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You do realize that, generally, they mill the road flat prior to paving it right? so, dips, bumps, potholes and ruts are not even a factor when paving a road. No ones going to haul an asphalt machine out to fill potholes, or do pitch and patch work. Unless someone is paving directly on top of old asphalt without doing any prep work, i don't see the benefit here. but please, enlighten me.

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Is there any reliable way to use intellij instead of rad for websphere commerce development? Rad is so clunky, and it's dependency management is convoluted. It makes me sad daily.

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Its my go to drink all the time, the first thing i look for in any convenience store. It goes great as a John Daly too :D

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I can attest to this. A few years back my favorite after hours club closed. The strip clubs in my town are open till 4am and have free beer, so myself and a friend chose one to be our new after hours place. After hanging out there for several months just drinking and making friends with the bouncers and most of the girls I always had someone I could go home with when i'd strike out at regular bars.

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Come on! You mean to tell me, you're not even a little bit afraid of satan? (for the uninitiated, Satan is the name of the most frightening snake in Brian's collection)