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But she replied to me and gave me an invite.

We have something special.

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I wondered this as well. Unless I misread above 97% fatalities and 3 people survived so 100 cases total? Seems like you would have to charge a very high price for the drug to even break even. Research like that in the US is super expensive, I am not criticizing your work in any way.

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I know a guy really good at blowing glass. Decent artist.

Guy works in IT for money tho.

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Because I flew them from dfw to Hawaii. American eagle was just to get to dfw. Delta won't commute that way. ive had issues with American before this so I try to avoid them now. AE has been good until this trip and somehow lost luggage on a one hour flight.

Went like this after arriving I went to get out bags off the carousel because American wouldn't send them to delta (American is super awesome like that) and my bag was there my wife's wasn't. We waited for a long time and obviously no more bags were coming. Right beside the belt was an American desk like in a glass enclosed area that is supposed to help with this stuff. Waited there for 30 minutes before anyone came to the counter. They called one person and said all the bags were off the plane and to check the belt again. No bag. Running out of time for next flight so we give the clerk our info and never hear from them again.

Had a couple drinks so renting a car was out so I asked the delta counter person on arrival what car service to use and where to go that time of night to get my wife some clothes and toiletries and the clerk asked if we had lost a bag. Told them we had and that delta never even touched it and she said it didn't matter they would try to help locate my bag and put it on the next plane. Then she grabbed a couple shirts and a bag of toiletries and helped us any way they could.

Walked over to the American desk and they told me to call the 800 number. When I did and explained the bag wasn't on the belt the rep replied that I was supposed to get the bag off the carousel! Really!?! I never thought of that the hour I spent staring at the belt and their idiot in Dallas!!!

4 days later after more calls and a visit to the airport we finally get a call that it's there. Bag soaking wet inside and out. Called American told them I'm done with them. Called delta and told them how great their people were especially to try to help when they never even saw the bag.

Flying these days is stressful for passengers as well as the employees of the airlines. to have one company treat me like an idiot when they messed up and the other try so hard to help that didn't.. Kind of showed me what each company thinks of us when we travel.

Last flight I had with American that was issue free was 3 years ago. I fly often so that's a pain. I refuse to fly with them again now after that Hawaii trip so I have to drive to dfw or fly private to luv. I used to just fly American the whole way.

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Can you help me find the AA customer service rep that told me "I was supposed to get my bags off the carousel" when my wife's luggage got lost last year @ dfw on way to Hawaii?

3 things I leaned from that.

  1. Delta is awesome, they tried to recover the luggage for me.

  2. American Airlines doesn't care how much you fly with them anymore and don't care if you fly 1st

  3. The people too dumb to work as flight staff or in the airport go to answering customer service calls.

In your 2 years being there has there been a specific event that turned the airline to crap? I've flown 1st on American since you guys had actual liquor bottles on the plane and the past couple years it has become so bad even twa was better.

Oh one more question where in the world does luggage get lost at dfw that it takes days to find and then all the clothes inside are soaking wet? It's a big airport I want to know where to start looking next time.