones: Man at Arms. Vsauce. Videogamedunkey. The smaller ones? Metatron! :)

Weavesnatchin89 karma

Dude, I've been reading all your responses. How did you get so fuckin cool?

Code412170 karma

I felt life was throwing punches at me so I kept punching back... and here I am. :D

Ethicalzombie80 karma

What would you say of the sword choreography in the movie equallibrium? I love the movie and find the right scenes intriguing and different.

Code412138 karma

Love it. It was considered a Matrix rip-off back in the day, but the gun-fu choreographies were entirely different. Very original, very dynamic.

cussingdjinn80 karma

While you studied the blade, what were others doing?

Code412223 karma

Mostly complained about girls not being interested in them.

jjg5773 karma

When you were young did you have sword fights with other boys?

Code412115 karma

No. But I remember I wanted to. :D

photonnymous70 karma

I see a cool sword on the shelf of some antique store. How can I make sure it's not going to snap in half when Hank comes at me?

Code412163 karma

It's actually not that easy without taking apart the hilt. Many shitty replicas look exactly like decent replicas.

One of the ways is to grab the sword just under the crosspiece with one hand and hit it on the pommel with the other. Full time blades will vibrate along the whole length, while false tang/rat tailed ones won't have that kind of nice harmonic. :)

Rayneworks62 karma

Hello there. This is fellow YouTube sword guy Will Keith, channel BBillyK. Just wanted to say thank you personally for all your videos that have helped me in the past.

Also, what do you think is the absolute best portrayal of sword combat in a video game so far? Have you tried Mordhau yet?

Code41277 karma

Haven't tried Mordhau! But I really liked sword combat in Devil May Cry, does that count? :)

As for realistic portrayals... I'm looking forward to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Spider_J52 karma


Long time fan, it's awesome to see you here on reddit! I just wanted to let you know, that almost a year ago, I saw you on YouTube for the first time while looking for cool Witcher videos. It was thanks to you that I learned that HEMA was a thing, and because of how much I enjoyed your videos, my girlfriend signed me up for Longsword lessons as a birthday gift. I've now been studying longsword for about 8 months, and it's been amazing to get me in shape (I've lost 40lbs!), and I actually just competed in my first Saber tournament as well! Thank you so much for putting your content out there, and being the inspiration to start this life-changing hobby.

My question to you would be, if you could go back and give some advice to yourself when you started your first year of learning how to fight, or to anyone else new to the hobby, what would you tell them?

Code41250 karma

That's a heart-warming tale! You've done great, my friend! And I'm proud as hell that I actually helped someone find their way into the art. :)

As for the question: "Trust in the thrust. Don't parry low blows, strike over them from above." That would be my advice... to my past self.

elected_felon51 karma

Maybe you can settle this. Is it pronounced "S-ord" or "SW-ord"?

Code412127 karma


Grandma_Hitler49 karma

You ever seen r/mallninjashit?

Code41232 karma

Sure. :D

GoldSabre47 karma

How did you learn English? Your writing sounds totally native, and your speech is easy to understand and relaxing. It really made me enjoy and learn from your "Basics" videos. Speaking of which, do you plan on expanding on those?

Code41263 karma

I read books in english. :)

"The Basics"? Well, I was just thinking about developing that series!

MR-NIBBA39 karma

Do you regret running away from home? Can you tell us about some of your experiences?

Code41289 karma

No regrets at all. Experiences? Well, it was hard at first, being in a new place with no one to turn to. But I managed to secure a cheap bed at a dorm and found a job as a blacksmith's helper. I made friends quickly. I applied to a high school.

It would never be possible without the craft: smithing is what kept me fed and clothed back then.

drone4237 karma

As someone with an interest in smithing and with a decent stock of free raw material, how could I possibly go about trying to figure out what kind/grade of steel it is? Or does it matter, if I'm going to try heat treating or tempering it? I kind of figured I'd just make a forge out of a 30 gallon grease drum and start seeing what I could make and learn from there, but I'd really like to know what kind of steel I have laying around and what it'd be best suited for.

Code41257 karma

If you want to make a high quality blade, it's absolutely crucial to determine the type of steel. What are the origins of your free raw material?

You can spark-test the steel to check the carbon content (more carbon=more sparks), but it isn't always telling - there are excellent kinds of blade steels that contain very low amounts of carbon (~0.3%).

drone4237 karma

The pieces are from large shipping crates (not sea containers, they bolt together and get covered with something for shipping) for large CNC machinery, and they're either from Japan if they're Mori Seiki machinery or Germany if they're DMG machinery.

There are some pieces that are just about the perfect size for grinding and heat treating to make some easy machetes. I experimented with a piece, one of those purely 'back-of-the-envelope' type deals, where I got it to red-hot in my wood stove and quenched it. Both before and after I whacked it against another piece of steel to see how much it would deform, and there was definitely a difference after heat treating, but I don't have the best idea of what I'm doing. If I remember correctly from grinding a piece a while back it was pretty sparky, and they're getting fairly rusty from having sat outside.

Thanks for the response!

Code41249 karma

If there's a hardening effect after such a low temp quench, it definitely has a decent carbon content. Are you planning any further experiments? :)

SnowwAxius31 karma

How did you leave? By horse??

Code41256 karma

On foot actually. Caught a bus on the way.

Zaphinine28 karma

Hi there! I'm not really a smooth, but I like to cast metal jewelry as a hobby (or at least I'm a beginner in it).

I've always wondered what the difference is between casting and forging something was. Is it really just as simple as forging it is stronger?

Also, do you have any advise for casting jewelry? I've been attempting investment casting with plaster molds, but no luck so far.

Code41232 karma

Oh, forging is much different: it is capable of creating shapes that are hard to achieve with casting... et vice versa. Also, in swordmaking casting a blade isn't really an option.

As for casting advice? Well, investment casting is how they did it in the past, mostly. But if I had to cast anything nowadays I'd use modern molds and a spinning casting machine. :)

gilliganxr3526 karma

Have you ever made famous movie sword replicas. Or more importantly, have you ever made Drizzt's scimitars?

Code41264 karma

Oh, I even sketched the designs for Drizzt's scimitars but haven't had the time to work on them yet.

As for movie replicas? No, but I make Ciri's swords from The Witcher 3. :)

SubjectiveHat24 karma

What is your opinion on spears, halberd, and other various pole arms? In my mind, they seem like the optimal weapon (that doesn't shoot something). Unless it's close quarters, like if you were fighting in the pantry it would be trash.

Code41238 karma

Polearms ruled the battlefields. Swords were a secondary weapon (unless they were two-handed swords).

Derpachus19 karma

What's your favorite sword you have ever made, and why is it your favorite?

Code41236 karma

Well, the one I'm using in my videos. It's a XVa weighing 1660 grams. It's 8 years old now, been with me through many fights and is still good as new. I also got used to the balance so much that most other blades feel alien in my hands. :)

I've managed to improve the design only recently, with the "New Generation" prototype made for one of Europe's finest fencers. :)

fuckspezintheass16 karma

Swords will fucking cut you WIIDE open!

What do you think of this series?

Code41211 karma

Absolutely awesome. :D

KosJones12 karma

How can I get the steel to form into martensite?

Code41210 karma

Quench it.

Gargnaktheconquerer5 karma

What is the best way to get into hema if their are no clubs near you?

Code4125 karma

Train hard. Get some friends interested and start sparring. Go to HEMA events if possible. :)

qwerty-confirmed4 karma

Of all the swords you have made throughout your career, what is your favourite?

Code41210 karma

The one I use in my videos. :) A blunt XVa with perfect weight distribution.

This one: :)

3ldad4 karma

I've been watching your channel for long time and I think you are living in same city as you! Is there any way of us meeting and maybe you could teach me some moves? How much would it cost?

Code4125 karma

Just call me. :D

Larapan4 karma

What is your favourite time period and why?

Code41233 karma

The current one! The future is here! So many opportunities! So much knowledge freely available!

koalafied_human4 karma

Hey there! I really like your videos and they've been very instructive for me when dabbling in swordfighting techniques. I've picked up a couple synthetic longswords like the Cold Steel one and a bastard sword from medieval collectables. I find that they're either unbalanced or too light, respectively.

Is there a good training bastard sword that you recommend purely for practice?

Code4123 karma

Pavel Moc's 'Lichtenauer' line is excellent in terms of balance:

Hanwei/Tinker Pierce Longswords aren't that bad either if you're on a budget.

DrewbieWanKenob3 karma

What do you think of the blacksmithing and craft of swords on video games such as Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Skyrim?

Code4126 karma

The swords and armour in the Witcher are remarkably realistic. Beautified, sure, but most of them would be perfectly usable as a weapon. Skyrim's are, eh, pure fantasy. I wouldn't take them into combat.

dazedwit3 karma

What is your favorite hat to wear?

Would you say that you've mastered the blade?

Code4128 karma

I have certainly studied the blade... but alas, didn't manage to keep myself away from partying and, cough, spending time at the gym for the sake of vanity.

hecking-doggo2 karma

After you ran away, where did you live and who taught you how to be a swordsmith?

Code4124 karma

I managed to get a bed at a dorm, with other students. I found job as a blacksmith's helper... and then proceeded to work at several different workshops, learning to make swords and armour.

richarddaree2 karma

hi im watched all your videos its great your struggle too im wanderer city and wild forest and lands sometimes wander wild almost month i need sword which is best for me ? advice me pls ps: steel core silver coated blade possible it will not broke ?

Code4125 karma

I always recommend a longsword!

As for steel core, silver plating on the edges? Sure, there's no reason why it would break if it's properly made.

TempestEx2 karma

Have you ever forged a Buster Sword type blade? If so, how difficult/different is it from a normal sword? If not, would you consider forging one in the future?

Code4122 karma

Would I consider it? Of course! ...for a price. :)

The blade would be challenging due to its bulk, but I believe I could make it wieldable for a human being.

Shumayal2 karma

Composite swords the future as opposed to metals and alloys?

Code4123 karma

Possibly! If we can replicate the durability of steel while retaining a good hardness.

Muleiro2 karma

Which tools would you say are absolutely necessary for making NOT swords, but knives? (dunno how much you know about knives but I'm thinking as making some as a hobby, I have an industrial design background and am familiar with materials and properties, just haven't worked them with my own hands)

Code4122 karma

A grinder.

(end of answer)

Fluffy22532 karma

Will you make more lightsaber videos? The one you made was super cool and I'd definitely like to see more.

Code4122 karma


spybot29152 karma

Have you ever experimented with sword swallowing, if you know what I mean.
Why or Why not?

Code4126 karma

Uhh, no. Never leaned that way. I am fascinated with feminine assets.

ElNutimo1 karma


Taskmaster or Ronin?

Code4122 karma

I'd bet on Taskmaster, but would love to see Ronin win

Exeunter1 karma

If you could enchant any of your swords in real life, which sword and what enchantment?

Code4123 karma

My "main" longsword, make it vorpal. :)

Simmion1 karma

Is it racist if you don't think that swords will kill asians ?

Code4121 karma

Awesome, didn't know that one.

depressed_happiness1 karma

Can a really share sword made of X metal cut through a block of a chunk of X metal with enough strength? If not, can it cut through a block of metal that is less dense than X?

P.s. I know it's not related to sword smithing, but just curious.

Code4122 karma

Many factors come into play, density being one of them. It is entirely possible to cut through, say, a bar of copper with a 58 HRC steel sword. :)

actionheroname1 karma

What was so terrible about your home life at 15?

Code4122 karma

Well, it was an extremely backwater place and... eh... parents never understood me. :D

(EDIT: Not gay, I was just too world-hungry to fit in a small agrarian society)

LeoFireGod1 karma

Hi, I come from r/smite and I was wondering would you ever consider building a weapon from one of their many weapons. The coolest one I can think of sword wise would be the. nemesis sword

Would you be considering making weapons from games. If you did I'm sure you would get lots of views from that community would you consider it?

Code4122 karma

Sure, I could make it - if I only had enough free time between my regular orders. Of course someone ordering such a replica would make things much easier. :)

LeoFireGod2 karma

Honestly, you could consider doing it for an auction on the item and it could get pretty high. Several players in that game have dropped thousands on simple cosmetics for the digital skin. I'm sure there would be a market for a physical badass sword.

Code4122 karma

Possibly, yes! This sounds like a great suggestion. :)

VinceVenom0 karma

Do you think that one day you might finally have sex?

Code4129 karma

Don't go down that road, friend

Roach27910 karma

Is there any sword sharper than a katana?

Code4125 karma

Any sword with a sharper blade geometry and better material. That includes most of medieval european blades.