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What period of life do you think Chris was most at peace?

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I consider U + Me = Us legitimately as good as any Nsync or Backstreet Boys song. I don't know how much that counts coming from a guy

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TIL that Aziz is actually not "really good at this quiz game about weird things your roommate can do"

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Hey Aziz I don’t think I’m unique in my experience but I just wanted to let you know that Parks and Rec really helped get me though a tough time in my life so thank you for that.

as for an actual question is doing Bob’s Burgers as much fun as it seems? They really squeeze the whininess out of you for Daryl. Also please come to Hawaii. Well, and hopefully do a show, you could also just come to chill out I guess.

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How'd you choose your name and what were some of the options that didn't make it?