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Does this shorten your life span?

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It must be an urban legend - I always thought you lost 10(?) years off your life.

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I was working near Fenway Park when this happened. Before this became a city wide bomb scare I noticed one of your pieces hanging way up! high on the Charlesgate overpass and wondered what the hell that thing was and how did it get there (I saw your video later of you got them up so high).

My question: Did you map out where you were going to place these beforehand, or did you just wing it - placing them wherever as you went along the night?

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Oh believe me, I was kicking myself for not figuring out a way to grab it. The only option I could think of was walking on the overpass (not safe) and dangling over the edge to try and grab it (even more not safe).

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I've been scrolling through this AMA waiting for someone to call out this troll of Boston. Thanks.