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Can anyone with the passion and time and money learn how to forge blades? How long does it take? Do you really need a mentor (it seems like you might since it's such an art form)?

Also, have you thought of competing on Forged in Fire?

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So cool! I'm glad there are artists like you keeping these things alive in the world.

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What’s your experience with neurotypical-neurodivergent romantic relationships? I’m neurotypical with an asd partner and I feel like I’ve been his mother for years. He’s 40 by the way. I have very little support in anything I (or we) do because our existence revolves around his rituals and anxieties. A great example was his suggestion of a trip we should take in 2019. I had to do everything. Plan the drive, book the hotel, pack literally everything, was told “we’ll just explore”, and then got yelled at for not knowing where some random trailhead was because I didn’t plan in advance (I should note, this comes from the anxiety from going “off script” not just because he’s abusive and controlling. He has lots of upsets due to things not going exactly how he expects them to go, and as his partner, I take the force of the upsets. We’ve had convos and he understands but it doesn’t change that the upsets happen and when you’re a human who can feel other humans emotions, just being around the upsets is really emotionally draining) :/ like the hypocrisy of demands on me is really annoying and upsetting, but as I understand asd, that’s just what he can handle. The overstimulation issue and ritual issue is real. He has limitations on what he can give me.

Edit: idk who might still see this, but thanks to the below commentators for their input and support. Just having that little bit of support is really helpful.

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Do you just grit your teeth and continue to interact with people? Even just being around the upset, fully knowing it’s not my fault and doesn’t even affect what I was doing, makes me emotionally exhausted and on edge. It also is upsetting when he has an upset and just walks away to deal with it bc I essentially can’t count on him to participate or be there (upsets are caused by so many little things that I don’t even notice, not just big things)

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