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Is there a particular "type" of person that you find approach you more often at cons and the like, or are you just universally appealing?

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Awesome. Your responses add such depth to the entire conversation. Thank you for being here!!!! How available do you make yourself when promoting projects like Extraterrestrial? How are these interviews acquired? I'm just curious about you interest in a 20 min. interview with a somewhat established podcast.

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My God, do you play HS?

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Hey Jason,

First off, thanks for the AMA! I'm the host of a movie-based podcast, and would love to have you as a guest. We've interviewed Eduardo Sanchez (Director, Writer, Producer: Blair Witch Project), Jamie Kennedy (Scream, etc.), among other guests, and I think you'd fit perfectly into our lineup. Would you be interested in a 20-30 min. interview? I look forward to the rest of your AMA and hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks again, Zach (Movie Buzzed Podcast)

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