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Is Klingon batleth actually an effective, usable weapon?

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How advanced are neural systems of bugs? Are they more like simple automatons that have predefined responses to stimulation and that's it, or do they have thoughts, emotions, dreams?

If life based on methane instead of water turns out to be possible, how do you think bugs on Titan might look like?

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Why will it emit only visible light, is this some effect of the processes involved in the explosion? Or it emits everything, and Earth's atmosphere filters out some parts of spectrum more than others?

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What do most people buy guns for, to have them just in case there is some emergency? In my part of the world they are more rare, I don't know anyone who owns one, neither do I.

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What if you've spent say 30 years in space - would this amount of exercise keep your body in reasonable shape indefinitely so you could still adjust to Earth's gravity in reasonable time?