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Why should I play your game? To elaborate, with Steam being so oversaturated with indie games, what sets yours apart from all the other indie games that come out all the time! I love indie games, but I only have a limited amount of time to play them. I usually rely on word of mouth to pick new games to play, so tell me why I should play this new title.

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Thank you for replying. It's an uncomfortable and difficult question to answer.

Edit: Also happy cake day

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Not even remotely. While I am sure that some people can make polyamory work for them, all I saw from it was jealousy, fighting, and distrust. I will be monogamous as hell when I get married.

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The house itself had 5 incomes. There was always a surplus of everything and there was plenty of disposable income for fun activities and trips

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The jealousy was only present in about half of the people involved. the other half actually make it work for them. However two of the women are constantly manipulating everyone else and trying to become the "alpha" female I guess. They would always start arguments in public pulling another member in the middle. "which one of us do you like more" sorta thing. It probably doesn't help that one of the women has more mental health problems than anyone else I have come across.

My advice is make sure that everyone involved can deal with sharing everything, and at the first sign of trouble, run. Many people get stuck in unhealthy relationships, (my father is one of them) and getting out is hard enough when there is only one other person involved.