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Were you concerned that most kids just wanted to hunt or shoot bandits in the 80s version and ignored any bit of history you tried to impart?

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Hi Gina, why do some many EPA employees go work for the industries they regulate? Do you approve of that ? It seems to be a conflict of interest. Wouldn't you agree?

Also, why are your fines so low? It appears any kind of EPA action is just a cost of doing business for polluters.

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What's your trail name?

What creeped you more, the threat of bears or other hikers?

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What's the weirdest encounter you'd had?

A few years ago in the Adirondacks, my SO and I had this odd encounter with a sole, male hiker who was wearing out his welcome. He stopped to chat with us at our campsite and just wouldn't leave. It was getting odder and odder and we kept dropping accepted social cues that it was time to go. It took him way too long to catch on and move on. That night we didn't sleep well wondering if he was creeping around. Fortunately, we never saw him again.

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The 'bro' talk during porn is universally reviled yet persists. Why?

Likewise, the shot of the back of the man's ass with swinging balls is also found repulsive yet persist. Please explain.