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Thank you! This is something I always tell the non-mysterical/supernatural conspiracy theorists: If you take out the word "conspiracy" you're right. The Bilderburg group is a meeting of the rules of the world? Ya, it's specifically designed as a meeting place for the worlds most influential people! The trilateral commission consists of members who rules the world? Exactly! It's a think tank created by a super-rich to unite the politically influential of the 1st world!

There is no conspiracy; it's all just simply true!

The Illuminati does exist. It's just a looser term for class based influence. As far as i'm concerned (political) conspiracy theorists are just leftists who can't admit it due to ideological reasons. I suppose that's why so many are libertarians. However unlike leftist theories libertarianism doesn't have the methodologies to deal with the concepts that are eventually answered with conspiracy.

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As someone with chronic tic disorder, I've read that with Tourettes you have a smaller or no "window" to be able to control your tic. That when you brain says to do it there is no time to when you do it. For us, we can someone control our tics, albeit with a lot of energy.

Do you have absolutely no control? Is it possible to hold them off? If you've known anyone with chronic tic disorder, would it take more energy for you to limit them (if you can) than us? I tend to do decently well earlier in the day, but later on I lose the ability and become a twitching freak.

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They also advertise free on reddit.

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The increase in administrators always comes up. Do you know why that is occurring? Why are there more administrator positions or why are they paid more?

I've heard one argument that because universities are increasingly run as businesses they are structuring themselves likewise and hiring at a competitive wage to attract executive types. Is this accurate?

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Did it seem like he had a problem?

I really like skee ball and there is almost nowhere to play it. If I happened to be at a chuck E cheeses, I'd play skeeball for most of the time too. Video games I can play anywhere.