Allow myself to introduce...myself...

I'm Sloane Steel, I used to work for BangBros and now I work for I work behind the scenes in the porn biz and soon I'll be writing and directing my first porno (yay!) You may be also be familiar with me as the Glory Hole Girl (kinda SFW...) or because I slept with you during college.

I'm here today because I'm being interviewed by the cable network Fusion for a doc about porn (specifically in Florida). The doc will air sometime this summer!

I want to answer your questions! Ask me any question you have about porn, sex, dating, Tinder (I'm like REALLY good at getting people laid via Tinder), or anything else. I'm really into cheese, so we can definitely talk about that.

I submit to the jury my proof:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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Ok one more thing, a couple people were interested so if you're ever bored at work or in your car check out my podcast, The Reel Stupid Podcast. I've never seen any classic movies and I talk about them, then actually watch them, then talk about them some more. I am usually drunk. Enjoy!

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GodHasLeftUsStranded43 karma

So what's the secret to winning at Tinder?

SloanethePornGal109 karma

So there's two parts to winning at Tinder depending on what you're trying to do. Are you trying to have a one night sucky fucky sesh? Then by all means upload just a picture of your abs and another shot of you wake boarding while shotgunning a Bud Light.

But if you want to find a potential girl to be your long-time lady then you need to create a profile that makes her think, "wow, this is the kind of guy I can really see myself doing butt stuff with, someone I could really trust." Pictures should include you doing things like woodworking, or surrounded by children from the charity you volunteer for on the weekends, or pictures of you when you went on the really beautiful hike. You want to seem approachable, down-to-earth, and funny but not jokey funny. You want to be 'Jimmy Fallon levels of approachable best friend but maybe there's something more to this friendship' funny.

Absolutely no photos of you drinking, surrounded by girls, or wearing square toed shoes. These are things girls don't want. Oh and please, no photos of you smoking pot. Pot is awesome, I love pot, but there's a time and a place to show a girl you smoke weed and on your Tinder profile is not that time.

RamsesThePigeon43 karma

This is all very interesting, but what if I - a male - am on Tinder because I'm looking for a non-romantic female buddy for semi-chaste naked hangouts that involve watching bad science fiction and playing board games? I've tried posing with a giant spoon, but that hasn't worked out thus far.

SloanethePornGal37 karma

I think I might be the only woman in the world who would be into that so what the fuck do you need a Tinder account for??

RamsesThePigeon65 karma

I'm trying to swipe right on your comment, but it's not working.

SloanethePornGal48 karma

don't worry. IT'S A MATCH

BooBailey80816 karma

She's wrong you know, I would so be down for that.

SloanethePornGal40 karma


BooBailey8083 karma

I'd like to see you try

SloanethePornGal36 karma

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I will look for you, I will find you, and I will cut you.

RamsesThePigeon11 karma

We'll have to get together if ever we're in the same area! How does Strip Scrabble and Stargate sound?

SloanethePornGal36 karma

YOU'RE SERIOUSLY ALREADY CHEATING ON ME? And to think I was going to let you be the race car in Monopoly...

RamsesThePigeon13 karma

Whoa, whoa, who's cheating? Let's make this a group thing!

BooBailey8089 karma

Not sure if you want that. Kinda getting the OAG vibe from this one...... Also, I might get stabbed.

Paulentropy10 karma

Could I please see that picture where you pose with a giant spoon? I'm kinda having a shitty day and I'm pretty sure that would cheer me up, maybe even make me laugh a little like your post did.

RamsesThePigeon41 karma

I'll do you one better.

How about an entire comic book about me and that giant spoon?

SloanethePornGal10 karma

That is really awesome. You can be my big spoon any day.

SloanethePornGal9 karma

Yeah I second that. I wanna see this pic.

rossrey7 karma

And what would you say is the best opener on Tinder?

SloanethePornGal36 karma

Here's a profile I made for a co-worker recently. Since uploading it he has had sex 4 times and he's had one threesome. This is all true. I will make him come here and confirm it:

I’m [name removed for his protection]. I have a savings account. What’s your favorite food? Really? That’s so weird, that’s my favorite food, too. I blink a normal amount of times per day, I have excellent oral hygiene, and I will never give you a half assed back rub. I work from home but I don’t live in my mom’s basement. I’m tall enough to reach anything you can’t and strong enough to open any jars that give you trouble. I’ve always been known to replace a lightbulb and I always change the toilet paper roll before being asked. I’d love to meet your parents. They seem like nice people. Real salt of the earth. The only other thing you need to know about me is that I cried during “The Notebook” and I’m not afraid to admit it. Oh, and I can bench like, 255.

rossrey3 karma

Whooaa! This is the bio, or the opening message to the girl? Either ways I'm trying this.. Thanks a lot :D

SloanethePornGal16 karma

That's the bio. I'm telling you, that shit worked.

CuntyMcFagNuts28 karma

Is my username a good porn name?

SloanethePornGal54 karma

I give it a thumbs upmybutt

CuntyMcFagNuts16 karma

I like where this is going

SloanethePornGal43 karma

I'd say it's going rightupmybutt

CuntyMcFagNuts15 karma

This relationship is escalating quickly.

SloanethePornGal25 karma

Fuck, really? I just ordered our Save the Dates

CuntyMcFagNuts11 karma

Okay, we will finger something out

SloanethePornGal19 karma

I feel like we're sort of in a tight spot right now and I don't know what to do.

CuntyMcFagNuts11 karma

This AMA is making your day but I can make your hole weak

SloanethePornGal20 karma

I was going to try to make a joke here butt fuck it.

jaywhi2558 karma

Thanks to both of you for making me LOL in the office.

SloanethePornGal15 karma

You are welcome. This sort of feels like a threesome now and I don't hate it!

jaywhi2555 karma

Coming from a guy thats about to get kinda excited about this. Just dont tell anyone!

SloanethePornGal20 karma

Hey that's awesome congrats! Enjoy the day and remember to at least fake cry when she walks down the aisle. Or cry for real because that vagina walking towards you is the last vagina you're going to touch for the rest of your life.

imbecile23 karma

Who is the person you know that has dedicated their life the most to sex?

SloanethePornGal46 karma

Probably Nina Hartley. Not only is she a performer, she's also an educator, and she's just a bad ass chick. I really admire her, ahem, work ethic.

hurtsdonut_21 karma

If you are only behind the scenes why do you have a pornstar name? Or is this your birth name and you were just destine to be in the industry?

SloanethePornGal39 karma

My real first name is Sloane (my mom was pregnant with me when Ferris Bueller's Day Out was in theaters) and the Steel is fake. It's to protect my innocent family.

Heloooooooooo21 karma

What are the biggest complaints you hear from both the male and female actors in the industry?

SloanethePornGal51 karma

Male actors: "why don't you pay for my supplements and protein powder" (seriously) and "why don't I make more for this scene?"

Female actors: "He is too big" "why won't you pay for my wax" "why is there no daycare on set?" (seriously)

Otherwise, there is very little complaining! Unless of course the guy can't perform and the shoot is running late and everyone is getting tired and cranky.

NotYourMothersDildo28 karma

"why don't you pay for my supplements and protein powder"

by protein powder you mean cocaine and by supplements you mean viagra, right?

SloanethePornGal25 karma

Yeah I am. Speaking of which I need to email my boss about a reimbursement I'm waiting on.

Checkers101607 karma

I guess I could sort of see things like supplements, waxing, etc to be business expenses, although I think it'd be more of a tax thing, than actual reimbursement. The daycare thing, uhh, I guess other businesses provide daycare too? That is a little more strange

SloanethePornGal17 karma

Yeah I don't know how adept some of the performers are at Turbo Tax...

flyerbynight18 karma

How do you get other people laid on Tinder?

SloanethePornGal48 karma

I am like a profile ninja. I swoop in, change their tag lines, upload better photos and all the sudden they're the captain of the S.S. Swipe Right on the Sea of Poontang.

Checkers101608 karma

Is this like a side business of yours? Or you just help out friends?

SloanethePornGal27 karma

I just help out friends but I SHOULD make this a side business. I could be a Tinder Guru

Checkers101608 karma

I feel like you could make legitimate money off it. Not porn money, but still. Charge like $100, do some staged photos, write a quick bio, etc.

SloanethePornGal20 karma

Haha I'll just set up a little mobile business where I come to your house and take photos like it's the first day of school and I'll make sure to bring plenty of these guys.

Quietmilk17 karma

How or why did you get into porn?

SloanethePornGal44 karma

I had always loved porn from a young age. I saw my first porno mag when I was 8 and I would cut out pictures from my dad's magazines and keep them in a diary under my bed. I started working in porn because a friend of friend recommended me for a job at BangBros doing SEO stuff and I became involved behind the scenes there before getting headhunted on Reddit to work for

Now I work from home in my underwear and a tee shirt and look at boobs all day. See, Reddit does make dreams cum true!

acets10 karma

I would like to do SEO stuff for your current venture. Please. Hire me. Please.

SloanethePornGal15 karma

I don't think we really even do SEO stuff anymore. SEO for porn is tricky, it's a constantly changing game. But hey, if we're hiring I'll let you know!

scott862915 karma

You mentioned that one of the complaints from female actors is the size of the guy. What is classed as too big?

SloanethePornGal30 karma

I can't speak for all ladies out there. Personally I prefer one around 6-7 inches but most porn ladies complain after 8 inches. Oh wait, did you mean circumference or length? Because I was just answering for circumference.

JK...that's length. Guys, I promise you, most women prefer dicks that actually fit inside and are comfortable. But then again, not all women are built the same so some like a big, thick one. It's a matter of preference and taste.

RustyJoe8912 karma

What's your taste? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

SloanethePornGal25 karma

I taste like vanilla and jasmine (because that's what my perfume smells like) and I like my men to taste like men. No cologne. Just pure man scent. And I like a 6-7 inch penis as described before. Cut. With a smattering of veins.

RustyJoe8910 karma

Haven't washed my crotch area for a few days, is that too much man scent?

SloanethePornGal31 karma

Yes, that may be a bit too overpowering. When your balls smell like a Wendy's Taco Salad it's time to rinse them off at the very least.

theg33k5 karma

Now I want a Wendy's taco salad for dinner.

SloanethePornGal8 karma

I'm really surprised that made you want a taco salad for dinner but to each their own. I'm making this for dinner.

rossrey13 karma

When will we be able to see porn with great storylines? Kind like the Hollywood build-up to a sex scene? I just want a more immersive & believable story. Not the fake shit where we know the girl is paid to do & act that way.

I used to like Reality Kings' Money Talks & Massage Creep, but that's lost quality too :(

SloanethePornGal14 karma

I know this sounds like advertising but it's not. I swear on this AMA that my company, SexArt, has what you're looking for. It's Hollywood level production with actual plot lines and a lot of time we uses actors that are real life couples and the sex is very meaningful and passionate.

This response brought to you by MetArtTM

Wendek3 karma

Not sure if you're still reading replies 4 hours after the AMA but it's worth a shot (heh). So I'm livin' on my own now and I finally feel comfortable enough to start paying for porn instead of torrenting it. But if I'm going to pay it's gotta be good : both in the content and the ethics of the site. (main reason why I won't go with Twisty's eventhough that's what I originally wanted, I've read not so good stuff about what they're doing recently) With what you're saying, I suppose the second part is covered already.

So I like really soft porn. Seriously, 90% of what I have is solo scenes, and sometimes lesbian. Very few vids with one guy, virtually none with more. ("How don't you get bored", you'll ask. Well, that's why there are so many actresses! Plus some of those ones are so good that I can easily rewatch the vid) So is there content for me on MetArt or SexArt ? (what's the difference between them ?)

P.S. I once found a photoshoot of Ariel/Piper Fawn that had the MetArt logo on it. Have you met her ? She's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
Edit : saw below that apparently Ariel is a producer at your company now, and is apparently a super nice person. Glad to hear that.

SloanethePornGal4 karma

Hey I still here! I work on my computer all day so I'll answer questions as long as people still have them!

There is content for you on both and The difference between MA and SA is that MA doesn't show any masturbation, and SexArt shows lots of the good stuff. Another option for you would be especially if you like solo masturbation videos. Look around and tell me what you think!

P.S. Ariel Piper Fawn is so stunningly beautiful it hurts my brain. My tiny little pea brain.

Wendek3 karma

So I looked at SA and I find only full-length movies and photo-shoots ? Am I just a bit blind/stupid (also it's sort of 2 AM here, let's use that as an excuse) ? I mean I don't see "clips" or whatever's their official name : those ~7-12 minutes videos. They're the bunch of what I watch, although if I had access to actually interesting porn movies that might change. Still though, those short vids are pretty sweet.
Edit : yup, was just impatient I guess, in the "movies" section there actually are shorter vids as well.

Is TheLifeErotic part of your "network" as well ?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Yes it is!

MBprocast13 karma

I'm trying to be discreet. Did you feel my upvote?

SloanethePornGal27 karma

Is that what that was? shudders

MBprocast11 karma

Is that a good shudder, or a bad shudder? There are both. This AMA is pretty incredible. You said, "Gonzo journalism" and made my week pretty much. I was just in KY (Kentucky, not jelly) for Derby weekend, and it got me thinking about the good doctor. So, thanks for those things. Thanks for that. Thanks for responding to my voting habits. Thanks for being you.

SloanethePornGal8 karma

Twas a good shudder my friend. I'm glad you're enjoying the AMA, I enjoy doing it! Thank you for specifying what kind of KY you were referring to. I'm jelly you were there for the Derby.

Hunter was a cool fucking dude. I think he would have enjoyed doing one of these things. Actually no, he wouldn't have. But I don't know how to end this reply now so um, thanks for being you and making my week by making your week.

MBprocast2 karma

Wait, wait, wait...podcast you say? Me too! Where do I find yours?

SloanethePornGal5 karma

MBprocast3 karma

That's right up our alley! On Movie Buzzed we watch a movie, interview a guest pertaining to that movie, and get buzzed (drunk/stoned). I'm excited to get out of work and check out what you have going on!

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Awesome! I am usually messed up for these podcasts and we just started it a month ago so be gentle with me, it's my first time.

Adrianrg12 karma

If you were transported to the year 1973. What would your cheesy Porno-Catchphrase be at the very end of the film?

SloanethePornGal40 karma

Gas, grass or ass...nobody rides for free

Babylonius12 karma

Many interviews I've seen with people in the porn industry involve quite a bit of colorful language. More than just straightforward discussion of sex and sexuality, there tends to be quite a bit of swearing and vulgar language.

Do you find people in the porn industry tend to use foul or vulgar language in the everyday lives more frequently or easier than those outside the industry?

SloanethePornGal27 karma

What an interesting fucking question. Shit, I don't really know how to answer that without sounding like a giant piss gargling cunt licking cum dumpster but I think that the porn industry does tend to elicit illicit language more so than your typical workplace.

I know that I talk a bit dirtier in the bedroom since I've started working in this industry.

Brim488911 karma

Would you rather have sex with a merman that's top half man and bottom half fish or vice-versa?

SloanethePornGal17 karma

Can I ask some questions first?

1) what kind of fish is he?

2) do I have sex with this tail? Does he do a tail insertion?

3) Do fish have penises?

4) If I choose the bottom half fish top half man option is his top half cute?

Brim488911 karma

1) You get to choose the kind of fish. No judgement unless you choose a catfish, that's just plain wrong

2) I'm going to imagine that you're going tail insertion, so you'll need something to put over the scales

3) Sadly not yet, but i'm hoping that my wildly illegal research will fix that soon

4) Oh yea, and the same is true as well- if it's top half fish then the bottom half is Ronaldo levels of ripped

SloanethePornGal12 karma

ok thank you for clarifying.

1) I would choose a blob fish because I feel like that would be kind of fun to have sex with. And it has a cute nose type thing on its face.

2) If I'm doing a tail insertion then I'd get to cross that off my sexual bucket list.

3) I would love to visit your lab and that made me laugh very much imagining you attaching tiny penises to goldfish.

4) This is very good to know. I'm thinking about my answer.

Ok, thinking completed. I'm going with human top half and blob fish bottom.

tripositional_tripod11 karma

If I ask really politely, will you let me do butt stuff to you?

SloanethePornGal21 karma

Depends. Will you let me do butt stuff to you?

tripositional_tripod20 karma

sure, fair is fair

SloanethePornGal9 karma

What else do I get out the deal? A nice dinner? Movie of my choice? Will there be a foot rub at some point in the evening?

mri3iguns11 karma

Hi Sloane,

How do you feel about the attitude that porn ruins men's expectations of women and the things they expect from them in the bedroom? Also, you are cute and what looks like a decent rack. When are you going to appear on the other side of the camera?

SloanethePornGal33 karma

Hello. First of all thank you for your compliments. I don't know how a rack can be sort of decent. It's either decent or not but I digress.

I think that the expectation problem is two fold. One, men expect women to behave like porn stars and women don't always want to ride your dick reverse cowgirl style while screaming "CUM ON MY FACE YOU MONSTER COCKED FUCK STALLION" and so guys get a wee bit disappointed.

But you got to look at it from the girl's point of view. Because men watch so much porn they think that all you need to do to be good in bed is deliver a pizza and jack hammer a woman's vagina until she screams "OMG I'M GOING TO CUM HERE DO IT ON MY GLASSES!!!" And that doesn't work in real life. Sure, there's always fun to be had with a good ol' fashioned jack hammering, but women require a little bit more foreplay than men to do become fully aroused.

So yeah, I think hardcore porn has ruined both men and women's expectations for sex, which is why I'm into promoting positive sexual health through gentler, emotional, passionate porn.

xedralya10 karma

Your example porn dialogue just cracked me the fuck up in the middle of a silent campus library. I want more examples.

SloanethePornGal8 karma

Ok make it like a writing prompt. Give me some scenarios and I'll write out the dialogue for you

HoolioDee11 karma

Hi Sloane, you say you'll soon be writing and directing your first porno. I know what you mean by 'directing', but 'writing'? Really? What's involved in writing a script for a porno? Can you tell me what sort of storyline you are planning?

Also, I saw an askreddit question the other day (but sadly, didn't read it!) about whether the porn biz still makes money, since hardly anyone pays for it. How does the pay today compare to say, 20 years ago? And are the companies like BangBros running at a loss?

SloanethePornGal13 karma

So I kinda have to keep the script under wraps BUT the theme one of my sexual experiences with a professor that came to life. It's like a page out of my journal that came to life. It's light BDSM and about an older man taking control of a younger lady and if it's anything like my experience it will be VERY GOOD.

The porn biz is still a billion dollar+ industry but there have definitely been some set backs. I no longer work for BangBros so I don't know if they're running at a loss but I know a lot of the hardcore companies are suffering because people either take their content with permission or they haven't updated their style for the times.

size15s10 karma

Hey Sloane, thanks for dong the IAmA.

Just wanna ask before it gets really creepy in here...

Have you ever had a co-star who has really grossed you out?

SloanethePornGal23 karma

Well I've never starred in any porn (at least not porn released to the public) but I did have an actor burp in my face when I was taking some set photos. That was pretty fucking foul.

size15s2 karma

Hahaha. Cheers for replying. Hope this IAmA doesn't get too weird for you.

SloanethePornGal13 karma

I'm sure it's gonna get weird, sticky, and uncomfortable. But hey, that's just a regular day at my job.

jdb88810 karma

The 'bro' talk during porn is universally reviled yet persists. Why?

Likewise, the shot of the back of the man's ass with swinging balls is also found repulsive yet persist. Please explain.

Vault109girl15 karma

You know... porn isn't just for guys... I as a woman, would like to see some swinging balls and a nice guy butt. It's not all about you all the time!

SloanethePornGal12 karma

you tell him sister! That's another good point. Porn isn't always shot for just guys. At my current company we really try to make porn that women can also enjoy. Not saying women don't enjoy hard pounding or gagging, or bukkake or genki-genki or CBT, but the majority of women we speak with ask us for films that show real lovemaking. And sometimes a part of real lovemaking is showing a fine ass.

Gary_Kingofthehumans3 karma

You just started making things up at the end there didn't you?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

which parts? the lovemaking, the CBT or the genki-genki? Because those are all real things. Maybe they shouldn't be real, but they're real. Real scary.

SloanethePornGal9 karma

Can you expand a little bit on the 'bro' talk? Do you mean guys talking during scenes? Let me know and I'll answer you.

As for the swinging balls: often we want to get a shot of the cock going into the pussy and it's an easy angle to film. Well for us, not them. Also I kinda think it's a mean joke on guys who are about to cum and all the sudden you get the dreaded ring of 'loading 60%' and you just came to a shot of a tribal upper back tattoo and some clenched male butt cheeks.

jdb8882 karma

Yes. The bro talk is the inane joke by some guy off screen or holding a camera. Why ?

And is it a deliberate joke to put in the male butt crack shot? Why do they do that?

SloanethePornGal4 karma

The bro talk started because of the way the porn was shot. It was supposed to be very gonzo journalism style...guy off camera, telling a girl and a guy what to do. It sort of got out-of-hand and people either loved it, or hated it. I'm in your camp, I think it's really annoying to hear someone behind the camera shouting at the people having sex.

As to the male butt crack thing, I was just joking. It's really because we need the angle of that shot with the dick going into her puss puss.

jdb8884 karma

Cut both. Watch views and sales boom.

SloanethePornGal8 karma

I will relay your message to my boss man

pacersrule10 karma

Do your parents know what you do? If so how did you let them know and how did they react?

SloanethePornGal42 karma

Yes they know. So I went to private school my entire life in Miami and it was very expensive so my dad always likes to say, "I'm so happy I spent 200k on your education for you to end up in porn. Really makes me proud." But to be honest I think he gets a kick out of it!

My mom always says, "I knew you'd end up in porn so I'm just relieved it's not on camera."

I have pretty supportive parents.

Theothernooner5 karma

I once started a POF account to get laid.... it worked.... but now we're married. Did I break it? : /

SloanethePornGal3 karma

You sir, are the 1%. Godspeed and best of luck. Also, did you delete your profile or are you still playing go fish?

Theothernooner3 karma

Nope nope nope... it's gone! Long long gone. I like my penis still attached : ))

SloanethePornGal9 karma

Well if your penis ever becomes unattached I know some fetish companies that would be interested in contacting you for a job

Vault109girl5 karma

As a woman do you ever feel attached to any of the guys or girls you have sex with? Do you sometimes date them afterward or stay in touch?

SloanethePornGal21 karma

I've never had sex on camera, I work behind the scenes. But lots of our actors are currently dating! It's really sweet that they get to work together and then go home together. I always wonder if they have sex when they get home...

Vault109girl10 karma

I think it probably makes for better sex scenes. I only watch porn if it's like... passionate fucking. Otherwise, it bores me. That's probably a lady preference.

SloanethePornGal13 karma

Well allow me to hook you up with a trial for and let me know what you think!

madroaster7 karma

Could I have a trial too? I just checked and the monthly price is normal, but that annual price is great!

SloanethePornGal5 karma

Yeah! I'll PM you in a little bit when I have a moment!

Lus_3 karma

It is easy to get a job in the porn industry? Or it is easy become a porn actor?

SloanethePornGal9 karma

It is easy to get a job in the industry. But it's not easy to get a GOOD job in the industry. There are great companies to work for, and not so great companies to work for. The healthier looking the girl, the nicer the studios she can work with. Same with the guys.

mashington143 karma


SloanethePornGal8 karma

I personally love BDSM stuff. Forced orgasms, bondage, that kinda thing. But lately I've been really into young/mature lesbian stuff.

I also love a couple movies from my company. This is a personal fav for sure. Sorry it's just a trailer. I love the part at 1:42 where he puts his fingers in her mouth and collects her spit and then moves his hand to rub it on her clit. It's awesome and very sexy.

enderandrew423 karma

At the end of that trailer, was he giving her a glass of water as part of an interview scene, or was that actual BDSM after-care? I don't know that I've seen porn ever try to educate or demonstrate healthy BDSM behaviors. But I sure hope that is the case some day, especially in the age of 50 Shades where people think stalking, ignoring safe words, and abuse without consent are somehow good things.

SloanethePornGal21 karma

Well I think that the film I linked shows a healthy BDSM relationship here the guy, the dom, actually shows love and the woman, the sub, shows trust. That's what the entire BDSM world is based off, love, and respect for people's limits and desires.

I just watched 50 Shades of Grey last weekend and aside from not being able to stop laughing I was appalled at the message of the movie. It wasn't about love or romance or sex. It was like a fucking horror movie about a billionaire stalking a school girl with Pica disease. She seriously couldn't stop eating her lips and pencils. I have never hated a movie more in my life.

Veryfancydoily3 karma

Can your next AMA be a video AMA?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Yes! Is that a thing that can be done by science? Or should I just take the questions and answer with a video?

Bex_Dorf2 karma

Hi Sloane! I LOVE MetArt. Y'all are doing some beautiful things. My question is...How does being a woman in the porn industry affect your day-to-day job responsibilities? Do you think you're at an advantage/disadvantage especially since you are more on the "corporate" side rather than talent? *Note: This isn't intended to start some feminist rant, just curious how the porn world might be a bit different (or the same) as any other corporate structure.

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Hey! GREAT question. Ok first part: Being a woman in the corporate side of the porn industry gives me a lot of great opportunities because I'm able to communicate what women want to see in their movies. So in that sense I feel like I'm able to make a product that appeals to women and that's my goal. To make women comfortable with watching porn who may not have wanted to watch it in the past because they found it to be too male oriented.

Part 2: I would say I am at a slight disadvantage because it looks like a lot of the women are having a great time on camera but I'm at an advantage because I don't have to have an immaculately trimmed vagina at all times. I can let shit grow a little wild since I ain't on camera.

norman_druart2 karma

What's your favorite part of the female body?

SloanethePornGal1 karma

her neck or her wrist. specifically the part of the neck that meet right below the ear. oh, I'm also a fan of collarbones.

Mosesmann2 karma

How do you feel about bananas?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

I'm really glad someone asked me this. I cannot stand a plain banana. Just eating a plain banana grosses me out. I don't have a gag reflex and that makes me gag. However, I do very much enjoy banana in things like smoothies and I frequently make this awesome banana bread recipe.

RamsesThePigeon2 karma

Hey, Sloane!

When are we going to do that podcast together?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

OMG Ramses I started a new podcast! You should come guest host!

CaptainSnotRocket2 karma

Hi Sloane!

Is there any way you can fly Angelica in to SW FL so she can be my love slave for the weekend?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

Yeah no problem! Will we be paying for this with your tax refund?

norman_druart2 karma

I don't know if you can answer this since this is rather specific, but, as an aspiring photographer in the biz, I'd like to know how to 'get' girls to model for me (for lack of a better word). Casting ads? Contact through modeling agencies? Also, do you have a rough estimate of models' pay per session?

PS. You should totally model someday because you are extremely cute.

SloanethePornGal8 karma

It depends on where you're located. If you're an aspiring photographer you can definitely place casting ads, that's probably your best bet and there are communities online that are dedicated to this, so that would be the best place to ask about prices. I'm not sure exactly how it works but if you PM me I can try to find out some more info for you!

P.S. Thank you for the sweet compliment, I am gonna stick to behind-the-camera stuff unless...

norman_druart2 karma

Thanks fort he answer. Yeah I have a rough idea of how it all works, anyways I won't begin shooting before at least a year so I have plenty of time to learn stuff like that. I probably won't be able to afford a make-up artist/hair stylist for my models at the start. Is this a problem or do beginner photographers absolutely need stylists? Have you ever seen photographers work without them? It seems kind of rude to ask a model to do her make-up herself and stuff before the shoot.

SloanethePornGal4 karma

No, I don't think it's a problem to ask the girls to do their hair and makeup. Plus, you want to keep the makeup kind of light and natural and the hair soft. There's sort of a movement away from the typical blown up porn hair and makeup of the 90s so you don't need to hire hair and makeup until you're really getting things going and bringing in some money.

Also, you could post ads looking for beauty school students to do hair and makeup for your shoots, that wouldn't be too expensive.

norman_druart2 karma

Well that's a relief! I'm not too fond of make-up myself, I prefer au naturel, but I do like beautiful hair (especially curls).

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Me too! I tamed my curls today into waves for my photo, so sorry to disappoint.

norman_druart2 karma

Your hair looks fantastic, don't worry. :p

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Why thank you m'sir!

Thnito_Kyrios2 karma

What's your favorite metal band?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

Definitely Maruta

enderandrew422 karma

Sloane, you are one of the funniest women on Reddit. But we did not sleep together in college and now I'm distressed by this. Should and I can I learn to forgive you?

And when is your man going to let you sleep with a woman on camera for all of our viewing pleasure?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Wow, thank you so much! I think it's going to take time, and a lot of patience, but eventually you'll learn to let go. I really hope my man lets me sleep with a woman because I think that's something all couples should do together. Not sure he'll let me release it to the public but I can always ask!

Just remember, time heals all wounds and don't confuse your sad tissues your happy tissues.

NotYourMothersDildo2 karma

Who is the most awesome person to work for in the porn industry and why is it me?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

I would have to say that I am very lucky to work for such awesome bosses. All my bosses are so smart, handsome, charming, not creepy, fun to work for, and best of all, they rarely ask me to send them bikini photos for science.

And one of them in particular is my favorite because he makes the same sad sandwich every day and I think if I don't give him a nice compliment he might just end it all. I'm not sure what he has to live for except for that same goddamn untoasted whitebread sandwich day in and day out.

WhiteGuyInALuchaMask2 karma

You mentioned in a previous AMA someone in the industry who you just couldn't stand. Who was the nicest actor/actress you've ever had the genuine pleasure of working with?

SloanethePornGal4 karma

Definitely Alexis Fawx and Abella Anderson. They are absolute sweet hearts. And I haven't work with her directly but I love talking to Ariel Rebel, she's adorable and sweet and smart. Also, our producer Ariel Piper Fawn is another amazing woman in the porn biz. She's genuinely as sweet as blueberry pie.

I haven't had much interaction with the male actors, they kinda keep to themselves usually.

FlaccidExplosion2 karma

We never had sex in college, we probably didn't go to the same one. But I am college-educated, so that helps my chances, right? Also, can I see your boobs? They look top-notch.

SloanethePornGal3 karma

I am going to need to see your diploma before I agree to anything. I appreciate your comment about my natural, luscious, perfectly rounded melon breasts but they are reserved for only the most deserving of men. Men with post grad degrees.

rossrey2 karma

Hey Sloane! I love that name, especially after Entourage ;)Thanks for doing this AMA. Had a few questions

1)How does one go about getting a job as a porn writer/director? Is prior experience required?

2) Is it easy getting a job as a male actor in the porn industry?

3)Are women paid more than men, or vice versa? Or is it equal?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

Hey Rossrey!

1) I got into writing because I was already in the industry and my boss found out I could write. But to get into the industry it can be a little tricky. We are actually starting a website soon where we'll be holding contests to write scripts for our films. So stay tuned for that. Otherwise, you can always email porn companies you like and try to sell them your script. If they like what you write they may offer you more writing opportunities!

2) It is not as easy as you think to become an adult actor. You have to be able to perform under pretty abnormal conditions, hold an erection for a long time, and be ok with people watching you fuck.

3) Women are generally paid more than men.

SnatchHammer662 karma

Does collateral damage ever happen? Like the crew accidentally getting splooshed?

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Yeah. Especially if you're up close with a handheld for a money shot

fuckswithducks1 karma


SloanethePornGal3 karma

So the company I work for now,, is all about the plot lines. They wanted to break the mold of the traditional fuck this girl and cum in her face and laugh kind of porn and so they set out to make porn that actually had great writing and directing. Our films are kind of like really sexy music videos where people actually enjoy themselves and make love. There's cumshots aplenty but we just make sure the cum shot makes sense for the story line.

We also do a lot of porn series. Our current series is about girls on campus experimenting with sex for the first time.

ken272381 karma

Are there any "classics" of the porn industry?

SloanethePornGal6 karma

Yeah! Deep Throat, Pirates, Behind the Green Door, Debbie Does Dallas, The Devil in Miss Jones...those are just a few I can name off the top of my head

ken272383 karma

Backdoor sluts 9?

SloanethePornGal11 karma

I've been meaning to watch that but I missed Backdoor Sluts 1-8 and I'm worried I'll be lost.

enderandrew422 karma

That series really started to tail off in the end.

SloanethePornGal4 karma

Oh, reary? I wanted to watch them this weekend but it seems like a pain in the ass to try find them now

shitsburghPa1 karma

Hi Sloane! Thanks for doing this AMA. Miami native here, what high school did you go to? Also, it sounds like you had a great relationship with your dad. Is that the exception for other females working in the porn biz, or is that just a stereotype?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

Hello fellow Miami native! I love my dad, he's a major goofball. This is him trying on the funniest things I could find at Urban Outfitters. I went to Gulliver. I'm sure they'll be thrilled I just gave them a shout out in this thread.

Most women I know in the porn biz are very open with their families about what they do and while I don't know if any family is ever thrilled that their child is going porn (wait let me rephrase that...I mean you know, their offspring) they are usually pretty accepting of it!

George_Hale1 karma

I didn't go to college and so i didn't get to sleep with you. Can we like...make up for that?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

I only sleep with college educated men, I am sorry for your loss. (But if you went to like a technical college or some on-line University I would consider giving you a handy)