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My favorite movie remains Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Do you have any interest in returning to film noir? Personally, I think you absolutely thrive in that genre.

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Have you used the phrase, “Whoops-a-daisies” since filming Notting Hill? It is a mighty fine expression in my opinion, which I am now quite self-conscious of using since seeing the film (approximately 32 times).

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Hi, David! I grew up listening to NPR. You were always a pleasure to listen to! What is your favorite experience you have had with them to date?

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Have you been able to hold down a long relationship?

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Hi, Phil! Big fan! My Husband and I always wondered what happens when a team (other than the first) is hours away from checking in at the Pit Stop. I can't imagine you and the greeter stand there the entire time waiting for them. Do you retreat back to your hotel and wait for a call or does the crew have a nearby waiting area for you both?