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You could even say he is a Real Genius.

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Following up, do you have a favorite photo of yourself, and why is it this one?


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There is no acceptable response to this question other than Jay Cutler pooping in the shower.

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Comedians prepare a bunch of jokes and then use that material for a year or longer.

Robin Williams was really insanely good at just coming up with brilliant stuff off the cuff every second.

This is 8 minute of random stream of conscienceless from him.


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Felicia Day wrote in the intro of her book that she isn't sure how to describe how she is famous, but only to a select group of people. Do you find this is true for you that some people have no idea who you are, where as others are exceedingly excited to meet you?

Is it difficult vacillating between the two?

Given the sheer volume of movies and TV shows that we have, do you think we're moving away from mega-celebrities and more into a realm of niche-celebrity?