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6 months a day? Holy shit! That's dedication.

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I have enormous respect for you leading with your strength of 'not entertaining'.

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And you can't just fly by, you have to mingle.

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Could you give me a layman's definition of "single-payer"? I keep hearing that we didn't do it with ACA and that's the problem. If you could give your thoughts on the subject, it would be appreciated.

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What is your opinion of the context-sensitive metadata collection efforts?

For example:

  • You get a call from a STD testing center that lasts 3 minutes.
  • You call your wife for 6 minutes
  • You call your doctor for 20 minutes
  • You call your wife for 12 minutes
  • You call your doctor back for 4 minutes
  • You call an AIDS information center for 26 minutes
  • You call your wife back for 13 minutes

Is anyone confused about the discussion taking place? Enough metadata and the content of the conversations is largely irrelevant.