My short bio: I've been a Flight Attendant for almost 2 years now. I've worked for both regional and mainline carriers. Ask me anything :)

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I knew a flight attendant ten or fifteen years ago when I lived in NYC. She and a dozen or so other FAs rented a two bedroom and crammed it full of bunk beds and had a big calendar/schedule to plan it so only three or four people were home at any given time. I'm sure this was totally illegal, but it gave them all a place to live in a cool neighborhood on the cheap.

Have you heard of any similar living situations with those in your profession? What's your living situation?

ablondem3rmaid175 karma

We call those crashpads. Crashpads are very popular among crew members that commute to their bases. I do not and would not have a crashpad. I have an apartment in the city where I am based.

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Hi. I am a frequent flier and I cannot help but discern the difference between customer service on US flights compared to select international flights. I am not accusing you of poor service, but why in general is the service so much more genuine and caring on certain European and Asian flights?

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I think I am genuine when I am serving passengers, etc. However, there are a lot of jaded and miserable FAs out there. But, I am not there to serve you or tell you jokes, the purpose of my job is to protect you in case of an emergency and enforce FAA regulations. My first priority is SAFETY.

EHP4284 karma

Prioritizing safety doesn't mean you have to ignore service. Other countries manage to do both, but it seems that across the board, US carriers ignore service.

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Situation: I'm the last passenger in the plane all the other flight attendants and pilots are gone. My seatbelt is stuck and i need some help getting it off. Would you...?

A. Suggest maybe taking off my pants would help. Undo them and preform fellatio on my now exposed member.

B. Call another attendant over and in the struggle both of your blouses come undone and you start making passionate love to each other on my lap.

C. Suggest I stop watching so much porn because it is giving me unrealistic expectations of mundane situations.

ablondem3rmaid116 karma

This is an impossible scenario, so C.

Sk8firecool79 karma

Can you tell us about your worst experience with a customer and how you dealt with it?

ablondem3rmaid8 karma

One of my passengers got very angry when I told him that he could not put his trash on my cart because I was serving food/drinks and I would be back shorty to collect his service items. After I moved the cart a fews down, he threw his half empty Bud Light can at me and began screaming at me for not being able to take his trash at that very moment.

techietalk_ticktock60 karma

From OPs proof pic: "In recognition of outstanding service excellence"

On American Airlines, that probably meant the Flight Attendant didn't tell the passengers to go fuck themselves.

ablondem3rmaid36 karma

Passengers give those to me, not the airline.

ihearttatertots55 karma

Do you hate your job as much as it looks like you do?

ablondem3rmaid45 karma

I love my job! There are A LOT of jaded and miserable FAs out there, but I am not one of them. I genuinely love my job and everything that comes along with it.. even the rude passengers and long delays. I love the sky!

ablondem3rmaid82 karma

I resent pouring diet coke though..

V0nd3rbach14 karma

And telling people what's available to drink, assuring infrequent fliers that you're on schedule, dealing with passengers that don't understand how the environmental controls work, and enduring those tiny bladders that follow you down the aisle because Jesus fucking christ they might breathe on you.

ablondem3rmaid19 karma

When passengers ask me if they are going to make their connection flight after a delay, I do not know the answer to their question and there is no way that I can assist them with that 35,000 feet in the sky. Flight attendants do not know the answers to those questions. Sometimes I offer to look up flight schedules for those passengers who are not used to flying, but I cannot do that for 160 people on a 2 hour flight. I'm only asked that question if we've been delayed, in which case, most passengers don't make their connection and I don't know when the next flight leaving the airport to their destination is. I find this frustrating because passengers get angry when I cannot help them with this. This is the job of the customer service reps, not the FAs.

OCedHrt32 karma

On the larger Asian airlines if you are transferring on the same airline the FAs definitely will let you know on the flight whether the connection can be made or not. This will be announced without asking. I believe they already decided at that point whether the transfer plane will wait or leave early if possible. If the transfer cannot be made, there will be an agent right at the gate when you deplane with your new gate number or info on any compensatory accommodations.

ablondem3rmaid8 karma

That's cool. We don't have that luxury on my airline though.

imbluexephos55 karma

Do you know when an air Marshall is onboard?

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eZCoffeE4 karma

As a FA, do you know who they are?

ablondem3rmaid2 karma

We know is there are any armed law enforcement officials onboard and where they are sitting. They usually will pre-board and introduce themselves to us.

Probably_Napping3 karma

Oddly enough there was another FA that did one of these a few weeks ago and said the exact opposite answer, they never knew.

ablondem3rmaid2 karma

We are given passenger manifests before we depart and we always know where an armed passenger is sitting on board. It is the FAs responsibility to know this and to check, in case of an emergency, etc.

recourse747 karma

When the little bastard kid behind me starts kicking my seat what should I do?

ablondem3rmaid59 karma

Tell the flight attendant. They may able to move you to a different seat or talk to the child or his parents for you :)

_telemarketing43 karma

What are some of the most annoying things that you've had to experience from us passengers?

ptrix27 karma

as a coach passenger in American Airlines, what could i do to walk off the plane at the end of the flight with a free pair of those Bose headphones that passengers in First Class get to use? (as in, how many packages of chocolates would i have to bribe a FA with for him/her to discreetly hand me a set as i disembark . this is a serious question, btw) :)

ablondem3rmaid27 karma

Just ask :) I've given those to plenty of my coach passengers before!

AuctioneerNBA25 karma

What was the worst turbulence you've experienced like? Did you ever think you were going to die?

ablondem3rmaid85 karma

I fell on top of a passenger while pouring his cranberry juice during unexpected turbulence. I spilt his juice all over him (and me) and he called me a bitch (lol).

I have never thought I was going to die during turbulence or any other time on a plane :)

lostpatrol20 karma

What is a crop duster?

ablondem3rmaid40 karma

Farting when walking through the cabin

Birdwatchingyou20 karma

What is your favorite species of bird?

ablondem3rmaid83 karma

a 737 :)

JelloX500020 karma

Is it true that among pilots and flight crew flight attendants are nicknamed "sky pussy?

ablondem3rmaid22 karma

Haha, probably.

ChknKoolAid18 karma

When training for your job do you have an antiterrorism section that covers what to do in case of possible threat and are you trained to handle said threat?

ablondem3rmaid34 karma

Yes, crew members are thoroughly trained to handle those kinds of situations.

JelloX500016 karma

How many times have you caught someone sneaking a smoke in the air john, and what do you do about it?

ablondem3rmaid43 karma

I've never had a passenger light a cigarette or anything else in a plane. Thankfully. I like to think most people have enough common sense to not try to smoke on the plane....

alienpoem16 karma

Are you afraid of zombie outbreaks inside a plane?

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Robert_Abooey16 karma

Do you care if a couple goes to the lavatory together to join the mile high club? If yes, why?

ablondem3rmaid36 karma

I don't care, but don't make it obvious. As long as you aren't loud and there isn't a line of passengers waiting to use the lav, I'm not going to cause a scene about it and knock on the door. Just be discreet :)

Ino_things15 karma

Of all the truly pissed off FAs, have you witnessed any of them deliberately doing anything with someones drink?

ablondem3rmaid60 karma

Considering, coach drinks are poured right in front of you, no I haven't.

As for the first class drinks, those get poured in the galley and then brought to the passenger. The only thing we may do to your drink, is if you are very drunk and are rudely demanding another drink, in order to keep the peace, we will serve you a drink, but there will not alcohol in it, It just may smell like there is ;) Works every time

SpiralingShape13 karma

How do you make it smell like alcohol?

ablondem3rmaid79 karma

Smear some vodka on the rim of the cup.

SinSkin12 karma

Ever hook up with a passenger?

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thekiddzac29 karma

sweating would you?

ablondem3rmaid17 karma

Sure. If you're my boyfriend :)

DaKeef_Chief16 karma

How bout the ramp guys?

ablondem3rmaid18 karma

Haha! no

Badly_timed_puns11 karma

Is it true that the workers have this totally rad secret area in the plane to bunk in off time?

ablondem3rmaid17 karma

On some aircraft, yes :)

JelloX500010 karma

The profession appears at least, to have changed a lot since the old days. What do you think is better now than it was then, and what's worse?

ablondem3rmaid76 karma

I don't know? I'm 26

FameGameUSA26 karma

Why are you downvoting? She's being honest and she hasn't even been working for two years.

ablondem3rmaid16 karma

I was wondering the same thing, but thanks!

HarlanCedeno8 karma

Does American Airlines seem to be worse than others, are least when it comes to delays?

ablondem3rmaid8 karma

Flight delays occur for various reasons. Usually out our control. Weather is a huge one. ATC will ground us if weather is not ideal for landing etc. Incoming aircraft was delayed. Maintenance issues, lots of things.

Jevia7 karma

I frequently fly between the US and Australia on one of the worlds longest long-haul flights. It's taxing to say the least.

Any tips to make my experience (or long-haul flights in general) better?

And is there really a secret place in the cabin that attendants sleep? I feel like I see them frequently enough on the flight to wonder if they get a break.

ablondem3rmaid16 karma

I've flown to Darwin before as a passenger before I was FA and I understand the struggle, not a fun flight!

Personally, when I fly long-hauls, drinking enough water is crucial. Get up and move your body a little bit every now and then. Avoid sleep aids like the plague. Melatonin may help when you fly back to the US (don't use when flying to Aus!).

Yes, we have secret sleeping bunks :) We can nap, but not for very long :(

omeow7 karma

Is the mile high club an urban myth?

ablondem3rmaid25 karma

Its very real.

Californib6 karma

Where are the exits of Reddit, forward and aft?

ablondem3rmaid23 karma

Forward, aft, and mid-cabin over the wings ;)

math_debates6 karma

Can you help me find the AA customer service rep that told me "I was supposed to get my bags off the carousel" when my wife's luggage got lost last year @ dfw on way to Hawaii?

3 things I leaned from that.

  1. Delta is awesome, they tried to recover the luggage for me.

  2. American Airlines doesn't care how much you fly with them anymore and don't care if you fly 1st

  3. The people too dumb to work as flight staff or in the airport go to answering customer service calls.

In your 2 years being there has there been a specific event that turned the airline to crap? I've flown 1st on American since you guys had actual liquor bottles on the plane and the past couple years it has become so bad even twa was better.

Oh one more question where in the world does luggage get lost at dfw that it takes days to find and then all the clothes inside are soaking wet? It's a big airport I want to know where to start looking next time.

ablondem3rmaid11 karma

I don't really understand your question, but I don't know anything about baggage.

nuc226 karma

How frequent is wife swapping and swinging among your community?

ablondem3rmaid8 karma

I don't think this is common?

Ino_things5 karma

Have you ever flown overseas as a FA or do you fly just in the states?

ablondem3rmaid12 karma

Both domestic and international

3Suze5 karma

How do you like the Atlanta airport? Do you ever get used to it or do you dread it as much as passengers do?

Edit: Any tips or tricks on how to manage it?

ablondem3rmaid7 karma

I'm ok with ATL airport, but it is not my favorite! I'm from ATL actually (I moved when I went to college tho), so its not as bad since I've been there many times both as a passenger and as crew. As a passenger, I HATE it!!

PlanterT3 karma

What do you look like?

ablondem3rmaid4 karma

5'7" blonde 130lb

dallasmay184 karma

Do you like the new uniform?

ablondem3rmaid6 karma


lemongrenade3 karma

am a frequent flier and I have heard many horror stories of pilots being super pervs more often than not. How true is that?

ablondem3rmaid5 karma

This is very true. Not all of them, but they usually are like this to new hires.

cccombobreaking3 karma

Don't know if this is still ongoing but - I am hoping to become a flight attendant after getting my HS diploma and AA degree (I'm a dual-enrolled HS student) - should I get a Bachelor's first and then apply, or do I have good enough chances as is?

ablondem3rmaid9 karma

Sure! I got my degree in molecular biology before I decided to be a FA. Honestly, it didn't help me much, but customer service experience will help!

Frosted1337s3 karma

What's the most amount people you've seen around one outlet charging/using devices?

ablondem3rmaid10 karma

Honestly, I haven't paid attention to that. Im usually in the plane, not in the airport :)

-Xephram-3 karma

Are you a "slam click"? Or party girl?

ablondem3rmaid5 karma

Depends on how tired I am lol

Cainer2 karma

Ever run across anyone attempting to gain membership in the Mile High Club?

ablondem3rmaid6 karma

Not yet lol.

Ino_things1 karma

On long flights, are you ok with couples looking to join the mile high club if done with discretion?

ablondem3rmaid5 karma

As long as there isn't a line a passengers waiting to use the lav and no one complains, I do not care. Just make sure it isn't obvious to ANYONE including the FAs and the passengers sitting around the lav door. Be VERY discreet.

Ino_things1 karma

What's the most inappropriate thing that you've seen while in the sky? Anything like a handjob or hard core make out sessions?

ablondem3rmaid3 karma

I could see a passenger watching some fetish porn from my jumpseat during takeoff.

Rawrz_101 karma

How is your reserve system like? I'm also a FA and considering making the switch to AA. Also is the Orlando base difficult to get into? Thanks!

ablondem3rmaid1 karma

Reserve is pretty typical to that of other airlines..2 hour call-out. I'm based at DFW, but I believe MCO is pretty senior. Which airline do you work for now?

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Ino_things2 karma

Ok, maybe you're not getting the jist of this AMA thing. There are reply links under each and every question that has been asked. When you randomly reply with answers we have no idea what question you are answering. Just click the reply link under said question and answer away.

ablondem3rmaid4 karma

I know how to do it. I was using an app on my phone and it wasn't working properly.

Dr_StrangeloveGA1 karma

Say a FA forgot to latch the cabin door before push-off, because she was, oh - I don't know - possibly texting someone on her phone.

Would this cause the cabin door to fall off the plane and the emergency slide to automatically deploy? (Supposedly happened to a [now former] FA relative of mine) Causing the plane to be evacuated and parked for a month or so while a new door was ordered?

ablondem3rmaid2 karma

The damage depends on the type of aircraft. The pins could've been lodged in the left engine causing engine failure or more likely, causing major damage to the fuselage. Its more concerning that the pilots did not check the door was properly closed before leaving the gate. Did this actually happen...?

Dr_StrangeloveGA1 karma

Yep, supposedly. According to my relative, she closed the cabin door but forgot to actually latch/lock/whatever you do before takeoff it and the door fell off the aircraft as it pulled away from the gate, evidently eventually costing the airline millions of dollars.

That's what everyone in the family has asked, hell, cheap-ass passenger cars have a light that comes on if a door is ajar, I'd expect a passenger jet to have at least a light in the cockpit saying "Hey, the cabin door isn't locked".

Other than that, she was apparently on her phone and just forgot to latch the door after closing it.

ablondem3rmaid1 karma

This does not make sense to me at all. I honestly do not see how anyone could make this mistake. There are so many steps in between us latching the door and taxiing that this seems impossible to me. She had to close the door, latch it, check the door indicators, and then verify with the CA or FO the door was closed properly, then close the flight deck door, and then inform the CA the cabin is secure ALL before taxiing. You cant do this while texting. I find this story hard to believe. Did your relative work for a US airline?

Oldsoul771 karma

Are you really 6'7" ? Or is that 67 inches :)

ablondem3rmaid1 karma

67 inches haha

Oldsoul771 karma

Haha :) I can breathe easy now ! As a committed road warrior and consultant for Aerospace manufacturers I would've had to go back and tell my clients to make bigger planes for you.

ablondem3rmaid1 karma

Haha! I think you can't be taller than 5'11" to qualify for the job :)

taylor_lee-1 karma

If you wanted to do anything malicious, would the TSA be able to detect that and stop you?

ablondem3rmaid1 karma

Why would I want to do anything malicious?

savageyouth-1 karma

What separates you from a waitress in the sky?

TheAmasian7 karma

Currently training to be one, and since OP is receiving so much hate over diet coke I'm not sure if they'll continue answering, I'll try to answer this one.

The first priority of a flight attendant is passenger safety rather than attending to every need and want of every passenger. (We're actually encouraged not to help with putting up luggage in case we injure ourselves unless the situation calls for it, like for the elderly or handicapped.) THEN comes the service parts. Having grown up in Asia, and if you've flown the Asian airliners you might be able to tell, service is often seen almost equally important to safety. I'm not sure how the American airliners view it, but I'm sure that cultural difference plays a huge part in the difference of viewpoints.

I'm not sure if this illustration is correct, but hopefully it'll be a change in perspective. You wouldn't ask a life guard to fill up your margarita right? Well, flight attendants have to ensure flight safety AND serve. So, a little more than glorified waitresses I think.

ablondem3rmaid4 karma


spaceship-earth-2 karma

How much pilot dick have you received. Or if a male, sucked?

ablondem3rmaid9 karma

Haha. One. I hooked up with a FO during my flight attendant training.

Pilots are sluts (for the most part anyway).