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Why does an antivirus app have a plugin for price comparisons? That's like strapping an egg beater onto a coffee machine.

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This sounds like the Alice in Wonderland porn movie.

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I switched to another tab, came back, and started reading through comments without checking the title. "... what the-- oh. uh. carry on, then."

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Reminds me of a story one of my New Zealender friends told, about being vegetarian in a predominantly meat-eating family. The first day her brother went to work as a butcher, he came home with hands covered in blood: under his nails, in the folds of his skin, just embedded in his hands. Every time he scratched his nose, he would smell cow blood.

Of course, he brought home a steak for dinner (because he's a fucking butcher and he can do that) and, while he said it didn't taste any different, he appreciated it that much more -- because he met the meat.