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Games often seem deceptively simple to non-technical folks.

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Reddit honestly has a really outdated American view of the rest of the world being shit. Im realizing this a lot as a chinese American reader, when I see posts that completely underestimate the quality of life in China and Russia. I remember your original thread, and you were getting shit on pretty hard.

Good for you for not buying into that, it looks like you had a great trip.

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I googled Railway Minister Liu Zhijun, because I wondered what you meant by "take the fall". I figured he was sacked, and maybe joined the private sector or something. Well...

In April 2013, Zhijun was arrested on corruption charges for allegedly taking bribes and abusing his power as Minister of Railways. He was convicted and received a death sentence with reprieve in July 2013.


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Do you still write any code?

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Id be interested in working on this if you start an open source project. I am an android developer.