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PROPTIP: Get AA, pop off your distributor cap, free tow with 25 miles. I ususally give the dude a $50 and only do this in dire curcimstances.

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Maybe repurposing blades that were used for harvesting?

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Hey! I have always been curious about the choice of using curved blades vs a straight blade. In my mind, in a combat situation I would not want a curved blade as it seems like it would get stuck. Also, full disclosure I like Game of Thrones and am thinking of the Dothraki sword, but have been to a lot of museums and seen many curved blades.

Any insight on straight vs curved?

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As a Scoutmaster who was a counselor at Summer Camp growing up; who cares? There are kids in my troop now that are BLATANTLY gay but we don't care. We just want them to be good kids :)

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I get that for like a scimitar or a ghurka type blade, but what about the really curved ones?