My short bio:

I worked two years in a company on The Witcher Battle Arena as an AI developer.

Year ago I quit my job and became full indie. After ton of rice I released my first game on Steam today.

My Proof: Here's my Twitter Twitter/PanDenat

Here's my game: Assassins vs Pirates on Steam

Our Twitter: Twitter/ Deadbit

Thank you all for IAmA! You were awesome! Time to get some sleep. You can leave questions here. I'll answer them once I'm up. Yarr!

Edit: I'm up again. Let's roll.

Edit: That's it for now. Thank you for great questions!

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Captain-Nemo1274 karma

Why should I play your game? To elaborate, with Steam being so oversaturated with indie games, what sets yours apart from all the other indie games that come out all the time! I love indie games, but I only have a limited amount of time to play them. I usually rely on word of mouth to pick new games to play, so tell me why I should play this new title.

PanDenat1271 karma

I'm really glad you asked because finally I can defend my game against all voices of "there's one million of that!" and such...

When we started this game ALL we had in mind that we want to make something for couch and fun and that we do not want to make a clone.

We experimented with different non-platformer controls of characters. We found something new that mixes precise controls of jumping in any direction with climbing. In AvsP you really do not care whether you are on a wall or on a floor. And you can jump downwards! Or at any angle.

You use your momentum a lot. Characters bounces of each other according to the laws of physics. That means you can get into awesome situation like blocking your opponent in a mid-air so he falls into water or gain his momentum when he shoots himself out of a cannon. It also really serves the feeling of close combat.

We invented whole new game mode (we got inspired from game Forced) of Artifact where all of your team controls the position of the artifact. You can watch it in action in second trailer on steam page and read about it in description.

Finally networking. We put a lot of effort to bring this game online which really is outstanding in indie genre (i think). What's more you can mix for example two players from one computers, three from other and two from the third one. Or any other configuration. Or play with friend on a couch, leave game open and watch as other players join your play mid-game.

That's mostly why I think our game is worth playing. We were focused on bringing something new to the party gaming and comfortable network gameplay.

And also we were thinking about those hangover Sundays when you still have friends at home.

Minato-Namikaze20 karma

That is a great answer. I am quite skeptical about games these days but you guys have definitely stuck a lot of thought and love into the game.

You have my respect for answering such a difficult question. Will definitely give the game a go with some friends.

PanDenat30 karma

thank you. that means a lot. see you on a server!

I like to hop into other peoples games (if there are any public), look out for PanDenat

BrometaryBrolicy8 karma


PanDenat52 karma

I've seen this trailer some time ago but I totally forgot about it. It really does resembles ours. Huh.

At least gameplay is different. Because come on... Our game is team based pvp brawler with climbing. Battleblock Theater is coop platformer.

Draskuul81 karma

Hey, at least it isn't come Early Access crap!

PanDenat138 karma

Thank you! It was really tempting but we managed to withstand the urge ^ ^

Draskuul48 karma

Granted there have been some decent early access games, like Besiege.

But unfortunately whenever I hear the term I think of WarZ. I think the whole "early access" thing came about specifically because of WarZ. Released in an unplayable state, so many problems most of us got a refund on it. When they finally came around to being re-released the stench around the name was so bad they renamed the whole thing. Apparently it kept the stink.

PanDenat67 karma

Early access results in major changes in game development process. It is not supposed to allow you sell unfinished game. I think this system is simply abused by developers.

ebacho20 karma

The thing devs don't realize is early access also kills any chance of your launch being more successful. A lot of amazing games have died because of EA / Alpha Testing. Truth is no matter how much you stress it, no matter how true it may be, what you show gamers is exactly what majority will believe your game will be on release. Bugs, unfinished content, all of it stands as it is once you put it up for a price. Plus people get bored of your game when it's not even finished, as a dev I rather have them experience everything on the first play through.

I played an MMO a long time ago called Chronicles of Spellborn & saw it die to this. First fully action based MMO ever released, even more so than a lot of action rpgs I see these days. They opened their servers for alpha stress test. They only had 2-3 zones and no dungeon content yet. Everyone asked where dungeons were and where the endgame was then left saying the game was shit, also at that time people played it standing still because MMOs never had free-combat controls. After that happened the dev team basically fell apart, they essentially bailed out of spellborn. That game also had the best alpha release I've ever seen. An MMO that had no server lag with mass players in one spot running on full blown action controls, ugh. That's actually something you don't see today, multiplayer coding for that needs to be quite stellar to pull off.

Anyways, good job not doing EA :P.

edit: brain fart mid-sentence

PanDenat8 karma

Yup. I think it killed Magicka: Wizzard Wars and I've put a lot of hours into this game.

Launch of WW was so insignificant that I noticed it maybe few weeks after.

Sanderson900920 karma

This is a great question (I wish more journalists asked questions like this), and a great opportunity for OP to pitch his game to a large audience. I really hope this gets answered.

PanDenat27 karma

Me too (:

Reply is above.

Xantoxu368 karma

It seems like you aren't too great with the whole English thing, so I went ahead and re-wrote your 'about' section. Take whatever you want from it. Also, I'm supposed to ask you a question so; why did you want to make this game, and not another game?

I bolded the parts I changed. I tried not changing much thematically, so it should still feel like what you wanted. Mouse over them to get a message that is what the line used to be. (I also removed periods from some of the lines that didn't need them. You don't need a period at the end of a list element. You can have one if you want, but what matters is consistency. I didn't bold the lines where that's all I did, though.)

Sword fight and free run with and against your friends in this team based online+couch arena brawler.


So is it only fighting? Not really. Use your fighting skills in additional game modes like Treasure Hunt and Artifact.

Treasure Hunt mode

Quite straightforward. Coins are laying around the arena, and you need to get them to your base before the enemy team does. Or... hunt enemy players carrying those coins.

Artifact mode

Something new you’ve never experienced before. It goes like this:

Confused? Just try it out. It’s easy once you play it.

PanDenat233 karma

thanks a lot! It's a curse not being a native English speaker. I'm sure we will use your corrections (:

To answer your question: We wanted something we would like to play ourselves with friends. And I'm surprised but it worked! After all year of development I'm all pumped about playing my game with other people.

Xantoxu58 karma

I'm sure it is, I'm trying to learn Japanese myself and it's incredibly difficult re-learning such a basic part of yourself. Glad to help.

That's pretty cool. You guys always been interested in brawlers, or was that a spur of the moment kinda thing?

PanDenat52 karma

We had a lot of fun with some of them. Last we played was Gang Beasts. If you never played it try it out with friends. Hours of laughter.

chairmanlmao10 karma

Where are you guys from?

PanDenat44 karma


Wukeywukey88 karma

What games did you grow up with? Do you have a favorite?

PanDenat158 karma

Hard question. Right of the bat I could say:

  • First Prince of Persia
  • X-Com:Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse
  • Diablo 1 and 2
  • Giants Citizen Kabuto
  • Soul Reaver (all Legacy of Kain series)
  • Prince of Persia Sands of Time + Warrior Within
  • World of Warcraft Vanilla

For a favorite I can't decide between PoP and SR series.

Devils_-_Advocate35 karma

World of Warcraft Vanilla

What's your take on the current push to bring legacy servers back?

PanDenat129 karma

I have really strong feeling towards vanilla wow. However Blizzard let us experience Molten Core again in Warlords of Draenor and I must say it was awful. Also bringing legacy servers back would split community which would be harmful to the game as a whole.

DrkMaTTeR38 karma

Agree or not, I'm glad you shared your opinion even if it goes against the common voice. Especially when you want people to check out your game.

PanDenat48 karma

I never wanted to be conformist (;

Devils_-_Advocate1 karma

Would it split the community?

I don't think many people who currently play retail want to play vanilla. I do think there are a lot of people who aren't playing retail who do want to play vanilla though.

To me it would bring in an influx of new players. It would also give people who play the current version something to do during content droughts

CentaurOfDoom6 karma

Similar situation when jagex released old-school runescape. Many people didn't play runescape 3 because it was too different, and many rs3 players didn't want to play osrs because it felt too old.

Now we have thriving communities in each, and while there's a little elitism with "this one is better than the other one", it's not too bad and I feel that adding older versions of the game is a good idea for most games.

PanDenat4 karma

Those are strong points and I can't argue with them.

CuzRacecar66 karma

Assassin or Pirate?

FrakkinPhoenix44 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

PanDenat87 karma

Why are you asking me that when I'm hungry (;

Probably a sandwich with lots of meat on it, a pickled cucumber, tomato, cheese, big grains of salt and pepper...

... damn, you made me even more hungry...

VillageTroll154 karma

Pickled cucumber

A pickle?

awwkn124 karma

I think OP translated it directly from Polish 'ogórek kiszony'.

PanDenat181 karma

Where did I write I'm from Poland? But you're right. That's exactly what I did.

Cockmaster4000052 karma

You were a dev for CD Projekt RED. Your English seems pretty good but I am not sure CDPR hires a lot of developers from foreign countries, so you are likely Polish

PanDenat42 karma

well, CDPR hires a lot of developers from abroad. besides, just to be clear, I was not dev for CD Project RED although I worked under them. The Witcher Battle Arena was a side project made by two companies.

Edit: but i don't argue. You are right (:

kinkyaboutjewelry27 karma

I was guessing Poland because of the occasional missing "the" or "a". For example in the title of this AMA. :) Perfectly understandable still, no worries.

PanDenat23 karma

amazing 0o

kinkyaboutjewelry20 karma

You spend 5 years working with people from Poland, you learn to spot these things. That and I can say the tongue twister about the beetle inside the bush in the village with the specific name. I just can't write it ;)

PanDenat28 karma

W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie (;

bigblueoni17 karma

You worked on the Witcher, that's how we know.

PanDenat17 karma

Nice deduction. But beware. In production of the Witcher a lot of people from abroad were involved. I don't know, but... like one-third?

Imperator_Penguinius6 karma

Well, that still leaves one with a 66.(6)% chance of being correct in thinking that you are polish, especially with idiosyncratic word use like "pickled cucumber" which to the person in question came from a polish term s/he apparently knew, which further adds to the likelyhood of you being polish. :D

Noone is certain of anything, even if they don't word things in a way that implies they are uncertain, even if they think they are certain, noone will ever be certain of anything, we only really go by possibilities and likelyhoods.

lgoolsby3 karma

Are you being downvoted for using the word idiosyncratic?

PanDenat4 karma

Elementary my dear Watson

awwkn8 karma

Haha, you didn't. I just kinda assumed it because I've seen your game being promoted on Pyrkon earlier this year and I thought it must have been made by a Polish studio. Hope I didn't disclose something you'd rather keep in secret.

PanDenat8 karma

Sure not. I really enjoy talking with all of people here.

m1k3y6065910 karma

Isn't a pickled cucumber just a pickle?

PanDenat14 karma

Damn, you're right. Or not? I'm not native English...

dontbeamaybe10 karma


PanDenat12 karma


eveolene8 karma

Despite what the general public is saying, it's perfectly fine to say pickled cucumber, it's just commonly called either a pickle or a gherkin, but pickled cucumber isn't incorrect.

PanDenat9 karma

getting smarter every day

synthead35 karma

Have you thought about a Linux and Mac version?

PanDenat3 karma

Yes. But it might be hard to do. We will look into it.

TimProvise26 karma

Whats the hardest thing about being an indie developer?

PanDenat116 karma

  • times when you are short on money
  • taxes
  • friends and family saying "go get a real job"

CentaurOfDoom37 karma

Geez people saying "go get a real job" would be annoying. Like asking "when are you gonna get a girlfriend".

Just be prepared to laugh in their face when this game blows up and you're rich and famous and they're still stuck at thier loser 9-5 office job.

PanDenat57 karma

you know what helped me with independent thinking? this:

It's strangely reassuring in all sorts of moments. Just the thought that nobody else has the right to be right.

Toasterbomb274 karma

Rick and Morty back at it again with the feels.

PanDenat10 karma

Can't wait for season 3.

sevendeuce24 karma

why no linux/steamos? its a niche game, a rabid growing niche loving market definitley seems like a good aim. especially with such a "couch friendly" game which is what the steam boxes were meant for.

PanDenat29 karma

we would love to embrace all consoles, also steamos.

creamyturtle23 karma

how much money do you expect to make?

PanDenat71 karma

I try hard not to expect anything and just be happy with what I get. From what I can see from steamspy similar games can sell around 50k copies, but I don't know how much are bundled or discounted.

I would call it a success if we would earn a one-year salary for three people, because this is exactly the time we've put into this game.

JonFrost11 karma

Speaking of money, how tf did you guys go a year without income? Or was there?

PanDenat45 karma

we worked on weekends on some side projects to put food on a table. we also had some savings. It was an adventure (;

m3kings20 karma

That's awesome! how did you prepare for quitting your full-time job? i.e how did you pay for food/rent etc? How was was your monthly income? And did you develop the game on your own?

PanDenat43 karma

We tried to gather some money but it was hard. So one day we just said "f**k it" and we left our job to create something of our own. We had money for cheap life for maybe half a year. After that time we started to make little games and programs for money during weekends. Also our family helped us in toughest of times.

We outsourced music and sounds. Also some friends helped us. For example voice you hear in trailer belongs to our friend. Beside all that we made everything. We had no investor, nor publisher.

m3kings13 karma

Any specific time where you felt "this is the right time" or was it more of a impulsive "f**k it"?

PanDenat16 karma

It was just after launch of The Witcher Battle Arena. We had to choose whether to join next project (and be morally obligated to participate in it) or leave the company. We chose the latter. Beside that things were pretty tense in the company close to the launch of TWBA.

dontbeamaybe8 karma

damn, dude- that's awesome. most people can only dream of taking that leap into something you're passionate about. well done.

JakeSevers19 karma

What advice do you have for people looking to get started in Game Development? How did you first start out in Game Development?

PanDenat36 karma

I joined Student Association of game developers at university I was student at. It helped me a great deal. The key is to get in touch and communicate with other developers, amateur or not.

Not what you expected, right? (;

VunderBoy18 karma

Are you going to participate in Intel's Game Challenge invitation or whatever they call it? $5,000 prize...

PanDenat18 karma

I can't find it. Is it the one that requires to deliver UWP app?

PanDenat24 karma

I don't think so as it has games still in development in mind and there's no way we could make another prototype in such short notice. Although that's some nice initiative. Nice to know.

Lucid-Pancake18 karma

Why did it take you so long to create a simple game? How much knowledge did you have when you started it?

PanDenat144 karma

Because this game only looks simple. The core gameplay mechanics could be easily implemented in a week, but when you start polish it then man... It's really hard to make really polished game.

And almost half of the time took networking code. Have you ever wondered why so little games support multiplayer? That's why.

When we started the project we were fluent with programming and Unity. We lacked the ability of long distance planning and marketing so here it was all trial and error, but it was not so bad.

Our main problem was the fact that we rewritten all network code two times. Once because Unity introduced its UNET and abandond legacy networking. And second time when we realized UNET gives us crappy lattency. We ended up with Steamworks networking.

HyperionCantos87 karma

Games often seem deceptively simple to non-technical folks.

PanDenat53 karma

I like that 'cos it's true.

On the other side believe me when I say I could make seemingly over complicated game in mere hours. Just because you can create complex mechanism from simple forms.

But not always "complexity" comes with "good design". Usually the contrary.

spiritualboozehound10 karma

As a web designer I kind of empathize with this. My designs actually take 10x as long as it takes to implement into a website.."but the finished product looks so simple and obvious!" Well, yeah...the obvious is what's difficult to creat eou of thing air. I can only imagine how much tweaking there is with every little animation, physics behavior, etc. Plus the element of creating "fun" is intangible.

PanDenat15 karma

There's a saying I like that goes "If you make something well enough no one will notice you did anything at all".

lobster_conspiracy16 karma

Is that video narrated by yourself (or a colleague)?

Perhaps there is no polite way to say this, but the narrator has a very strong foreign accent, and it sounds nothing like a pirate accent. Like it or not, people will notice it, and not in a good way.

You really should have the narration re-done by a native speaker of English. (If possible, a pirate, or second choice, an assassin.)

PanDenat16 karma

I was afraid of this and I'm glad you stated your opinion. Narrator was our colleague. We were just too short on budget and time to hire native speaker (even though it doesn't have to be a lot o money)

Seboner11 karma

Why assassins and pirates? I would imagine it's incredibly difficult to get the word out when assassins, Pirates, and assassin pirates are dominated by the same series(and it isn't a small one)

PanDenat23 karma

We created a mechanic about climbing and jumping at each other with all sorts of weapons. Assassins is the first things that comes to mind and we wanted to keep things simple. And why Pirates... well, Pirates of the Caribbean was still a thing then with all those agile actions in the movie. We had to have pirates.

And funny note: After releasing our game on steam we noticed that when searching "assassins" in searchbox our title is above assassins creed. I wonder if it will affect our sales (;

Singularity-111 karma

Why...not ninjas?

PanDenat18 karma

probably because we are ignorant of dank memes (;

But wait! We have Ninjas in there.

Singularity-116 karma

I'm totally serious - Pirates vs. Ninjas is like...a was there some legal issue somehow? Because that name would have to be better on every count I'd think...

PanDenat11 karma

To be honest we were not aware of it until some time in development. I don't know how we missed it. We are creatures of the internet.

And after we finally learned about it we were to clingy to original name. And maybe it's our weak spot, but we really wanted to bring this game on our own backs and do not feed on something that exists.

piedude38 karma

I don't know if my friends will want to play this, so here goes my question: Is it a fun experience even if I might be the only one playing it? I'd love for them to get it but idk if they will. It looks mad fun cuz I have been looking for a game where I can just whip out my controller and have some laid back fun while buzzed or smoking or vaping or whatever. Also imma definitely buy this if you guys actually answer this, I buy all psyonix DLC since they are on Reddit and are very reasonable. No DLC is required, you don't miss out in any experience with dlc, DLC is purely cosmetics and new cars and it's not $15 for a few new in game items... I'm looking at Activision there.

TL;DR Is it still fun if my friends don't want to play? Will there be any free content added to the game, maybe a new arena for free once a year or something? I absolutely love psyonix for it and if you do it I'll love you just as much, but I understand if you don't.

PanDenat9 karma

It's always better to play such game with friends and only then you will have whole experience. However I like to play it even when no friends are around, because it requires skill and is a good distraction for few minutes. It's your choice. If you're not sure just add it to wishilist and buy it on discount. I don't know when it will be though, it's up to Steam.

coke_first7 karma

Are you interested in other distribution channels for your game?

PanDenat17 karma

We are going to target also XBox One and PS4. We also don't shy from other distributors than steam on PC. However on PC our game must be distributed via Steam Keys as it has strong multiplayer that utilizes Steamworks networking features.

kredfield516 karma

What was something you weten't expecting about indie development? (As opposed to being part of a team working on a AAA title)

PanDenat25 karma

That sending emails to press, youtubers and streamers can take three days, 14 hours a day...

psdw6 karma

I just recently started my own little online business, what advice do you have for advertising?

How did you get people to know about your game? What tools did you use?

Also! I'm very into Computer Science/Programming/Web Dev. Do you think going to college for a computer science degree is worth it? If so, do you have any advice on what programming languages to focus on and such?

PanDenat18 karma

Answering your other question.

Going to college is absolutely worth it. It will teach you knowledge you would never even expect to exist otherwise. And most of all it will show you the horizon of human knowledge in the subject of programming. And with that perspective is much easier to navigate in your professional expertise.

psdw5 karma

Thank you very much for all of your advise! I'll be studying computer science starting in August. I'm hoping I get a lot out of it, from what you're saying I assume that I will.

It'll be challenging but I'm excited

PanDenat9 karma

Glad to hear that. Maybe it's trivia but remember to study for yourself, not for grades (:

I've seen some great article about it somewhere but I lost it...

PanDenat4 karma

We posted on facebook and twitter about our progress. In a sense we made them our developement diary. It brought us some publicity, mainly thanks to twitter bots but it's hard to get a lot of attention that way.

What helped us in a great way was participating in all conferences and expositions our budget could take (mostly we were invited). But that was not for exposure, we made a lot of friends in business there and that was the point. Now we contact each other via facebook groups and stuff. That is invaluable and we really can help each other. Also in terms of exposure.

tl;dr Embrace your business community. Also lots of mailing.

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo6 karma


[deleted]1 karma


PanDenat9 karma

To anyone wondering - I was a bad boy :(

azn_introvert5 karma

I have a dream of developing games but I am a novice programmer, I have a few incomplete android games but still practicing to increase my knowledge with game development, do you have any advice or tips? I currently work programming for a company but its not what Im looking for which is developing games. I am also too poor to drop my job to go full indie. Also other than asking for a few tips, heres a few questions. What encouraged you both to drop your jobs to work on developing games? What were the hardships that came along after you dropped the job to develop games? Are you guys happy with the results?

PanDenat7 karma

We will be happy when (if?) it will pay off. For now my reason to be0 happy is because I'm my own boss and I control my own life. To a degree of course.

Greatest tip I can give you is to join local (or internet) gamedev community. Great way to do this is to participate in game jams. Ludum Dare and GlobalGameJam for starters.

Muted35 karma

I want to do that too! How did you survive during development?!

PanDenat29 karma

dirt from under the keyboard kept me alive

but seriously, just some side programmers jobs during the weekends, cheap (but healthy) life - means almost none alcohol or chips, and help of family in toughest of times.

sk1tz5 karma

where did you live? how did you eat?

PanDenat15 karma

I live in a flat with my fiancée and two cats. We try to eat cheap but healthy as our budget vanished long time ago (:

Non-Polar4 karma

Most favorite gaming console?

Most memorable gaming experience/instance?

What do you think of gaming consoles now more and more converting into the pathway of that of the PC's (ex. More frequent updated consoles, relying more and more on digital sales, possibly removable and swappable parts of the console)?

PanDenat7 karma

Does Gameboy counts? (;

Most memorable experience I had was big open world fight for the city in Darkfall MMO. It was like 200 vs 200 players with friendly fire.

I think it's a good path as it's easier for developers to deliver patches and therefore better game experience. Little but frequent upgrading steps allows for easier development for both PC and consoles.

furtiveraccoon4 karma

Hello /u/PanDenat! My question is, what are your goals in the near- and short-term for sales?

By the way, you're always welcome over at /r/localmultiplayergames ! It's basically your target audience (couch game enthusiasts)

PanDenat3 karma

Well, to earn some money of course. I try not to have expectations, I just would like to have from salary enough to have decent live and develop next game in peace.

Thanks! I was looking for something like that!

Sban973 karma

What were some of the biggest obstacles you had to face throughout development ?

PanDenat14 karma

that Unity source is closed. That means, when some bug appeared because something in Unity broke, the process of debugging resembled something more like voodoo than programming.

Lletoot3 karma

what was your fiirst day sales like?

PanDenat9 karma

if steam info is up to date then not enough for monthly salary for one person.

KyotomNZ3 karma

Was it worth quitting your jobs for? Like 100%. Or do you wish you did it another way?

PanDenat11 karma

It's not much of a life right now, but I would have a big problem with working at company once again.

This is as true as it can get

heylookashootingstar3 karma

Shouldn't it be AUA?

PanDenat7 karma

sounds painfully. beside it's only me here. others are now sleeping (;

Arittin3 karma

What will your next project be?

PanDenat6 karma

Right now I'm obsessed about DarkSouls fighting system, procedurally generated movement with physics, diablo1-like adventure and minecraft-like server-client setup. I don't know how to mix all of it though.

Coronis123 karma

What would you say are the most in-demand jobs for indie teams aside from programmers?

PanDenat3 karma

for indie it's not much to choose as most of the indie developers have to do whole spectrum of things beside programming. we-programmers also have to make engine specific stuff like putting special effects together from assets or creating animation graphs from animation assets. It would be great to have someone to make it instead of us (:

I would say for graphic designer, animators and fxs guys (making particle effects and stuff) especially if all of that could be done by one person. Also knowing your engine of choice is a key.

A lot of people can draw, paint or create static meshes in blender, but when it comes to animate and put it in the engine there's no one to do it.

Leedly3 karma

Hey, I know you have TONS of questions, but how does the steam "package deal" work and will you be trying to get involved in it? For example, games that come in 2 or 4 packs for gifting to friends for cheaper overall prices. I usually buy for my friends and myself, and would love to grab a 4pack for, say, 80% each.
Looks awesome, and great job following your dreams!

PanDenat5 karma

We will go into package deals if we can. But it requires some more communication with steam. It's not up to us.

Bassethounds4ever3 karma

The money that you make, do you have to pay alot of sources that helped you?

PanDenat3 karma

Music and sound artist. That's all. We were trying to be as much self-reliable as possible.

Also we will have to buy Unity Pro above some income because license demands it.

n00bskoolbus1 karma

I just started learning about how to make games as it's always been something I've wanted to do. Now that I have time off between graduating Uni and starting my first Job I can actually invest time into learning. What advice do you have for someone starting out?

PanDenat1 karma

It depends on what you want to do. Make games for fun or professional? If so then do you prefer creating stories and adventures or more technical-interactive stuff? For sure you can try out Unity or Unreal Engine 4. They are both great for starters.

ImmortanDan1 karma

It honestly looks like a mobile game. Do you have plans for mobile?

PanDenat1 karma

no, although it runs on mobile. We even played it. But we never seen anyone beside us with 6 controllers plugged into the tablet.

NoStupidQuestion1 karma

What sort of tools did you use to create the game/art/music/etc? Do you have any advice for other developers trying to get the motivation to finish projects?

Edit: Good luck on your venture!

PanDenat3 karma

Thank you! We used Unity (of course) as our main tool with C#. For art we used mostly Paint Tool Sai, and I don't know about music 'cos we outsourced it.

For early SFXs we used webcamera to record all sounds. They almost made it to the release version ^

Audacity is great for voice recording.

NoStupidQuestion1 karma

Were the tools free or did your purchase licenses? Do you have any good tutorials for Unity?

PanDenat3 karma

Unity and Audacity are free to use and we took full advantage of that (: IMHO best tutorial for unity is it's documentation and own attempts to make something small in it. Youtube tutorials always only confused me.

GuacamoleFanatic1 karma

Is there a tutorial for beginners, or something similar to Khan Academy?

PanDenat1 karma

You mean tutorial for Unity or tutorial for game development? Similar to Khan Academy? I think you can find free course on edX platform about making games. Probably you can get certificate there too.

GuacamoleFanatic2 karma

Any programming languages you suggest?

PanDenat4 karma

Well it's reaaaaly broad topic and whatever I say all guys from all IT are gonna eat me alive.

But lets try this:

It really depends on what is your goal in making games? Do you wanna be a part of big team or make games as one person/small indie? And do you want to get creative with your ideas and focus on giving player an adventure or are you into more technical stuff?

tombie_harris1 karma

What game is it?

PanDenat1 karma

team based online+couch arena brawler

Wr3cK1nKr3w0 karma

I have a question!

Rampart or Rampart! If Rampart why should I Rampart?

Picked up your game! Excited to play it! Hopefully you can keep following your dreams! Best of luck!

PanDenat1 karma

Because bring the Shrubbery! And if Shrubbery then Shrubbery. You should Shrubbery. Definitely.

Also thank you!

alexblmqvst0 karma

Hello! I really don't want this to come off in the wrong way or anything, but I have always been, and I am genuinely curious, how come I can see like actual proper 3D games with somewhat decent graphics and all on Steam for free, but then at the same time see 2D games which looks like something you would be able to play on a website like Miniclip or something be up in the +$10 range? Do people actually pay money for 2D Platform games at all?

PanDenat1 karma

I believe they do. I literally put year of my life here. But SteamSpy seems to agree with me.

Also I think 2D is not inferior to 3D. Sometimes it suits game better.

EatDaSnuSnu-2 karma

You are using this sub to advertise your game aren't you?

PanDenat24 karma

To be honest I'm mostly trying to get in touch with redditors as I had no chance to do so earlier and this is the perfect moment. I really think I have something to share and my way of life can be of interest to some people.

I don't expect this AMA to be even noticeably comparable in exposure to what Steam grants us.

PLeb513 karma

That's a real roundabout way of saying yes.

PanDenat8 karma

I could also find a real roundabout way to explain why it's beneficial to comment in reddit. People always seek wrong in others.

With that approach you make me think about it in terms of advertising. You know what? I hate advertising, I'm a programmer. Yet I sit here at 5:46 a.m local time and I'm having great time with you guys (:

secretchimp-4 karma

You quit a good salaried job to make this?


You could've kept your job and done this on the side

Maybe could've managed to keep a toon-themed game under a gigabyte too...

PanDenat1 karma

Assuming it was a good salaried job is far fetched (:

I hope to make more on this game.