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Not going to argue about the rudeness, but I'm currently training to be a flight attendant, and I can assure you it's more than just being a glorified waitress. It's more like a combination of being a lifeguard and a glorified waitress.

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Just my two cents. There's no harm in applying for the jobs now, and even if it doesn't work out this time, you can try again in six months. You will be more familiar with the procedures and will have more experience when applying again. During that time, you can work in customer service, who knows, you might even get the job from the get go.

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Currently training to be one, and since OP is receiving so much hate over diet coke I'm not sure if they'll continue answering, I'll try to answer this one.

The first priority of a flight attendant is passenger safety rather than attending to every need and want of every passenger. (We're actually encouraged not to help with putting up luggage in case we injure ourselves unless the situation calls for it, like for the elderly or handicapped.) THEN comes the service parts. Having grown up in Asia, and if you've flown the Asian airliners you might be able to tell, service is often seen almost equally important to safety. I'm not sure how the American airliners view it, but I'm sure that cultural difference plays a huge part in the difference of viewpoints.

I'm not sure if this illustration is correct, but hopefully it'll be a change in perspective. You wouldn't ask a life guard to fill up your margarita right? Well, flight attendants have to ensure flight safety AND serve. So, a little more than glorified waitresses I think.

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Not OP, but airplane lavatories are disgusting.

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Currently in flight attendant training. Not in the States but to give an example, I did apply to United and got invited for an interview after the initial video interview. (I got accepted by another airliner that didn't require me to move back to the USA or fly back for the interview so I didn't go. They do offer flights for the interview, just not internationally.)

The process is fairly easy and everything in the application process is done online up till the actual interview. To give some perspective, I did not have any prior experience with the aviation industry, and neither did I complete college.