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How do you respond to critics that call you a video band, implying that the theatrics and videos are more substantive than the actual music?

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That's a great reply. Thank you! I enjoy your videos and it seems like you all enjoy making your art in that format so kudos, but I couldn't imagine you all playing Pitchfork in Chicago or anything. It's like the visual element is inherently part of the song. That's cool.

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I knew a flight attendant ten or fifteen years ago when I lived in NYC. She and a dozen or so other FAs rented a two bedroom and crammed it full of bunk beds and had a big calendar/schedule to plan it so only three or four people were home at any given time. I'm sure this was totally illegal, but it gave them all a place to live in a cool neighborhood on the cheap.

Have you heard of any similar living situations with those in your profession? What's your living situation?

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If, say, your secretary were murdered, would you consider using her body as the donor? What would you think if, when you woke up, you could communicate with her personality? Would you consider getting pregnant with your own sperm that you'd previously frozen? Would you then marry your lawyer and live on a boat? If your husband/lawyer were to die and somehow you could communicate with him after death, and we as a people were at a point technologically that we had terraformed the moon, would you consider moving your triple-self to the moon even if it meant dying when you were having your double-self's baby because your body was rejecting your original brain?

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That's not fan fiction. That's I Will Fear No Evil, by Robert Heinlein. Here's your chance to make it come true.

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