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Yours must have been one of the very first (and most interesting) questions... and yet, she's gone after only a half an hour.

Let's pretend that she told a really funny story about some really bizarre guy. Let's also spread that story around a bit.

I heard the guy's name was Kevin, and that he showed up with a bouquet of roses.

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Sir, this is a Wendy's.

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I'm going to use this excuse the next time I get in trouble with my girlfriend.

"I didn't make you angry! You wanted to get angry, and you used the fact that I didn't do the dishes as an opportunity!"

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  • Earl Grey ice cream.
  • Well, we're up to one now...
  • Dear Ra, I could go on for hours about how that excellent series was utterly and unforgivably corrupted by its 2014 installment. It could absolutely be redeemed, but it would need to be revived by someone who had actually played the original games (and understood the character).
  • That is not how apostrophes work.

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Hell, just the experience of reading it was worth paying for.

Enjoy the Gold.