I am a dude who does burlesque performance (also called a 'boylesque' performer). This means people give me money to create routines in which I take off my clothing in fancy ways. Sometimes it's classy, sometimes it's silly, sometimes it's dark and gothic.

Over the years, I have done performances as characters such as Sweeney Todd, Scar, Tony Stark and mother fucking Voldemort.

I also do fire and circus. I'm currently playing a villain for my friend's web series. I have a few hours with nothing to do. Ask me anything!!!

My Proof: Just me - no makeup, not even shaved or with wax in my moustache.

EDIT: This has been crazy! 6 hours of non stop questions! I'm taking a moment to order pizza, and then I'll be right back in the fray.

EDIT 2: Well, it's been a blast! When I sat down to do this, I was expecting to spend a quiet hour or two answering some questions. 9 hours later, and this one post has generated twice the comment karma of my two-year-old account. I'll still be using my old account to do my normal reddit things, but I may use this one to post photosets or videos from time to time.

You guys have all been fucking awesome, and there have been some brilliant questions. A number of people have separately suggested that I do a kickstarter to film my routines and put them online. I just might do that.

Good night all!

Edit 3: I get up and there's more questions! I'll get to what I can.

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Memes4Gold706 karma

Isn't this ama technically safe for your work?

Boylesque700 karma

That it is. Burlesque change rooms are an explosion of undergarments, glitter and nonchalant nudity.

PAJW424 karma

Glitter? Way more NSFW than nudity.

Boylesque1287 karma

Theatrical herpes. You know that it's gotten bad when you find glitter in your foreskin.

CatCobra602 karma

I once dated a man who also was a boylesque performer. I'd head home the next afternoon and my tattered old Iron Maiden shirt would glitter in the sunlight. For the next few days...no matter how many showers I took or magnets I used my vagina could've signaled for S.O.S. from the amount of glitter that hid within the soft pink folds.

Boylesque299 karma

You just made me have a laughing fit at my desk. Congratulations.

-Ketracel-White42 karma

Speaking of undergarments, I'm looking to start wearing corsets. Are there any online shops that you would recommend over others?

I like the one from your Scar outfit (the underbust), but so many of these shops tend to carry mass-produced, flimsy corsets.

Boylesque85 karma

I actually borrowed that one off one of my partners!

If you don't mind getting things from Australia, Gallery Serpentine have a great range of corsetry.

-Ketracel-White44 karma

Weeelp, I just found 3 things that I really want. Don't know whether to be happy, or sad about my finances. Thank you for the recommendation!

Boylesque44 karma

It's a pleasure! The lady who runs it and designs the clothes is really lovely as well.

Chocolate_Theif528 karma

What is the most awkward request you have had?

Boylesque849 karma

Hmmm... For a show, I've never been asked to do anything really awkward. Mostly you just get given a theme, and you get to work within that.

The awkward parts have been very drunk ladies (and occasionally guys) getting way too handsy after a show.

I have seen some pretty awkward things on stage though! Would you like to hear about them?

Chocolate_Theif1766 karma

Sips coffee Tell me more

Boylesque865 karma

Sure! The most obvious awkward thing that happens fairly frequently is new performers coming on with very unpolished routines. If they can stay focused, it's not too bad, but every now and then they panic and run off early, with the music still playing and nothing but an empty stage... you just know they're going to beat themselves up about it later.

A step up from that you have the performers who have been doing it for ages, still manage to pull out performances that are just shit. did you know that it's possible to do a boring grinder girl act? I didn't. Now, I shudder every time I think about it.

Then, you have the occasional person who has come in with a background from performing at kink parties, and think that it's okay to start masturbating on stage. I'm not talking 'sexy performance feeling yourself up', I'm talking lips spread, playing with cucumbers. Doesn't happen very often though.

Finally, you have the performers who set out to make people feel horribly awkward, and make an artform out of it. We're talking creepy characters, visual rape jokes, and even one routine that involved sticking a flag up their ass and waving it in the air.

Backstage, there's not much awkward. Burlesque performers are generally really comfortable with their bodies, and anyone who's going to be a sleaze is not going to last long in the scene.

Gotherella339 karma

Boring Grinder girl act, I know the act you're talking about :p

Boylesque293 karma

Well hello you!

myhamsareburnin146 karma

Wait... what?

Boylesque411 karma

That's someone I know IRL. They're a pretty good photographer, and come to a bunch of shows. Small internet..

CommanderDank99 karma

I have never seen the OP of an AMA this deep in a thread.

Boylesque233 karma

I didn't have much to do today.

IlIlIIII157 karma

Finally, you have the performers who set out to make people feel horribly awkward, and make an artform out of it. We're talking creepy characters, visual rape jokes, and even one routine that involved sticking a flag up their ass and waving it in the air.

So, sort of like this?

Boylesque143 karma

Sometimes, yes!

Oh gosh, that was strange.

Angoth-34 karma

and think that it's okay to start masturbating on stage

It is ok.

Boylesque60 karma

If the context is going to watch people masturbate on stage, then yes.

However, if people are going along to see sensual, titillating dance, and you're just fanning your flaps or beating your meat, then the audience is going to feel disappointed and somewhat disgusted.

It's all about expectations and social contracts.

Fatscre315 karma

What's the craziest show you've ever been apart of?

What's the most boring you've been apart of?

Boylesque577 karma

Craziest show

From an audience perspective, I would have to say the Harry Potter Burlesque nights. Nothing like having your childhood thourghly violated.

From a performer perspective, an onging event called Cabaret Sasquatch. 15 performers and an 8-peice live band. Backstage madness.

Most Boring show

Probably one of the low-level community cabaret gigs. They vary in quality, but they are a great space to test out new routines. When you get one of these that is also on the same night as a bunch of other events (such as Halloween), things get pretty dull.

Gosteponalegoplease305 karma

Its leviosAAAH!

Boylesque580 karma

Highlights included a cross-dressing lesbian duo doing a Harry/Snape act, a brilliant battle between Bellatrix and Lupin (performed by two magicians), Professor McGonagall's obscenely saggy prosthetic breasts, Luna tripping out on LSD, Draco on schoolies, and Hagrid transforming into a dragon-lady.

andytuba220 karma

This sounds like the Alice in Wonderland porn movie.

Boylesque272 karma

I love that movie. It's fucking hilarious! right down to the dance numbers, the songs, and the strangely sincere moral homilies about being comfortable with your own body and exploring your sexuality.

As far as I can figure, it's the result of a porn company and a musical theatre group taking lots of psychedelic drugs in a forest.

fuckyes/10. Will show it to people as an icebreaker again.

DG72958 karma

I mention this movie as much as I possibly can because it's so damn great. It's a perfect embodiment of the 70s, which happens to be my favorite decade.

Boylesque133 karma

You are doing God's work son!

Well, not God's work, but possibly some kind of many armed tantric deity.

lisaawesome30 karma

I wrote a seminar paper on this movie once so that a whole class had to watch it. Made me proud.

Boylesque25 karma

You sneaky creature!

DG72927 karma

Just realized who you are, I was just reading your AMA. Really interesting stuff, I've always loved the feel of circuses and burlesque is really neat and has such an interesting history. Keep doing what you're doing, it seems perfect. I didn't say anything in the thread because I didn't really have a question, but just wanted to say how awesome I think it is.

Boylesque21 karma

Thanks for letting me know. It's a funny way to get through life. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes it's difficult. Each year gets a little easier though.

Fearphilosophy26 karma

One of the only pornographic films I've ever had sex to.

We kept stopping to appreciate the absurdity.

Boylesque26 karma

You where doing it right.

Beatleboy62293 karma

If you were given complete creative and monetary freedom for a project, what would it be?

OP answers all the questions, and it's an interesting topic I've never heard of before. Right on OP!

Boylesque490 karma

OP gives you a thumbs up!

If it was a burlesque show, I would put on a video game burlesque night. I think that would be awesome, and I'm a massive nerd. I also happen know the cosplayer who did Manly Misty! He's a lovely dude.

If it was a non-burlesque show, I would produce something I was working on a while ago, code-named "Ghosts of Myth". The idea was to put on a fusion circus/magic show that incorporates illusion into narrative storytelling, and explores concepts like lost gods, commonality in mythology, the Jungian social subconscious, and how it relates to human spiritual experience. I'm an atheist, but I find those ideas fascinating.

5213152 karma

That show sounds intense and fascinating as fuck. If I ever become rich, you're still doing burlesque, and haven't had a chance to do that idea yet, I'll totally fund it!

Boylesque259 karma

To unlikely circumstances!

raises glass for a toast

wheniswhy47 karma

Man, I would love to see that show. That sounds like the coolest thing ever.

Actually, I'd like to see both those shows! You should Kickstart this shit.

Boylesque42 karma

If circumstances permit, I might do that.

bob_sagget178 karma

If I had to give a performance for my significant other, what routine/performance would you recommend?

Boylesque194 karma

  • Are you male or female?
  • Is your SO male or female?
  • Are there any particular themes, fantasies or fetishes that your SO enjoys?

(if you don't feel comfortable answering in public, PM me and I will give you advice)

bob_sagget153 karma

I'm a male, they're a female, and lord of the rings/harry potter are her favorites.

Boylesque369 karma

Find a piece of music to practice to, and figure out as many creative/sexy ways as you can to take off various bits of clothing.

Performing for an audience of one is very different to performing on a stage. You can be more personal and intimate. Figure out ways to interact with her. I would suggest putting them on a chair - one that you can get close to. You can get her to help pull off your belt, or drape clothing over her as you proceed.

Regarding costume, at very least wear clean, fancy clothes. Good shirt, vest, pants, etc. Be aware that the hardest things to remove sexily are shoes, so slip-offs are really useful here. Invest in a pair of nice underwear. While new regular undies will do it, you can really treat her by getting something from a business like Candyman. Go for briefs, rather than a g-string.

Theming is where it can get tricky. If you're not careful, it will just be comedic. If you want to go for a theme performance, find a character that you think you could perform as (Draco, Ron, Lucious, Aragon, Harry, etc), and figure out what 'story' you want to tell. Story can be a simple emotional trajectory - it doesn't have to be anything complicated.

Then, we have music. Find music that you are comfortable moving to. That you think feels sexy. Practice dancing with it. Play with the music. Practice stripping to it.

Then, surprise your partner. She'll love it.

michellee109072 karma

Oh my god, that website! So. Many. Butts. You da real MVP.

Boylesque26 karma


It's a pleasure to please ya!

Turakamu24 karma

simple emotional trajectory

What if I am a robot with no gender parts?

Boylesque142 karma

Then you build a routine about love, or loss, or yearning. Human emotion has so many pieces that are not contingent on having interlocking plumbing.

littlelakes117 karma

I've played Brad in the Rocky Horror picture show in Montreal for years every Halloween (6 shows a year, 1000s of people, biggest RHPS toast flinging on earth, etc) so I have some experience, but I'd like to do something more like this in the rest of my life. What are your recommendations to getting started?

Boylesque127 karma

Go. For. It.

You're obviously over stage fright, and that's the biggest hurdle.

The important thing to remember is that boylesque is an expression and exploration of your sexuality. Sure, you may be filtering it through various characters or themes, but it's ultimately you up on stage, putting yourself out there for the audience to see.

There are several starting points:

1) Theme: Start with a conceptual idea (costume, character or narrative), and build the routine from there.

2) Music: Find a piece of music that really resonates with you. build everything to match that music.

Once you have your starting point, you're going to need to practice. The more time you put into your act, the more the audience will likely enjoy it. Practice taking off your clothes in interesting ways. See if you can figure out six ways to remove a jacket, a shirt, and a pair of pants. Socks and shoes are the hardest see how many ways you can find to take them off.

Invest in some nice undergarments. Candyman have a pretty good range.

Any other specific questions?

Pizzaface4372100 karma

That seems like a fun line of work, how did you get involved in it?

Boylesque164 karma

I've been doing circus and general performance for over a decade, and one of my friends/housemates had been doing boylesque for a while. Someone I knew was putting on an event called "Cabaret of Perversion" at an underground venue, and asked if I would perform. I put together a few routines;a rope dance with one of my partners, and the first iteration of my Sweeney Todd routine. It went well, and I kept doing it.

To get continued work in burlesque, you need to be able to constantly innovate and create new routines, while making sure those routines are as high quality as possible.

Ask me how I first got into MCing.. Go on, it's a doozy.

Pizzaface4372101 karma

How did you first get into MCing? :D

Boylesque335 karma

I had just moved to the city I now live in, and an acquaintance of mine who had seen me do a number of circus performances approached me out of the blue with a proposition.

A close friend of his had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six weeks to live. They where having a farewell party for her in four weeks time. The individual in question was a member of the Kink community. This farewell party was to be a Bacchanalia (a Roman-style performance orgy). He asked me to MC.

Naturally, I had to think about this. This is the kind of gig that you can't let yourself fuck up. Even if you are MCing, it is not in any way about you. After carefully mapping out the challenges and requirements, I said yes.

The party it's self was spectacular. The lady of honour spent her time in a chaise lounge, being fed strawberries and grapes. The performances included a full-sex lesbian burlesque act and party games played with subs (pegs, whips, blindfolds, remote control vibrators, bondage escape, etc).

Also, the lady of honour got to fulfil one of her greatest fantasies. They arranged a line of slaves eat her out, discarding each one and moving to the next whenever she felt like it (the slaves where all paid prostitutes, of course).

I will say this for kinky people: they know how to give people a good send off.

Pizzaface437291 karma

Damn, you weren't kidding, that was some doozy!

Boylesque87 karma

Thanks for asking!

It's a story I enjoy telling.

stevetehpirate78 karma

Kinky people do a lot of things better than normal people. Scrambled eggs fall flat if they're not beaten properly.

Boylesque22 karma

You got a chuckle out of me.

__Shadynasty_14 karma

Welp, now I know what to do for my next birthday party!!

Boylesque15 karma

Become a burlesque artist and strip for your friends?

521330 karma

I second this because it seems like a really fun profession that I am interested in possibly pursuing.

Boylesque54 karma

You absolutely should. Burlesque is a great activity. If you are a performer, it will force you to develop your skills in costume making, prop making, choreography, makeup, etc.

It can be very difficult to get to a level where it is your primary income source, but as a supplementary income and an artistic challenge, it's great.

Do you have any specific questions? I'm happy to answer them.

521317 karma

Aside from dancing and a good stage presence, are there any other skills or talents that you would suggest for somebody wanting to break into this profession?

Boylesque45 karma

There are a few, yes. If you don't have these yet, burlesque will help you develop them:

  • Prop/costume making
  • Choreography
  • Editing music
  • Self promotion
  • Being able to communicate with burlesque producers and other performers
  • Stage presence/theatrics

Many people also have other skills that they can incorporate into their routines. I have circus. Some people have singing, acrobatics, contortion, fire performance, or magic. I would wager that it would even be possible to incorporate things like cooking or carpentry if you wanted to get really creative.

521327 karma

Well, even Bruce Lee had to learn martial arts at some point.

Thanks for the advice! I'm not sure what else to ask, so I'll just lurk now, but this definitely sounds like something I'd like to try.

Boylesque21 karma

I hope you do give it a shot. It is a very fun thing to get into, and you will make some great and strange friends.

Argi_74 karma

What does it say about me that I'd like to see motherfucking Voldemort sexily strip down while dancing?

Boylesque123 karma

It says that you have good taste. Voldemort is a powerful creature. It is natural to find the idea attractive.

If you like, I can give you a rough breakdown of the routine.

Edit: I'm trying to find a video of the act. It's old, and was taken on an iphone, but I know I have it somewhere...

Flyingpinguinz73 karma

You don't need to share specifics if you aren't comfortable with it, but how's the pay?

Boylesque172 karma

For cabaret-style shows, pretty shitty. You're looking at about $120-$150 for an act, and you will often spend close to that on props and costumes. At least, that's how it is in Australia; I can't speak for what it's like in other countries.

I get most of my income from circus work, and I supplement it with a little bit of retail.

P.S. I have no issue discussing income or pay. I just don't understand the stigma.

Thorbinator75 karma

The stigma, two explanations:

1: The corporations own everything, and in an interest of keeping workers voiceless they have propagated the idea that you should never discuss pay. That could lead to organization, after all. Also if someone new gets hired for the same job, they discuss pay and one of them demands more than they were getting for doing the same work.

2: It's just shitty to know things about people, makes regular encounters awkward. In a typical office scenario nobody benefits from knowing that bob in the mailroom makes more than joe the receptionist. I imagine if everyone wore a tag on the chest with how much they make, the stigma would disappear in a few years, but right now you're that weird guy that talks about pay, and the outlier is shunned.

Boylesque40 karma

Thankyou for that response. Having not spent much time in offices, I don't realise these things.

Thorbinator48 karma

Thanks for the AMA. Having not spent much time in burlesque clubs, I don't realize these things. :D

Boylesque20 karma

It's a pleasure!

There aren't many clubs that are dedicated to burlesque. Usually, you will find burlesque shows in any venue that has a stage, some lights and a dressing room.

CMarlowe69 karma

Who is the target audience for this sort of thing?

Boylesque67 karma

For boylesque specifically or burlesque shows in general?

CMarlowe75 karma

"Boyslesque." I assumed it would be housewives out with their friends and young women even more than gay men, but who knows?

Boylesque150 karma

Most burlesque shows these days (at least in Australia) have some boylesque sprinkled in them.

The only all-boylesque shows I've been involved in where a series of nights called 'boy oh boy'. The audience was mostly women in their 20's, and the males where equally gay and straight. Probably about one quarter of the audience was male.

For a regular burlesque night (even an all-female one), women make up two thirds of the audience.

ShelfLifeInc53 karma

What's the difference between burlesque/boylesque and straight-up stripping?

Boylesque114 karma

From a skill basis, there is a lot of overlap. You're essentially finding interesting and entertaining ways to take off clothing.

The first point of differentiation is purpose. The purpose of a strip is quite simple: to sexually excite. With burlesque, however, you have a much wider range of things you can play with. You can build burlesque routines that are morose, or frighting, or tense, or exhilerating. You can build a burlesque routine to highlight a social or personal issue.

The second point of differentiation is narrative. Unlike strip, burlesque plays with narrative. This narrative can be emotional, conceptual, or an actual story. A lost and frightened man finds himself returning to the welcoming lights of the burlesque stage; A robot finds love in a junk heap; Hansel and Gretel discover that the witches cottage is not all that they expected; A solitary woman finds solace and peace in the removal of her clothes; A nerdy guy discovers his sexuality. These are all routines that I have seen.

The border between strip and burlesque is ultimately a fuzzy one, but there are tools that are at play in many burlesque routines that would not work in a regular strip show.

highspeed_lowdrag223 karma

Does all Burlesque involve stripping? Or is there other types of theatrics shown?

Boylesque57 karma

Strip isn't necessary, just common. I have seen a number of brilliant routines that are purely based around dance and character work.

There's one producer over here in AUS who manages this quite well. His name is Russall Beattie, and he puts on brilliant shows like Dames of Throne and Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back.

I heard rumour that he was going to be taking Dames on an American tour, so if that's your country of origin, keep an eye out for it. It's an awesome show.

The only piece of burlesque that I have done that hasn't involved stripping was a recent routine based around Welcome to Nightvale, in which I transformed from one character to another.

Pseudonymical26 karma

Okay um I'm totally nerding out here because but is there anyway I could see that Welcome to Night Vale performance? I am INCREDIBLY intrigued at the idea of that and would die to see it.

Boylesque23 karma

I have a few photos about, but I'm not yet entierly happy with the act it's self. It needs more work, as nightvale is something that is very dear to my heart. The audio is here (it's a mash up of episode 1, The Sandstorm, some misc Strex stuff, and a track called Forever Dilating Eye)

The lighting on the night was terrible. The photos are thus quite grainy and indistinct, but since you asked so nicely, you can see them here.

I want to upgrade the prosthesis before performing this one again.

pm_me_your_dick_plx40 karma

Soo....would I like your shows? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Boylesque69 karma

Very appropriate username!

Unless you're in Australia, you are fresh out of luck!

Edit: I misread your post. Unfortunately, I don't get my dick out. There are venue licencing issues with that in Australia.

Banana202233 karma

How come you don't show your dick? Genuine question.

Boylesque92 karma

Personally, I think that nice mangerie (manly lingerie) is far more appealing than swinging your tackle about.

Legally, most venues in Australia don't have a 'full nudity' license, so there's only a certain amount that you are allowed to see (no genitalia or female nipples). Places with a full nudity license tend to either be theatres or strip joints.

The most nude I've ever gotten on stage is this (NSFW, obviously).

highspeed_lowdrag249 karma

There's a creeper peeking at your bum.

Boylesque115 karma

Creeper? Where?


Oh lord no, get it away!!

CreamNPeaches13 karma

You have nice thighs. How often do you work to maintain your body?

Boylesque18 karma


Most of my exercises comes from circus training and cycling. I do need to do some specific exercises for my mid and lower back, because contact juggling (my main line of work) is really stressful on the internal rotators.

sluttyalyce5 karma

I'm in Australia! Would LOVE to see a boylesque show, when are you performing next?

Boylesque3 karma

Cabaret Sasquatch, Deceber 12, The Red Rattler, Marrickville Sydney. If you can make it, come along!

ThroughThePeeHole37 karma

So where did you learn cock magic?

Boylesque55 karma

Self taught. I just waved my wand around until people became hypnotised.

Frailled35 karma

Are you going to be my friend or are you just a hunk?

Boylesque51 karma

I'll probably be your friend. I wouldn't exactly call myself 'hunky'; that implies way more muscle mass than I have.

How have you been, my new random internet friend?

Alassiskasippi24 karma

I would certainly call you that.

Okay. enough creepin'

Boylesque50 karma

I am totally fine with the comments you have made.

I did just post mostly naked pictures of myself and invite people to ask me anything, after all..

Alassiskasippi21 karma

Fair enough.

continues creepin' on a dude

Boylesque100 karma

Oh, that's so sweet! Here's your very own virtual strip show!


Folly_Inc41 karma

Your ending twist there, it was rather clever. If Australia was not about half a world away I would enjoy going see a show of yours.

Boylesque29 karma

Thanks! If I ever get a good video of one of my shows, I'll throw it to the wild winds of reddit and see what happens!

ThumbSprain32 karma

I'm a short, pasty white, slightly but not badly out of shape guy who's only significant skills are playing games and breaking bits of my body accidentally. Do you think I could turn this into an act and make money?

Boylesque48 karma

Yes, I actually do. I have seen great burlesque shows from people who are out of shape or not classically attractive. It's definitely more difficult, but it can be done.

My advice is to design routines about things you love, and things you feel passionate about. Boylesque is an exploration of male sexuality, and there are as many variations of that as their are men.

What you will have to become comfortable with is being on stage, and the skill you will have to practice is how to make yourself interesting while looking on stage. Approach it like you would a video game. A routine is kind of like an extended quick time event that requires your whole body to successfully complete it. Think about how you hold your body, and how you hold your face.

Find some music and start experimenting!

Gosteponalegoplease27 karma

What do your parents think about your choice of profession? (not implying negativity) And what inspired you to pick it?

Boylesque67 karma

My parents are fine with it. My dad doesn't really care, and my mom thinks it's hilarious.

My 'profession' is performer - burlesque is just one part of that. I actually make most of my money from circus performance, but that's far less interesting for an AMA.

Gosteponalegoplease22 karma

Thats awesome that your parents are so cool and that you enjoy your work. Not many can say they genuinely love going to work. And I disagree about the circus AMA!

Boylesque17 karma

Well, I might do one of those another time!

erohWamraKAmI27 karma

Is burlesque(the movie) a hit in your community or how does it reflect what you actually do?

Boylesque43 karma

Never seen it. Watching the trailer now...

Looks entertaining. That poky nightclub has waaay more budget than they should! That's Hollywood for you though.

I wouldn't be surprised if this film helped inspire some people to get into it, but it's not really a cornerstone of the scene.

SouthpawRage15 karma

The movie is super cheesy (I'm assuming you're talking about the one with Cher and Christina Agulera) but it's really fun to watch. I wish burlesque shows were more common where I lived (Midwest USA)

Boylesque13 karma

There may be some hidden away. You never know where those burlesque performers are hiding...

dracythis24 karma

Ok, probably a stupid question from a small-town boy in Iowa. Is the burlesque shows like a theatrical erotic production where you receive just a lump sum for your performance? Or is something where in addition to your stipend, you receive tips from patrons for lap-dances?

Boylesque42 karma

The only stupid thing to do would be to not ask the question!

Burlesque definitely falls in the camp of 'theatrical erotic production', and I know ahead of time how much I'm getting paid (unless it's a profit share night, in which case everyone gets a cut of the ticket sales after the venue hire is covered).

To be honest, stripping is actually far more lucrative than burlesque!

_PaftDunk_24 karma

Have you ever refused a theme?

Boylesque44 karma

I can't say that I have. I've turned down nights because of having an overly busy schedule, but I'm always up for a challenge.

The trickiest themes I've had to do where a James Bond night (I ended up playing the head of spectre, and transforming into his white cat), and the most recent Stripping Dead Halloween show (because we've had three of them, and I'm running out of horror movies that we haven't done yet!).

Hippy_the_Hippo21 karma

Who mixed calling it Brolesque?

Boylesque94 karma

I think Brolesque should be a sub-genre of boylesque. With caps, singlets, red solo cups, and strict adherence to the bro-code.

BluntTruthGentleman17 karma

OP - what kinds of burlesque are available in your city?

As an ex-boylesquer and the first in my city (6 years ago) and have had quite a bit of experience.

I need to clarify something important. Contrary to what people may believe, and what OP has summarized, burlesque is not just about taking your clothes off. OP may have simply glazed over this without intending to make it seem so or may be less exposed to the many fantastic interpretations of burlesque, but that's not important. I'm not here to flame but to help educate about what burlesque and boylesque are really about :)

Being succinct, every troupe I've ever performed with, and nearly every performer within that troupe has their own interpretation of burlesque. If you've ever attended steampunk events or been immersed in another subculture (like 'goth', metal, w/e) then picture it similarly; each subdivides into dozens of interesting and distinct ways. And as the subculture develops, the groups that make it up diversify as well. I personally find this beautiful - it happens with musical genres, subcultures, and everything in between and makes us who we are.

In burlesque, I've noticed many interpretations that were not centrally focused on stripping. While the OP's style and many others involve stripping, many leave it as an afterthought or not at all. The best troupes and performances I've been part of were more performance art centered, where we'd act out a scene (like the slaying of medusa by perseus, or aladdin and the genie) but put a very sexy twist on it. Sometimes it involved stripping, sometimes it was just in a vintage, burlesque setting and got steamy.

Other types include live music. I actually started out MCing and drumming for the first troupe in our city before being pulled into some of the sets as a "human prop", joining routines, and then doing my own sets. I was the only guy in a group of 12 other women.

I could probably list quite a few performances that I liked that were all different, but off the top of my head my favorite non-stripping groups were nerd-lesquers, a type of steampunk burlesque, and a bdsm group who focused more on the sex and less on the act of stripping. I would give the names of these troupes but if I did you would know what city they are from, and given the rarity of guys on the scene here you'd know who I am pretty quickly, so that will do for now :)

OP - thanks so much for starting this great thread. I just want people to know that burlesque is more than stripping in lingerie and is as interpretive as any other art form, regardless of if you're a guy or a girl.

Edit: Proof http://imgur.com/wawTOk2

Boylesque24 karma

Hey there /u/BluntTruthGentleman, thanks for jumping into the conversation!

You are absolutely correct of course. I gave a very simplistic definition of burlesque in my opening post, as I was keen to jump in and get the ball rolling.

On the note of stripless burlesque routines, the only act from this industry that I have ever seen that has made me cry was a beautiful piece for the Dames of Throne event. It was a routine between Tyrion and Shae, in which he creates a staircase out of books, so that he can stand level with her and kiss her. I can't find any photos of that act, unfortunately, but it was breathtaking.

Keep doing your thing and having fun, my good man!

RoidedWheat15 karma

I'm aguy who lkes blues and the guitar ... ever done a show with those kinds of themes??

Boylesque37 karma


I've got a gunslinger act that starts with this vocal intro fromBastion and moves on to Short Change Hero.

I also have a circus act to a trimmed down version Dead Flag Blues.

Those are probably the closest.

BuzzBuzzSnipSnip16 karma

Gunslinger, Bastion and The Heavy? It's like you made that routine specifically for me. Damn being halfway across the world!

Boylesque15 karma

I'll try and get it filmed next time I do it.

thinkofthevariables13 karma

Do you get tassles as well? I bet you get tassles.

Boylesque21 karma

I am not required to wear them, but I have tried other people's tassels on back stage. It's a lot harder to get them spinning when you don't have breasts!

thinkofthevariables16 karma

Strange...I had it in my mind that you did a burlesque version of helicopter dick. lol

Boylesque34 karma

Not yet, but now the challenge has been set!

DomoArigatoMr_Roboto12 karma

Did you have the show where you start relaxed as an somewhat unattractive person, but throughout the act using various stage movements you getting pumped and maybe 'accidentally' spraying body with oil you transform into a sexy guy?

Boylesque12 karma

I haven't done that, but it is a bloody cool idea. Have you seen someone do a routine like that?

Adon1kam12 karma

Hey... you don't happen to be from Melbourne do you?

I have a feeling I've met you before

Boylesque19 karma

I'm from Sydney, but I visit Melbourne from time to time.

Melbourne has some really good burlesque and boylesque performers.

TheDreamWhisperer11 karma

What's your best money-making trick?

Boylesque43 karma

I don't need specific tricks to make money. People aren't putting dollars in my garter-belts here. These are shows - people book tickets to have a night of entertainment.

What matters to me in making money off this is getting hired by producers, so I guess my best money making trick is rehearsing hard and putting together a great act.

omegawoot8 karma

Hello :) Have you ever been to any Fire spinning festivals?

Boylesque7 karma

A few around Australia. I went to the final UberOZ, a couple of Spinfests, and did a single stint at the Tasmanian Circus Festival.

marcellusr6 karma

Have you performed in other countries? If so how does it compare to the atmosphere here I the U.S?

Boylesque17 karma

I have only performed here in Australia.

SexyR63VinylScratch4 karma

As a male stripper I have two questions, however I kinda think it will be buried

1) Exactly how diffirent is what you do from what I do?

2) Whats your sexual orientation?

Boylesque7 karma

Fortunately for you, I'm having trouble sleeping!

Burlesque tends to have a stronger narrative focus than stripping, and you can play with a much wider emotional range.

Stripping is usually very high energy, the routines go for longer and (depending on the type of stripping) the pay is usually better for you.

If you want to explore burlesque, you should check it out! I'd gather you already have a great skill set, and you get to play with bringign more of 'yourself' onstage.

The second question: 98% straight. I've had emotional crushes on guys, but physical attraction doesn't stick.


jonasperrin4 karma

What has been the most awkward mistake that you have made during a performance?

Boylesque8 karma

That's a good question! Being that I incorporate circus tricks into some of my acts, dropping props can totally ruin the mood and pull the audience out of the moment. I would say that is pretty awkward.

I can't think of a specific fuck up from a specific routine though. Sorry!

thebeachonion3 karma

Have you ever considered performing out of Australia, in say, a more conservative place? Do you think your style of performing can break the ice with people belonging to such societies?

Boylesque4 karma

I haven't given it too much thought. between living in one of the most expensive cities on the planet, working and going on dates with my partners, I haven't had the time or the money to do a tour.

dixinormous3 karma

Do you ever work with Edwardian Ball in San Francisco or LA? or any other performance groups in those areas?

Boylesque4 karma

Unfortunately not, I live in Australia!

If I get the opportunity to travel overseas, I would love to check them out though.

lildip2 karma


Boylesque7 karma

Only my moustache. That thing is a nightmare to tame without it.

Or do you mean body hair? For body hair, I just use electric clippers. Does the job well enough, and far less painful than waxing. Also, worrying about ingrown hairs when you have a Scottish/British heritage is not something you want to have to do.

Onyxdeity1 karma

Is this AMA still ongoing? If so,

How long does a routine usually last?

Does this profession grant you any extra success with the ladies (or boys if that's your thing?)

How long does a routine "run?" Does it have a length of time like a play or do you have a catalog of routines you switch between?

Have you discovered anything about yourself or other people while doing this work?

And, also a humble suggestion that you do a sexy steampunk routine because your look is just perfect for it.

Boylesque5 karma

Still going. I will need to pause for a moment to order pizza, but I have no plans on stopping while new questions are coming in (he says, no doubt underestimating his stamina)

  • A very short routine would be about 3 minutes. An average routine is 4-7 minutes, and a long routine would be 10.
  • I was a hussy before I started, and I'm still a hussy now. If anything, I probably have less lovers now, because I spend more time making routines, and less time chasing tail. The attention is nice though.
  • Some routines will get created and used for a single night, some will be used for a long run of nights (such as the Voldemort routine for the Harry Potter events), and some are ones that I use time and time again because they are versatile (such as my Gunslinger, Hamlet or Sweeney Todd routines).
  • I have discovered that I work best under pressure. If something is just an idea, it will progress very slowly, but if I have an event to put it in, focusing is much easier.
  • I MC a Steampunk Cabaret from time to time, so thank you for the compliment!

that_saddlebred1 karma

How does your profession affect your dating life, if at all?

Boylesque4 karma

I don't get much time to date new people, as I have two long term partners already.

TrueVCU3 karma

Wait, two? Open relationship I assume?

Boylesque2 karma

Polyamerous. I've been with one partner for 4 years, and the other for 5 & 1/2. I met both before I started boylesque.