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In today's modern society, it's fair to say that the internet is a necessity, and if net neutralty's gone, it'd lead to higher pricing of the service. I'm assuming, then, that the lower class would be further disadvantaged.

If net neutrality is disbanded by FCC, what are steps that the ACLU is planning to take to combat that decision? Also, how can an ordinary person help?


(BTW, I was one of the students that attended the ACLU Summer Institute this year. Have been more proactive with politics and social movements because of it. Thank you to all of you at the ACLU who made it happen.)

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How did you learn the culture in prison and how it worked in there socially? Did you already know some stuff before entering, or you had to learn completely from scratch?

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Don't know if this is still ongoing but - I am hoping to become a flight attendant after getting my HS diploma and AA degree (I'm a dual-enrolled HS student) - should I get a Bachelor's first and then apply, or do I have good enough chances as is?

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Ah, thank you so much! I'm really excited. I will probably work a few customer service jobs first before applying. But I really hope I get to be an FA, it's a dream job for me right now.

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Hahah that's cool! What elective course were you in?