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Humorous but real question. Why do you have cameras where I had to scan my face before even reaching customs? My picture was taken in Abu Dhabi and I swear I looked like I'd gone 10 rounds with Ali. What the hell is this used for?

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To piggy tale on this, I've read that doctors are using thin tissues made of Manuka honey on burn victims to prevent infections. Is this really a thing?

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My kids' middle school math teacher also held a PhD and because of this, they credited their teacher with their passion for and enjoyment of math.

I have always been fascinated by the Montessori method of teaching math in elementary schools. What do you see the differences, pros and cons?

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Off Utila Honduras? If so, I climbed on that bike too when I was getting certified.

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I heard you. Please fight the depression because your children need you with them. Stay strong, show them that their parent is a survivor. Seeing your strength will teach them strength.