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You just sit on it (and turn the knob, there's a remote control for it)

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Ever heard of the sybian? Doesn't require long arms.

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Several questions

I recently read an article about drug cartels funding "DEA sex parties". I've also read about failed drug tests, DUI's, and other obviously unnaceptable behavior. What's your opinion on this behavior and the overwhelming tolerance the DEA has for its agents engaging in it?


Also, you can't honestly believe marijuana will ever go away or be eradicated, why are you against responsible use? Do you agree with Drug Czar Botticelli that alcohol is a greater health risk than marijuana? Are you in favor of alcohol prohibition?


Were you ever embarrassed by the lack of drug education a drug czar has exhibited publicly? Such as when Botticelli was unable to say whether methamphetamine was more dangerous than marijuana?


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He answered below

Against!! Strongly so, & have real life stories to back it up.

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But not alcohol? So, most drugs not all? Do you consume this drug by chance?