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Thanks! I'll take it that a /sɔːd/ smith would know!

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Maybe you can settle this. Is it pronounced "S-ord" or "SW-ord"?

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Sick/dying people on the streets was going to be the case before Medicare picked up the tab. At the time Medicare was approved for people who required dialysis, ESRD was a death sentence, they had no idea people could live 20, 30, 40+ years on dialysis. It is the most expensive Medicare program out there.

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First off, thanks for doing everything you did to get to where you are today. I'm sure it wasn't always easy to stay the course. Secondly, what top three things have we learned from uour mission that lead us closer to establishing a permanent presence on Mars?

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What are your thoughts on federalizing the police force? IMHO, it would lead to far greater reforms faster. A single rules and regulations standard, centralized command and control of the police force, better communication between regions, rotating police officers through assignments to a particular region (every 5-10 years), are just a few benefits we would see.