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This is actually a very cool thing they added. If you've ever received a text message while working with audio you'll get feedback generated on your audio signal that is IDENTICAL to the feedback they play through the audio of this episode. Shortly after this feedback you'll have a text message pop up on your phone. I assume this is because the signal interferes with the audio as it is being transmitted to your phone.

None the less, in this episode I think the feedback we hear in the episode is the signal being transmitted to his phone BEFORE it rings since this is how it typically happens. However, what is interesting is that we hear the feedback several times through the episode but his phone only rings once. I don't think the feedback escalates the simulation each time it is heard since the phone would only be receiving the signal from the phonecall once, but i think it is an important piece of the episode. I'm just not sure exactly how it ties in

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Oddly enough there was another FA that did one of these a few weeks ago and said the exact opposite answer, they never knew.

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Did /u/DoubleliftatAWTF reply to a single comment anywhere? lmfao