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Now I work on things like malaria where I wish there was more competition to solve the problems and things moved faster.

Sounds like you need a supervillian to unleash different strands of malaria for you to try and cure

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Children are not items Chris!

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My fiance always goes *"YOU WORK KNOW BRYAN CRANSTON?" Oh my god. *

She must be really hot

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Note: reddit is rate-limiting my replies to one per ten minutes ("you are doing that too much! try again in 9 minutes..."), guys. Sorry for the slow responses.

I know how to fix this!

  1. Find a picture of a bunch of snow completely covering a house
  2. Post picture to /r/funny
  3. make the caption, "Guess I'm not the only one who's "Snowed in!"
  4. ???
  5. Post as much as you want