My short bio: Hi again, reddit. My name is Erin. I did an AmA a few months ago about my condition (I was born with a fairly rare skeletal disorder called radial club hands), and I thought I'd update people about what I'm doing. In the intervening time I have moved to NYC. I've always been practical about my appearance, and I'm extremely thick skinned, but moving to such an image conscious and beautiful place is really challenging. I'd love to talk about the transition and how it's gotten me to thinking about our shared human uniqueness (a bit of an oxymoron). Hi! Sorry for the low talker voice! I'm getting over a cold.

EDIT: Wow! guys, I'm sorry. I uploaded a video that didn't show my arms by accident. Whoops. I made two videos and I guess I uploaded the one without the arm money shot. I've attached a full body pic that shows my arms too. Sorry about that! My Proof:Linky! Full body pic MORE CLEAR SWIM PIC

P.S. Here is the original thread for those who are curious, though I'd be happy to just answer any questions.


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tehjukebox3615 karma

Have you ever met anyone else with T-rex arms?

oh wait that's me!

cuteliltrex2664 karma

Hi!!!!! Wow! No, I never have! Have you met anyone with arms like ours? Omg, this is so cool. What has your experience been like?

tehjukebox1974 karma

about 9 or 10 years ago i vaguely remember meeting a baby with both arms like ours. but i haven't seen the kid since. pretty sure that's it.

I've had a mostly positive experience actually! if you want you can PM me and we can swap stories

cuteliltrex1400 karma

Awesome! Doing that

KyfeHeartsword2043 karma

I too have bilateral radial club arms! I'm 26 years old and from Houston.

This is me:

cuteliltrex1475 karma

That's so cool! Can we start a club? Is it on both arms? Do you have four fingers? I think our club motto should be "giving all the world dysmorphophilia."

What has your experience been like? Has it been hard?

How is Houston? I've always heard the music scene is really cool.

KyfeHeartsword1155 karma

Yes, let's start a club! Yes it is on both arms, I have four fingers on each hand, my left has my pinky, ring, middle, and I surgically had my forefinger removed and rotated to be my opposable digit (thumb). My right hand is completely devoid of an opposable digit and almost completely useless (except my pinky).

My experience has been... complicated. I'm sure you understand because you have always been this way as I have. Everyone else sees us as these deformed or crippled people who need help with everything and everyone asks us question about our arms (every fucking day). But we've never known what it is like to have "normal" arms so everything that we do we don't even notice it looks extremely odd to anyone else watching, it just feels normal. But I cringe hard when I see photos of myself or video. I'm completely open to questions about it, but people see my disability as a disability. I'm perfectly capable of doing anything! I'm an accomplished swimmer, skateboarder, soccer player, billiards player, and an excellent driver. My limiting factor is not my inability to do something but what everyone else perceives about it. People see us and think, "That person won't be able to do the job require because of their arms, so I'm not going to hire them."

Yes, it been hard because the majority of the people in the world don't truly know me and my capabilities so there is a slight prejudice, but I've had a good life and I'm not depressed. I'm a genuinely happy person.

Though I am not as confident as I should be in the romance department.

magicspud2666 karma

You have a small army!

Mango_Smasher571 karma

Thats harsh.

cuteliltrex401 karma


DeathclawBlowjob382 karma

I think you being the only user of the BlackBerry passport is more interesting

tehjukebox138 karma

i live near Kitchener/Waterloo so they are very popular around here

DeathclawBlowjob66 karma

I should go outside more

cuteliltrex89 karma

It's really pretty out!

idk-lol359 karma

U guys shud mate

cuteliltrex760 karma

I don't think that would be fair. We'd take over the world.

hilroy_hill1886 karma

I'll probably go to hell for this but enjoy

cuteliltrex970 karma

OMG! That made me giggle so much. Thanks. First world T rex problems.

tehjukebox107 karma

You're damn right. We'd start a race of human-trex hybrids. We'd be unstoppable!!

cuteliltrex97 karma

Hell yes. Super heroes.

No_Hetero120 karma

Do you have just one shortened arm? Is that rarer?

tehjukebox152 karma

yeah just one, and i don't know. i think it might be.

cuteliltrex225 karma

I know you're not the one answering questions here, so you don't have to answer... but are you happy having just one arm like ours or would it be better to have two? Put more simply, do you think that it makes a difference for you that you have one "normal" arm?

idk-lol1196 karma

You seem to be in good spirit about it

Soo how do you masterbate?

cuteliltrex1379 karma

With a lot of hard work and using all the amazing powers of my fantasies. This is such a reliable reddit questions. I got asked last time. My answer was that I can think myself "off." :)

pet_tech601 karma

You could also rub yourself against a pillow.

cuteliltrex1927 karma

Oh, mr pointy corners has seen a thing or two. Indeed.

pet_tech429 karma

hahahaah.. yer a'ight! Thanks for doing this AMA and good luck to all your future endeavors!

cuteliltrex352 karma

Thank you! Best of luck to you as well.

Slobotic483 karma

If you and I were friends I'd buy you a vibrating sex toy and a selfie stick for your birthday... and then we probably wouldn't be friends anymore.

cuteliltrex639 karma

Actually, mama needs a new toy. Can we be friends? How do you feel about christmas presents?

JabroniZamboni97 karma

Ever heard of the sybian? Doesn't require long arms.

cuteliltrex64 karma

No! what is it?

JabroniZamboni112 karma

You just sit on it (and turn the knob, there's a remote control for it)

cuteliltrex34 karma

oh my I'm...intrigued

henryuuk1111 karma

Are there any other valid comparisons between you and a T-rex to be made ?
Like for example : Are you the Apex predator in your natural environment?

cuteliltrex954 karma

Well, I like to date apex No, yes. I am and I'm not. I use my differences in ways that I think are advantages to me. Plus I like leveling things with my tail.

henryuuk338 karma

thanks for the answer.
Also, don't wanna sound like a creep, but you have a very pleasant voice.

cuteliltrex345 karma

Thank you! I've never heard that before and I've heard it a bunch tonight!

Blacklicoriceisevil510 karma

Hi Erin,does your condition cause any pain?Do you ever use one of those object graspers that older people use(Sorry,might seem like a crude question but I just don't know how to phrase it properly).

cuteliltrex643 karma

No, I am very lucky. I have almost no pain from my arms or hands. I had some painful surgeries, but that is in the past. I do get hand cramps sometimes and I'm told that I'll have arthritis because of having had the bones reset so many times, but I'm mostly totally pain free.

I don't use one of those things. Never have! But that's just because I never thought of it! I am pretty impatient and I often scale furniture in order to reach stuff.

What is your biggest weakness?

FrySkyHigh289 karma

Have you ever dressed up as a T-Rex for halloween?

cuteliltrex345 karma

Yes I have!

punkdoctor1000435 karma

Have you ever given a handjob? I imagine someone out there really has a thing for T. rex arms and you were like the jackpot for them.

cuteliltrex868 karma

I'm sorry parents and family. Yes. Yes I have.

ImWatchinUWatchinMe411 karma

When driving, do you prefer to reach for the wheel, or hit your knees on the dash?

cuteliltrex851 karma

I just hunch forward a lil like a stressed out nervous driver. Which I am. Hence the moving to NYC and the subway system of the gods.

mdflmn410 karma

A someone for NYC. If I see you in the street. Will you get offended if I come up and say hi and refer to you as the T-Rex girl?

cuteliltrex591 karma

Not one bit! I'd laugh and laugh and shake your hand. I might buy you a drink. Please find me and do this. It would be so funny.

mdflmn309 karma

Challenge accepted!

cuteliltrex274 karma


ohshitninja286 karma

This is gonna go really bad when he finds a girl with that condition that isn't you and calls her T-Rex girl

cuteliltrex198 karma

Uh oh. Maybe she'll like it too?

Why_Did_Bodie_Die327 karma

1) How do you wipe your ass after you go poop? 2) How do you "flick the bean"? Do you use toys or can you reach the little man in the boat? 3) If we were to have sex and I asked you to dress up like a T-Rex and roar and wave your little arms around while you give me head would you do it? 4) Can you pick your nose? We might need video evidence of some of these for proof...

cuteliltrex384 karma

Wow. Reddit never disappoints. 1). Much the same as you (if that's not presuming a higher level of cleanliness on your part). 2) The "old man in the boat" (?) and I are dear friends. I have not any trouble reaching him. Toys are fun too though. 3) probably not, but I won't specify which part of that scenario was least appealing and which part I'm ok with. ;)

Why_Did_Bodie_Die214 karma

Are you saying I have a dirty butt????

cuteliltrex342 karma

...maybe. My intel isn't top notch on this subject.

Tubaka71 karma

/u/why_did_bodie_die we need to see some pics. You better deliver!

Why_Did_Bodie_Die121 karma

I feel like reddit doesn't need a pic of my clean or not clean b-hole.

cuteliltrex64 karma

Maybe you should do an IAMA?

DoctorDank316 karma

In the immortal words of Glen Quagmire: ... you get freaky with those things?

Edit: I did not realize before asking that this question had already been asked, in a more literal way. My apologies!

cuteliltrex338 karma

Yes. Yes I do. And dysmorphophilia is my mission statement.

LeatherJacketMan164 karma

How does it feel having every second question relating to masturbation? Props for answering them all.

cuteliltrex142 karma

It's interesting. I feel like I'm disappointingly unlearned on the topic

some-call-me-tim298 karma

Why the move to New York? Do you find texting to be tedious?

cuteliltrex734 karma

For a lot of reasons actually. I say that I am trying to get a book published, and I am. But it's also more than that. I was so sheltered and my family is stuck mired in a lot of financial problems, illness, and depression. I was in a position where I was watching as everything I love eroded. Here I was raised in this sheltering, nurturing, and protective bubble, without very many practical skills, and I was watching that bubble pull apart and vanish. I kind of looked into the future and saw someone with my uniqueness and my shelteredness being alone in the world. I didn't like that. I also couldn't stand watching as the people I love became buried under their hardships. I know that I'm a hard worker and that I have some creative talent. I decided to go to NYC to force myself to learn how to be self sufficient once and for all. I know it's arrogant, but I want to save my family. They aren't in a position to save themselves right now. So I have to be stronger.

Yes. But only because I'm, sadly, addicted to it.

z4ck3899 karma

I'm sorry about all the problems of your family. I know how that goes and I know how you can love them, but still feel like they're dragging you down emotionally.

It's awesome that you're getting out there on your own and learning to be self-reliant.

Also if you didn't know Hawkeye lives in Bed-Stuy, so you should be safe!!! (Don't know if you like comics, but that's where Matt Fraction's amazing run on the comic has him living. You should check it out)

cuteliltrex128 karma

Thank you. My family is the best, and their problems aren't their fault. They're too deep for them to dig themselves out of on their own. I am on a mission to save them.

I haven't seen that show, but my friend loves it. I'll give it a try!

cuteliltrex41 karma

Thank you. My family is the best, and their problems aren't their fault. They're too deep for them to dig themselves out of on their own. I am on a mission to save them.

I haven't seen that show, but my friend loves it. I'll give it a try!

mindfulmu291 karma

If you had a tinder profile what would your tag line be?

cuteliltrex734 karma

I do have one! and the tagline is "once you are real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

handstands_anywhere267 karma

awwwwwww Velveteen Rabbit

cuteliltrex239 karma

I love the velveteen rabbit. My favorite children's book.

mindfulmu105 karma

Here's my follow up question then, what thing is a bit of a effort to do sexually. I'd think a hj might be tough but not impossible, do tell what's on your menu but it's a pain to ... deliver on.

cuteliltrex275 karma

Nothing really. HJs aren't as satisfying to the other party, I think. But I am flexible and enjoy learning.

SayraGhost189 karma

At least you will never have to worry about elbow room or arm space in crowded NYC places aha! Or at least, not as much.

How was the move? Did you drive or take a plane? Are tasks harder/seem harder/more of a pain in the ass or are they about the same with someone who doesn't have the skeletal disorder?

cuteliltrex186 karma

Haha. That's so true. I'm lucky.

I took a bus. I don't know that anything is particularly harder for me per se. I am a really small girl anyway, so dragging myself through the city with my suitcases and guarding myself against thievery and not falling down was pretty hard. I'm not sure if that was because of my arms though. Quite possible.

SayraGhost62 karma

Ah. In your picture you look like you were average height tho! Does the skeletal condition also affect height or is that something unrelated? I can't imagine weaving through NYC by myself as it is, and I'm not exactly short, you have a lot of bravery! Keep it positive you're amazing.

cuteliltrex125 karma

Oh, I am a normal size. Just petite. I'm 5'2. :)

z4ck3871 karma

You look a lot taller to me for some reason.

cuteliltrex128 karma

Thank you! I stand tall. I learned it from my 5 foot tall momma.

SayraGhost3 karma

Oh ok! Thanks for answering questions btw Your story is cool :-)

cuteliltrex2 karma

Thank you! What's your story?

jamaicanoproblem161 karma

I just wanted to say that your voice is perfect for ASMR videos.

As for a question... what is your favorite video on the internet?

cuteliltrex121 karma

What is an ASMR video? Sorry!

I like the panda sneezing and scaring it's momma bear. I also like the emu playing fetch.

jamaicanoproblem104 karma

Some people get a sort of tingly, hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck sensation from certain sounds... stuff like the sounds of scissors snipping hair, sand being poured, or a woman whispering. It doesn't work for me but apparently a lot of people find it very pleasurable. You have the same kind of breathy voice that a lot of the narrators of ASMR videos speak in. As with pretty much everything on the internet, there are some people who get off on it, and therefore there are sexy/kinky ASMR videos, but there are also some really boring, SWF videos, too. You can pretty much put up any video of anything and whisper over it and get a few thousand upvotes/likes/shares if you advertise it on ASMR channels. I know very little about it though, somebody who it actually works for can probably share more...

cuteliltrex118 karma

Wow. I had no idea this existed. I guess this is one way to find employment?

zottman145 karma

Do you workout?

cuteliltrex246 karma

Absolutely. I love working out. I think the endorphins help me a lot. Plus I like being healthy and I want to be the best version of myself (painfully cheesy).

Why do you ask?

fuckintoedaso1066 karma

Cause it's an ama

cuteliltrex766 karma

Accurate as fuck.

bluemitersaw115 karma

You truly are a Redditor. High five! No, wait, upper-middle five?

cuteliltrex40 karma

High four!

iphoneluver137 karma

What do you eat for breakfast every morning?

cuteliltrex219 karma

Oatmeal with coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, flax seed, molasses, and blueberries! Plus greek yogurt.

TheReverendBill130 karma

You ain't got no pants on in that vid! What percentage of your time at home do you spend pantsless?

cuteliltrex205 karma

Oops. I did not intend to show that video either. Crap. I'd say 98% of the time I'm pantsless when I'm home. Pants liberation!

TheReverendBill61 karma

Well for Pete's sake, don't change it!

cuteliltrex56 karma

Too lazy

Smargalicious119 karma

Wow, you are certainly attractive. Do you find it easy to date?

cuteliltrex232 karma


It's good and bad. I'm kind of reserved, but I act like I'm not. And people tend to assume that I'm easy pickings. I either get really cool, secure, guys or really creepy guys who think I'll be grateful for their attention.

PacifisticJ26 karma

That's great and horrible at the same time.

cuteliltrex132 karma

So am I

ven1k106 karma

What have you found to be your advantages for having small arms?

cuteliltrex271 karma

People have to get all the more close in order to get a really good hug from me.

Actually, in all seriousness I really think that my arms serve as a great litmus test for my interactions with people. I love shaking hands with people when I meet them.

ven1k115 karma

I wasn't expecting such a cute advantage ;) Do you use a tiny keyboard?

cuteliltrex285 karma

No, but I do play a tiny violin!

Mila-Milanesa54 karma

Curiosity: I was told that it´s extremely complex to play the violin (I never played one, was only told about this). How do you manage on notes where most people use all their fingers?

In case you still don´t understand me: I´m sorry I´m not native to english and it´s difficult for me to describe things xD It´s like, for example, when playing the "do" on the flute you need to cover all the holes using all your fingers (Not sure if there´s a note on violin that requests to do this as well). If it was you playing the instrument, how do you manage to make the note sound?

cuteliltrex210 karma

Oh my goodness, I'm sorry. I don't actually play the violin. I was making a joke about playing a tiny instrument. I do play guitar a little bit though. Honestly, holding the strings down hard enough is a problem. It's difficult.

Mila-Milanesa60 karma

I´m sorry for the question I asked. (Thing is, when people make jokes, they tend to go over my head a lot.)

I tried playing a guitar, but I gave up since I can´t get to hold down the strings hard enough xD What is the easiest instrument to play for you?

cuteliltrex72 karma

Please don't apologize! What is your native language? Because your English is great!

I'd say the drums. They're easiest and just fun. I can take out aggression on them. But I don't have the best rhythm. My parents are musicians, but it really skipped my generation!

Mila-Milanesa58 karma

My native language is Spanish. And thank you! My boyfriend has been helping me improve my English.

I can take out aggression on them.

Poor drums: What did they do to you to get beaten so much by you? xD

cuteliltrex67 karma

See! Jokes are awesome. Your written English is impressive.

Drums. All they had to do was be in my line of sight to get beaten. I'm hardcore like that.

chiefdiamondnipples94 karma

guess that one thing about me is that during winter times, my nipples will show over my hoody/sweater, friends say that they can tell the weather by looking at my nipples

My question for you is, what was your funniest moment in life? Also, I hope your cold gets better!

cuteliltrex421 karma

Oh, this is embarrassing. But it is funny. I was spending time with this person that I like. We were kissing and fooling around and it was time for me to go so I called an uber. The driver called me and asked for directions to get into the labyrinthian apartment complex, and I gave them and hung up the phone. Or so I thought. What happened next was so embarrassing. I was playing at being sexy with my person, and I flirtatiously admitted that I find it hot to be choked sometimes. We flirt with this concept for a few minutes... and then we hear "Hello? Uh. You didn't hang up." OMG. I'm a kind of squeamish person and so I was mortified. I impulsively threw my phone at my make out buddy's face, and ran wailing in a circle around his couch. Then I calmly got into the uber and pretended that nothing had happened. Everything went fine until the uber driver asked if I was a prostitute.

Thank you! My throat is still super sore.

the_dude_upvotes229 karma

Everything went fine until the uber driver asked if I was a prostitute

This story made me genuinely laugh out loud. I gotta ask, how long did the driver wait before letting this out?

cuteliltrex197 karma

I was almost home! I had to make him pull over and let me out.

the_dude_upvotes109 karma

Wait, what/why/how? You bailed out and walked the rest of the way home?

cuteliltrex293 karma

Well, he was trying to solicit me.

cuteliltrex216 karma

You're a naive and beautiful soul, my friend.

Shrunting81 karma

Is it difficult for you to see things when they don't move?

cuteliltrex37 karma

Yes. Yes it is.

RubberDong64 karma

Science allows you to get new hands... But they are two meters long.

Yes or no?

cuteliltrex92 karma

Nah. I'd have to learn a whole new system.

Dabee62554 karma

Since this is all you've ever known (arm-wise), do you think your life would become more difficult if you were to one day wake up with non-T-rex arms?

cuteliltrex76 karma

Hmm. Interesting. I never thought about it. I might have to completely relearn my grip and how I write. It might actually be!

thiney4948 karma

Did any of the people who applied to be your friends in the prior AMA make the cut?

cuteliltrex76 karma

Everyone! But we're all a little bit lazy about keeping in touch. I think I have a date to meet one at the Empire State building in 2017.

thiney4992 karma

I hear the Empire State Building is beautiful that year.

cuteliltrex57 karma

The not yet planted flowers will be in bloom! Ahhhh

wrong_assumption47 karma

Did you trade your arms in exchange for those legs?

cuteliltrex57 karma

Why, yes. Yes I did. Glad you noticed.

AlkylHalide34 karma

Didn't you work at harvest in Louisville as a hostest? I might be confusing you for someone else but if I'm not you were always so nice, thanks for that.

cuteliltrex37 karma

I did! That is a great restaurant. You're very welcome. Were you a regular? :)

idk-lol31 karma

A 4 minute video that doesn't even show your arms

Is it hard to move the camera with such short arms?

UnderNatural20 karma

She does show her arms around 0:53, but she still doesn't give a good view. It's hard to tell the length.

cuteliltrex25 karma

I just added a full body pic too. :)

cuteliltrex6 karma

Hi. What is your favorite story?

cuteliltrex14 karma

Oh! and I now get to ask you a question. Boggle or Clue?

cuteliltrex13 karma

Wow! guys, I'm sorry. I uploaded a video that didn't show my arms by accident. Whoops. I made two videos and I guess I uploaded the one without the arm money shot. I've attached a full body pic that shows my arms too. Sorry about that!

P.S. It's not hard to take a video with too short arms. It's hard to remember to put up the correct one when you're exceedingly dum dum-ish though.

fsocieties5 karma

If you look at her other videos you can see it clearly.

cuteliltrex12 karma

Hi there. May I ask what gets you out of bed in the morning? Thanks!

Why_Did_Bodie_Die4 karma

Are you trying to ask yourself questions?

some-call-me-tim8 karma

In the video she said she would ask a question back.

Why_Did_Bodie_Die3 karma

Oh my bad, thanks.

cuteliltrex12 karma

Why did bodie die?

Why_Did_Bodie_Die7 karma

Because he was a pawn and he had to go.

cuteliltrex6 karma

Chess is a hell of a game. Thanks for answering!

cuteliltrex6 karma

No so much, no. Just trying to start a dialogue.

okron1k29 karma

You claim to like symmetry, yet your hair is parted at the side. Why?

cuteliltrex28 karma

My natural part and I think it looks weird when it's middle. Good point though.

PM_Me_Your-Lifestory28 karma

Do you get as much attention from strangers in NYC as you received in other places you have visited? I've seen some fairly unusual things around the city that nobody around me seems to take any notice of, I wouldn't be surprised if your differences went fairly unnoticed most days.

Why did you choose Brooklyn over Queens? As a life long Queens native, I don't quite understand why more people don't move here. Rent is cheaper, neighborhoods are relatively safer, it is quieter, and you have a more multicultural atmosphere. If you chose to live in Williamsburg, I'll be very disappointed in you.

Before moving to NYC, had you spent any time there to figure out if it is really where you wanted to be?

Goodluck with the book, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Brooklyn.

cuteliltrex52 karma

That's a really interesting question. I'd say it's about the same. On one (really small) hand people have a blase attitude towards most everything. On the other (equally dainty) hand, I have to put myself out there way way more than ever before. People stare a lot. I explain the way I am to curious kids on the subway. It's been interesting.

Eh, I picked Brooklyn because I knew some people here and because I found an affordable place on a good train line. I don't drive, so it's important to me to be able to hop a train anywhere or walk anywhere that I want to. I live in the Bedstuy area. I like it a lot, but oh boy is it different.

Now, I get to ask you a question! What do you think makes you different than other people? Is it something that you're proud of or insecure about? Thank you!

petit_cochon25 karma

You're gorgeous, and that includes your teeny tiny arms! Plus? You can ROCK a Halloween costume.

cuteliltrex19 karma

Thanks! I do love dressing up. Hello zombie attack

elmos_analbeads20 karma

If there was a surgery to make your arms a normal length, would you do the surgery?

cuteliltrex38 karma

Depends. What kind of drawbacks are there? Would I have full range of motion? How long would I not be able to use my hands?

I actually had a surgery to lengthen my arm when I was a child. It was experimental and they had to stop when I started losing my grip.

irregularcog19 karma

Where do regular short sleeve shirts fall on your arms?

cuteliltrex42 karma

Well passed the point of irritation. Probably 2 inches past my fingertips?

ishabad17 karma

Does this prove that humans evolved from dinosaurs?

cuteliltrex21 karma

I think so, yes.

Seventytvvo15 karma

What are the muscles like in your arms? I imagine with shorter forearms, you'd be able to lift heavier things since the lever is shorter.

cuteliltrex14 karma

Hmmm. Never thought of this. I can actually lift very heavy things. I never considered why.

Slytherin4Lyfe13 karma

What's been your greatest obstacle yet and how did you over come it?

Also welcome to New York, i'm in Manhattan.

cuteliltrex38 karma

What a great question! My greatest obstacle has been realizing that I'm not invulnerable to the pain to the pain of being different. I always thought of it as an asset, and as a strength. I never allowed myself to feel fully the pain and isolation of being so different than a lot of people. In a way, I was strong like steel because I viewed my perceived weaknesses as strength. I owned them so that they couldn't be used to hurt me. But in a very real sense, I was hiding from myself and others how alone I actually felt. It's been hard. Living in NYC is hard. I'm away from all of my family and friends. People really judge you based on your looks here. Opening myself up to that vulnerability has been painful and sometimes excruciatingly lonely, but it's also giving me tempered steel on the inside. Tempered steel isn't as strong as original steel, but it's far more durable and less brittle.

newuserevery2weeks11 karma

Do you workout? If so what do you do?

Besides from writing, what hobbies do you have?

Are you happy with your arms? Does your range of motion feel normal to you or is it awkward?

cuteliltrex21 karma

I do! I like running on the elliptical, biking, stairmaster, and lifting weights. I also do yoga. I really like planks.

I love cooking and drawing/painting. I'm actually illustrating my book too. I like sewing and I also like netflix and 30 Rock.

I am happy, but that might be because I just can't imagine anything different. I have noticed that I get frustrated when I can't do something like, say, a push up because of my limited wrist flexibility, but I can't say that it feels all that awkward either. I'm just so used to it.

newuserevery2weeks11 karma

Push ups are so overrated ;)

Edit: What are you watching on Netflix?

cuteliltrex28 karma

Jessica Jones. 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Kimmy Schmidt, um... too much stuff really. An embarrassing amount.

MjrMjr7 karma

How much can you bench?

Shorter arms=shorter distance you have to move the weight. Maybe you could become a competitive power lifter.

cuteliltrex8 karma

Haha! I've never thought of that. I don't bench press though, because my wrists are too weak. Sadly. I'm more of a free weights girl.

RockinTheKevbot10 karma

What's something that you think is more difficult and what is something you think is easier with your short arms?

cuteliltrex43 karma

Well, I hate having an itch on my back. I also can't give a thumbs up motion. It's really hard for me to talk about. So sad.

I think that it's easier for me to say who I am because of my arms. I had to very realistically take inventory of myself at a young age and decide what I was going to let be a weakness and what was going to be a strength. I decided that there really wasn't anything that I couldn't do that a normal person could.

TheDandyWarhol24 karma

I have regular length arms and I can't scratch my back. When looking for a house I made sure to find something with nice square corners.

cuteliltrex24 karma


Meygoon2 karma

Let's see some actual proof!

cuteliltrex3 karma

Whoops. I made two videos and I guess I uploaded the one without the arm money shot. I've attached a full body pic that shows my arms too. Sorry about that!

starstarstar427 karma

"The arm money shot".

You. I like you. You are cool and comfortable in your own skin. Most impressive.

cuteliltrex4 karma

Thank you. I want to tell you something. I LIKE YOU. Also, I am not super comfortable with a lot of things about myself. Hopefully wisely though, they are mostly things that I can work on and change.

the_dude_upvotes2 karma

comfortable in your own skin

To be fair, she has less skin what with the T-Rex arms :D

cuteliltrex2 karma

And less bones! I clock in at 186

kaysea1121 karma

Can we get a better pic of you and your body? preferably with no clothes on. I kid. The pic you posted doesn't really show your condition.

cuteliltrex7 karma

Dude. The best pic I had that showed my arms was actually a swimsuit shot. So you kind of get your wish. Now, can I have a pic of you? Pretty please?

Sheisdownwiththed1 karma

How does your love life fair?

cuteliltrex3 karma

I'm in a kind of strange place romantically. I just moved away from someone I love, but the relationship was weird anyway.

Sheisdownwiththed0 karma

Well I find you very attracting, would you say your personality matches?

cuteliltrex3 karma

Matches what? I apologize for my denseness. Matches my face?

Sheisdownwiththed-3 karma

Well your beautiful, u was wondering if the personality matched?

cuteliltrex3 karma

Thank you! Um. No. I have a really horrible personality.

Just kidding. I hope. I like taking care of people and learning new things. That is basically my personality.