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'Ravioli-like 'food' product' from a big can


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...depletion of food stores. Why?

Former bubblehead, I can definitely confirm. When it gets down to PB&J and deathpillows, it's bad. Having to go from fresh milk to UHT is one thing, and from eggs to powdered eggs grates on you, but when things get low you long for scrambled powdered eggs washed down by an oddly-too-white glass of lukewarm UHT milk.

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Fuckin' skimmers...

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Fair enough.

You monster.

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The pieces are from large shipping crates (not sea containers, they bolt together and get covered with something for shipping) for large CNC machinery, and they're either from Japan if they're Mori Seiki machinery or Germany if they're DMG machinery.

There are some pieces that are just about the perfect size for grinding and heat treating to make some easy machetes. I experimented with a piece, one of those purely 'back-of-the-envelope' type deals, where I got it to red-hot in my wood stove and quenched it. Both before and after I whacked it against another piece of steel to see how much it would deform, and there was definitely a difference after heat treating, but I don't have the best idea of what I'm doing. If I remember correctly from grinding a piece a while back it was pretty sparky, and they're getting fairly rusty from having sat outside.

Thanks for the response!