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I remember reading about a woman who was convinced someone was raping her in her sleep, and when she was examined they found bites all over her. Turns out she had an extreme reaction that caused paranoia. Literally, bedbugs have her mental illness. Scary stuff.

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Ronda Rousey recently said in an AMA that she would fight as many as five dogs in a man suit, provided they were bad dogs. Are you willing to match this, or are you more of a three-dog combatant?

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No-name erotic fiction authors that self-publish on Amazon seem to be able to make a decent living

lurk /r/eroticauthors, and you'll find that it's not as easy as you'd think. Amazon has declared war on erotica.

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I write smutty novels, and the struggle here is real. It's bad enough trying not to re-use an adjective within a scene but you also have to make sure the whole book stays fresh, never re-using acts and positions... it's hard difficult!

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Your case is much worse than mine. Most of my tics are internal. I feel for you, brother.

I count things, mostly. Like, everything. All the time. I'm counting and balancing consonants and vowels as I type this. I have some minor physical tics and a buttload more mental ones, too.

I got off lucky.