I was diagnosed with tourettes when I was 13.

My Proof: My old pill bottle and medical ID card

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neko45 karma

What's your tic?

noodlez22281 karma

I have a lot.

  • Swinging my left arm up and hitting my chest
  • Snapping my fingers
  • When walking or standing, I sometimes straighten out my right leg as much as I can.
  • Yelling "fuck" or "shit" (this is called Coprolalia and is very rare for people with tourettes)
  • Clapping

There are probably others I can't think of right now.

zefareu42 karma

I've always had a hard time understanding why it is that the compulsion to shout out a word comes out as "fuck" or "shit" or something else considered inappropriate, and not just a mundane word, like "apple"?

noodlez22259 karma

You and everyone else. I don't think doctors have an explanation for why it is only taboo words

JugglerCameron29 karma

Have you ever tried to convince your self some other words are horribly taboo to see if you can replace the others?

noodlez22283 karma


DMTcunt5 karma

Do you reckon it has got anything to do with intrusive thoughts? I hear everybody gets them, but only a few become real. eg: Paul Merton's fear of heights, thinking he might try to jump out of the window.

noodlez22213 karma

I doubt it, otherwise I would have a much more colorful tourettes vocabulary.

boazdm19 karma

How does it feel? Specifically the yelling profanity and clapping.

Do you yell "fuck" and then think "fuck, why did I do that?" Can you sense it's about to happen? Do you even notice it when it does?

noodlez22220 karma

I can usually feel when its about to happen.

boazdm29 karma

Kind of like a sneeze/hiccup?

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CttCJim2 karma

Your case is much worse than mine. Most of my tics are internal. I feel for you, brother.

I count things, mostly. Like, everything. All the time. I'm counting and balancing consonants and vowels as I type this. I have some minor physical tics and a buttload more mental ones, too.

I got off lucky.

noodlez2226 karma

Sounds like you've got some ocd.

Kismekate38 karma

Have you been able to hold down a long relationship?

noodlez22286 karma

I was with a girl for about a year and it rarely affected anything other than the few times I accidently hit her while cuddling.

thepkmncenter26 karma

What's the most inconvenient time you have had an 'episode'?

noodlez22273 karma

Probably the many times I've yelled "SHIT!" while a passenger in a vehicle.

pennyklane25 karma

How did you get diagnosed?

noodlez22287 karma

When I was around 12 years old, I noticed my arm started twitching a lot and didn't know wtf was happening. I don't remember all the details but I eventually went to a neurologist who diagnosed me.

I was actually diagnosed around the time the South Park episode on tourettes came out so nobody at school believed me at first.

Miaoshan24 karma

On that note, how did you feel about that South Park episode?

noodlez22266 karma

I love it. South Park is one of my favorite shows and they portrayed tourettes more accurately than anyone else.

Aperture_Kubi7 karma

So what was the method for getting diagnosed? It is purely observational or are there some more concrete flags for it?

noodlez2229 karma

Its observational. Doctors have yet to pinpoint the gene (if any) that causes tourettes.

kyndra006925 karma

What positive impact has it had on your life?

noodlez22235 karma

I'm not sure if its had much of an impact, positive or negative.

Scarlett_ptista22 karma

What's the biggest misconception people have about Tourette Syndrome?

noodlez22255 karma

That it means I'm just like "Tourettes Guy"

Placenta_Claus16 karma

Earlier in the thread you said that the cursing type of Tourette's is rare. Do you believe that Tourette's guy really does curse that often and that loudly? When I used to watch the videos, I always had a suspicion that he was exaggerating for the camera.

noodlez22231 karma

I'm certain its an act, or he has some other disorders I've never heard of.

JugglerCameron21 karma

Do you ever do things intentionally and blame then on your condition so you can get away with it?

noodlez22266 karma

The medication I took when I was in school had a side effect of making me drowsy. I exaggerated how much it affected me and was able to sleep in class and the teachers couldn't really do anything about it so I usually had a short nap before lunch.

JugglerCameron12 karma

Well played how about the cursing part? You ever scream fuck and shit at people intentionally?

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jstrydor19 karma

Do you think you could get away with yelling "EBOLA!" on a plane and then just blame it on the tourettes?

noodlez22239 karma

Haha, nope. I am worried that I might scream "bomb" on a plane sometime. Good thing I rarely fly.

jstrydor30 karma

Well don't worry even if something like that did happen I'm sure that our highly trained, highly competent TSA officials would be able to accurately asses the situation and rationally take care of it in a calm and controlled manner.

noodlez22239 karma

Only if you're talking about this TSA

emptynothing17 karma

As someone with chronic tic disorder, I've read that with Tourettes you have a smaller or no "window" to be able to control your tic. That when you brain says to do it there is no time to when you do it. For us, we can someone control our tics, albeit with a lot of energy.

Do you have absolutely no control? Is it possible to hold them off? If you've known anyone with chronic tic disorder, would it take more energy for you to limit them (if you can) than us? I tend to do decently well earlier in the day, but later on I lose the ability and become a twitching freak.

noodlez22214 karma

I have developed a huge amount of control over it, but just like you said, the control weakens later in the day.

jcush31316 karma

For the most part do you notice people being understanding, or are they rude and stare when something happens?

noodlez22233 karma

I've never once had someone be a dick about my tourettes.

Singer11713 karma

Has it ever been an issue for you to drive a car anywhere by yourself? It would seem difficult to me I would think?

noodlez22229 karma

Nope. Actions that require a lot of concentration tend to suppress my tics.

fitshaced3414 karma

What about your tic where you have to straighten your right leg out? (smashing on the accelerator)

noodlez22217 karma

It only happens if I'm walking or standing.

GreatGeak2 karma

Simply curious, do you worry you may ever lose control at any point? Or do you have total confidence in your ability to maintain control while driving?

noodlez2225 karma

I have total confidence.

Shat_on_a_turtle12 karma

If you could punch anyone in the face, consequence free, who would it be?

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Raicoron10 karma

Do you not like Obama, or would that opportunity to punch the president just be too great to miss out on?

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FWolf12 karma

have you ever had an awkward situation prompted by your tourette that made even you giggle?

noodlez2224 karma

Not that I can recall.

mRNA-11 karma

What situations tend to trigger your syndrome more?

Also, what is the swear/tic you say the most?

Lastly, did you ever had an instance when having Tourette Syndrome actually played out to your advantage?

Keeble6410 karma

What type of uncontrollable outbursts or habits do you suffer from?

PrometheusTNO53 karma

Compulsive hyperlinking. Interesting.

noodlez22245 karma

Millions of families suffer every year.

roehn1177 karma

Twenty three year old with tourettes here, when I was a kid I let people's assumption of tourettes being only screaming and cursing get me out of alot of trouble in school, did you ever do anything similar?

Edit: the feels, they put me on clonidine as well, but I never got a snazzy tourettes card

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condor6207 karma

Whats the hardest part of living with tourettes syndrome?

noodlez22217 karma

Trying to explain the condition on the rare occasion somebody notices it.

condor6207 karma

How does one notice it? Most people automatically assume that tourettes makes you uncontrollably swear but thats not always the case is it?

noodlez2229 karma

Well I very rarely swear. Most of the time when people notice, its because of my arm jerking and its not always obvious what would cause that to happen.

xojamiexo7 karma

Does it bother you when people ask what's wrong with you or are you so used to it, the question seems normal?

noodlez22222 karma

It doesn't bother me much. What I don't like is when people then expect me to 'diagnose' them because they have some weird behavior they are actually in complete control of.

thejackattack17 karma

My good mate has tourettes and doesn't take medication. How necessary is your medication to suppress your tics? Could you manage without meds?

noodlez22212 karma

I actually haven't taken medication since high school. I had to stop because it was making me too drowsy and I was failing classes.

I've managed without medication for most of my life.

Pasalacqua875 karma

I've heard stories of people using various methods to overcome their tics. What's yours?

noodlez22212 karma

Plenty of sleep and exercise.

Trimountaine5 karma

Is there anywhere you go to in public where you feel more "normal" than places you go during your daily routine? For example, in Deuce Bigalow (I know, terrible movie) the woman with tourettes was loved at a baseball stadium because he kept swearing... and people thought he was jeering the umpires. Wondering if there any scenarios like this for you?

edit: It was Amy Poehler, a female, not a man

noodlez2223 karma


awhitt810 karma

Is your life like any other Rob Schneider movies?

cnnome5 karma

Have you read Oliver Sacks' story in An Anthropologist on Mars about a rural surgeon with Tourette's? His symptoms were severe, but he just kept plugging away at his career and quickly everyone around him became accustomed to it and gave him whatever time and space he needed to perform his tics, which were quite elaborate.

noodlez2227 karma

Sounds interesting. Got a link to the story?

Claradwor4 karma

Do you find that stress or illness makes your tics worse? What is the strangest or most misinformed thing someone has said to you or asked you about your condition?

noodlez22235 karma

Stress definitely makes it worse.

The stupidest motherfucker I have ever met thought tics and ticks were the same thing. No, dumbass, I don't have insects crawling around in my body.

FWolf4 karma

How much do you identify yourself with Jerry Espenson (appat from the Asperger's, of course)?

noodlez22213 karma

I don't know who that is.

trollinwithdagnomies3 karma

Do you work, or are you still in school?

noodlez2223 karma


roytheshort3 karma

Can you consciously try to control when you have tics? Do you feel like it's you doing that?

noodlez2229 karma

If I feel a tic coming, I can suppress it, but that can backfire and make it worse later.

trollinwithdagnomies6 karma

How so?

noodlez22212 karma

Constantly suppressing tics can make a buildup of stress and stress makes tics much worse.

ForTheWeasels12 karma

Is it like trying to suppress a sneeze, and then an hour later you launch a snot rocket that could probably have broken out of Earth's gravitational field?

noodlez2229 karma

Exactly like that.

Diablesss3 karma

Did you ever get left out because of this syndrom?

noodlez2224 karma


JeeWeeYume3 karma

On a regular basis, how often do the cursing symptom occurs ?

noodlez2227 karma

Maybe a few times a month. It used to be a daily occurrence.

NorbitGorbit3 karma

Do the tics disappear under certain activities like singing?

noodlez2225 karma

They usually disappear if I'm doing something that requires a lot of concentration.

ytpies3 karma

What are your thoughts on the episode South Park did on Tourette's?

noodlez2227 karma

I love it. South Park is one of my favorite shows and they portrayed tourettes more accurately than anyone else.

100kittys2 karma

When did you realize you were "different" from other kids at school? Also, you said you were diagnosed at 13, did you show or have symptoms of tourettes when you were a young child?

noodlez2224 karma

I don't recall any symptoms from when I was a young child.

MangiferaIndica2 karma

I have read somewhere that smoking weed allows people with Tourette to control it better. Have you tried this and found it effective?

noodlez2222 karma

I haven't tried it.

Night_Hawk001 karma

Is there a Tourettes society that you are apart of? If so, what do you guys / girls do ?

noodlez22220 karma

We gather in the woods and sacrifice normal people to the gods.

Bedtundy1 karma

Wow, I take clonidine as well except I take .6 mg at night for insomnia. Its neat how one med can do so many different things. Do you mind me asking what you take it for? If that's not okay, I understand. I had a lot of fun reading through your answers. One of the most fun AMAs I've read through.

noodlez2222 karma

I haven't taken it for my tourettes in years. I still have a bunch left over and occasionally take half a pill if I know I'm going to have trouble sleeping one night.

vGhostiev1 karma

Hey! So I have had Tourette's since I was 5 29 now, no verbal tics mostly facial tics and tics with my breathing, I gave up on "treatment" for over 10 years now, because all they ever did was give me Clonidine like they do with you. Are there any new forms of treatment like? Cause the meds never helped me at all just made me drowsy and fall asleep.

noodlez2222 karma

I stopped taking the meds in high school. Just get plenty of sleep and get some exercise and see how that works for you.

iristhevirus1 karma

What are your thoughts on PANDAS? Do you think that may have been a contributing factor in the manifestation of your Tourette's?

noodlez2222 karma

I don't know enough about it to say either way.

mrbubblesisalie1 karma

Have you ever seen the South Park episode that features tourettes? If so, how did you feel about their representation?

trapped_in_a_box1 karma

What made you finally go for a diagnosis? Or what led to you being diagnosed?

Krazy_Kollege_Kid1 karma

How do you feel about the "Tourette's Guy" videos on YouTube?

noodlez2224 karma

I found them funny when I was a kid, but now after being diagnosed and living with tourettes, I think Tourettes Guy was an act.

Parthros1 karma

You mentioned that you like to exercise. Do you ever lift weights? I'm wondering because it can take a lot of concentration and control, and I would be worried about a physical tic in the middle of a set if I had tourettes.

noodlez2225 karma

I don't lift.

mssr_wodensday-5 karma

Tourettes is pretty metal. Do you collect swords?

noodlez22216 karma