My short bio: I'm 24 years old and from London. I'm new to Reddit this week, it's a fantastic time-killer in hospital

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LizziPizzo104 karma

Something very similar happened to me over 10 years ago ( I was crossing a 45 mph road, crossed one side successfully but when I went to cross the northbound lanes a car hit me, I bounced off the windshield, and another car snagged me and dragged me 3/4 mi. What sort of injuries did you suffer? Anything that will affect you long term?

COYMFS121 karma

Wow, you looked in a worse state than me. My collision is described in my doctor's notes as man versus van, bullseye to windscreen. Thankfully I must have avoided hitting anything else.

I broke my right tibia and fibula, right collar bone and one of my ribs. This punctured my left lung and I also ruptured my spleen. I also have pretty severe ligament damage but somehow avoided any severe lacerations.

Thankfully I should make a full recovery within the next 9-12 months. So I'm extremely lucky. Even luckier than myself though is a guy on my wing who fell from the 9th floor of his apartment block and will eventually make a full recovery!

LizziPizzo58 karma

The ligament damage is what was the worst for me. Even today my knee gives me problems :/ I went to the hospital with a ruptured bladder, broken collarbone and humerus, skull fracture, 4 pelvic fractures, bruised lung (which made me cough up some disgusting phlegm for weeks) road rash from head to toe and a pretty good burn on my stomach from the hot undercarriage of the car.

One day you'll be the perfect example for your kids to "never play in traffic!" I hope you heal nicely :)

COYMFS41 karma

Thanks, you've just reminded me of the classic game Road Rash, what a dream! That's quite a string of injuries. Long term damage to my ligaments is a massive fear as I am a regular runner, cyclist and play a bit of football (soccer). Considering I've escaped any head damage though I won't complain if that is the case

handsomescot8510 karma

You'll stay active and it'll get stronger. Catastrophic ankle ligament injury 4 years ago & now like you, I run. Don't lose hope, don't let it beat you mentally. Good luck though man and hopefully you're back on your feet on no time.

COYMFS10 karma

Thats great to hear, I'm sure I'll make it through ok

macrocephalic8 karma

Can confirm. I was hit by a hilux in '99 and suffered many of the same injuries as you (broken pelvis, punctured liver, collapsed lung, broken elbow, broken finger, sprained ankle, etc). The only thing that really affects me now is my elbow which is missing about 30deg range of motion.

COYMFS67 karma

At least it's only an acute problem

nspectre62 karma

Three quarters of a fucking mile?! ಠ_ಠ

LizziPizzo40 karma

Yes... that's why I had so many deep abrasions :( If you look at the side of my head, that's bald from being dragged.. the bandage on my cheek is actually three 2x2 gauze pads packed into a huge hole. None of the pictures show it, but my right elbow also had a really deep abrasion that had to be packed with 4x4's

COYMFS25 karma

That sounds pretty bad, do you have many scars to show for it?

LizziPizzo25 karma

I do, but it doesn't bother me much anymore.. They used to be bright pink so everyone would stare

COYMFS17 karma

It could have been so much worse, so what's a few scars eh.

nspectre11 karma

Yeesh. 3/4 of a block I could understand... O.O

LizziPizzo23 karma

I just double checked, and it wasn't quite 3/4 mi but still a very long distance to be stuck underneath a car :/

4d213 karma

Why did the car drive so long? Did you loose consciousness? What happened with the driver?

LizziPizzo31 karma

It was an old man, it was dark outside and there was a lot of construction in the area so he thought I was "road debris" when he felt the thump of driving over me .. I was unconscious. From what I'm told, the driver stopped after someone pulled up next to him and told him he was dragging a body

thoggins34 karma

and we have another reason people should have their driving privileges revoked past a certain age... though what age that is I can't say for certain.

COYMFS10 karma

Reassessed rather than revoked I would suggest as a better alternative

BindweedHawkmoth95 karma

How are you enjoying NHS(tm) brand hospital food? I've been hospitalised a few times, and I found it nowhere near as bad as people make out. The jelly and rice pudding I had were pretty awesome.

COYMFS131 karma

This has been one of the highlights of being in hospital, the food is fantastic. There is a choice of 4 meals each mealtime and every meal I have had has been high quality and tasty. The reputation it has is completely unwarranted

spectrumero41 karma

I spent over 2 weeks in Wordsley Hospital near Birmingham. Medical treatment: excellent. Food: appalling.

COYMFS53 karma

That's a shame, I've had some very nice Curry, Roast beef and Bangers & mash to name a few meals

BeardlessJesusSwag14 karma

American Here! What are bangers?

SweetieLove23 karma

Sausges. Big, fat, pork sausages usually. Served over mashed potato, with gravy.

Quindarious-Gooch3rd18 karma

BRB making dinner. Also heart attack.

COYMFS39 karma

You'll have a heart attack when you hear what we call minced balls of pork...

Quindarious-Gooch3rd3 karma

I'm intrigued...

COYMFS8 karma

It's the extended form of what us Brits colloquially call cigarettes....

ZoeBlade11 karma

You'll be asking what a toad in the hole is next. :)

COYMFS8 karma

Cracking dish

lanakia9 karma

You got a choice of meals? I have been hospitalized twice (although the first time was not long enough for a real meal), but the second time they just brought me food and it was that food or no food... (editted: a word)

COYMFS14 karma

Yeah there is always 3/4 options for the main part of the meal, a choice of veg/salad and a choice of 4 desserts. Pretty dang sweet

przyjaciel73 karma

What is more painful, getting hit by a van or being a Tottenham supporter?

COYMFS15 karma

Haha ,any pain only provides a stronger contrast against which to measure successes. So any pain I have as a Spurs fan is outweighed by the glory of seeing your side win at the Etihad, Old Trafford or the Emirates

TheOnlyKnownTurtoad6 karma

Is your username an acronym of Come On You Mother Fucking Spurs?

COYMFS10 karma

Spot on mate

gottspeed66 karma

What's the hospital bill on that going to be?

COYMFS89 karma

Zero, in the UK we have the NHS which is paid for through our taxes, all necessary treatment is free

Winthrap46 karma


COYMFS119 karma

I was at a work social (free alcohol) and drank too much. On my way back to the station I ventured onto a dual carriageway in an act that could be described as jay-walking and my body coalesced with the bonnet (hood) of the Ford Transit

Kohvwezd124 karma

Come over to Finland for a drink or two hundred. Maybe get run over by a polar bear.

COYMFS72 karma

Sounds like fun, is that a package deal?

Kohvwezd80 karma

If you buy now, I'll throw in a drunk trip to a sauna and a free night at a presidential igloo. Payment in squirrel skins.

COYMFS77 karma

Are you trying to seduce me?

Kohvwezd78 karma

I'm not going to comment. If something happens, it happens.

COYMFS44 karma

Aha, playing it cool now

Alundra82812 karma

You went across a dual carriageway!? You're lucky the van hit you at 40, god damn.

COYMFS8 karma

The limit was 40, and the police said he was going at 40, could easily have been doing a little more but said he was doing 40

ThatSteeve4 karma

If you are not a writer you should be!

COYMFS5 karma

Haha, English was always my weakest subject at school. I'm an accountant!

akashik5 karma

..but but.. you are English.

COYMFS3 karma

Sadly the test didn't involve transcribing a slowed down conversation or reciting my favourite colour, pasttimes and food

ThatSteeve2 karma

Well this internet stranger thinks you're an accounted with a penchant for writing. At least about traumatic personal events!

Glad you're going to be ok. Speedy recovery!

COYMFS3 karma

Thank you very much for the kind words

therealryanstev2 karma

Are you going to stop drinking so much?

COYMFS2 karma

I certainly hope so, its just a case of not drinking to the point where I get completely drunk. I think considering how lucky I've been, it would be stupid not to use it as a wake-up call

Xboxben1 karma

You talk like a proper english man but leads me to suspect you are just using these words to convince people you speak the queens English i dont know i lived in london for 2 years and have never once heard a single one of those words

COYMFS2 karma

Well sir, maybe you need to broaden your horizons, I've lived in the London area for 24 year and my speech is far closer to cockney than queen's english. I type how I type, it don't know why you'd have a problem with it, but haters gon' hate

Xboxben1 karma

Well thank you for broadening my knowledge

COYMFS1 karma

My linguistic pleasure

Darkitz39 karma

How long did it take to think: "finally something that makes me do an interesting AMA"?

im not kidding

COYMFS31 karma

Well, it is only over the past day or two that I have learnt of this whole AMA business. After reading some extremely interesting stories I figured what better way to while away some time than to share my own far less but mildy interesting experience

nliausacmmv36 karma

How were you going 40 mph? And how great of a shot was that driver to hit a target moving that fast?

COYMFS116 karma

I'm developing a new brand of rocket propelled shoes, sadly the driver had a heat seeking Kamikaze car.

djtai634 karma

How much will this end up costing you in the end? I know in the US you'd probably be in debt for years after an accident like that.

COYMFS74 karma

I'm making money sitting here. I've got private medical insurance which is paying me because I'm in an NHS hospital, I'm earning full pay at work whilst lying in bed spending nothing

djtai643 karma

If I was that injured I would land myself with a ton of debt, many hours of lost wages, and would change my life considerably. And that's with decently good insurance. The US healthcare system is horse shit.

GreedySocialist55 karma

I must have good vision because I saw this conversation unfolding here from a mile away.

COYMFS10 karma

What are your thoughts on the respective healthcare systems of the US and UK?

COYMFS30 karma

I love the US but yeah, the healthcare system has nothing on the NHS

PostItsMakeMeHappy9 karma

Why did you choose to get private medical insurance? I'm from the UK too and it has never really occurred to me because we have the NHS.

COYMFS15 karma

I would never have taken out private medical insurance. I work for a large multinational company though and part of the remuneration package includes private healthcare

Hyperbole__Alert23 karma

Was the driver Tony Stewart?

COYMFS30 karma

Unless I've died, been transported from NY to London and been reincarnated as a 24 year old Englishman with no NASCAR experience, No

lozzaBizzle20 karma

As a Spurs fan, are you somewhat disappointed the van didn't finish you off?

COYMFS13 karma

Must have been Soldado, He'd have put me away if I was 12 yards out

trolledmonds19 karma

How do you poop? Given you have had such varied injuries.

COYMFS40 karma

No poop for the first 6 days, hence the enema. That was a horrifying experience. Then a bed pan for a couple of days, not much better. I then progressed to a commode and my potty training was complete once I could get into a wheelchair and go to the mens room of my own volition

KodarK72911 karma


COYMFS12 karma

I'll wait until mine comes out of post production to make that judgement

saxsux4 karma

Oh god. I got a bit too friendly with a car back in February - nobody warns you how incredibly challenging it will be to, um, relieve yourself.

COYMFS5 karma

It's easy when you've got a catheter in

meringuenest18 karma

Two unrelated questions!

One strange one first: are they ok with letting you charge/ plug in your laptop or phone? I have had health stuff lately and I go through what I'd gather if I had to be admitted and one thing would be my charger but I worry they'd not let me charge my shitty ancient iPhone.

Second thing: do you think you will be a bit more restrained in your drinking in future? Or will the social pressure to get wasted probably be too much to resist? I know this is a real issue, especially with young chaps your age.

Cheers and get well soon! (💚nhs!)

COYMFS17 karma

1) Yeah abosolutely no problem. I've got a 4 socket extension lead by my bed. So I'm constantly on my laptop and phone.

2) Great question, I certainly hope so. Whenever I do drink I tend to drink pretty heavily and on the night I had the accident I hadn't had any more than I would on a normal night out. This makes me think that it could have happened at any time so hopefully I will be able to be a little more restrained, but actions are louder than words as they say. I might be more likely to get taxis in the future when I've had a few!

COYMFS3 karma

And thanks for the kind wishes

LongJohnErd16 karma

What were you thinking when you first woke up? Did you realize what had just happened?

COYMFS47 karma

I first remember waking up in the intensive care unit of the hospital with tubes coming out of me with my mum, dad and a nurse looking over me. I had no idea what had happened. I wasn't in pain though, I think I was off my face on Morphine to be honest

macrocephalic9 karma

My first reaction was to pull out my ventilator tube - successfully. I kept breathing and didn't have a laryngospasm, so they left it out. They did restrain me after that though - to stop me pulling everything else out. I don't remember any of this.

I remember having some really strange dreams/hallucinations while I was weaned off the drugs.

COYMFS3 karma

Wow, I'm thankful I didn't go through any of that. I managed to not use the morphine too heavily when I could self medicate so that probably helped when they took it away

ben_db15 karma

Have you managed to get any 'special alone time'?

COYMFS45 karma

In response to your suggested underlying question. I easily could have, but have not yet done so

LouisCowell22 karma

Three weeks? You're going to erupt.

IBDPhoenix17 karma

Pain medicine destroys the sex drive.

xManjaro11 karma

True. I'm on Lortabs for my gastric sleeve I got just last Monday. And after 30 minutes of stroking I finally gave up due to exhaustion and nowhere near finishing.

It kills it hard....

COYMFS26 karma

The fact you gave it a go for 30 minutes suggests that the drive is still there

Ricky-steamboat15 karma

any hot nurses giving sponge baths?

COYMFS71 karma

One attractive doctor from the hospital was luckily a witness and attended to me at the scene. The sponge baths have been ok but have been more than counteracted by the enema they gave me

Aphet14 karma

oh my god, why are you so attractive?

COYMFS12 karma


PrincessConsuela6213 karma

I'm glad you're healing and are in good spirits!! What's something you can't wait to do when you get out of the hospital?

COYMFS32 karma

There are so many things I can't wait to do.

I'm going to hire a massive hot tub and host a massive bbq/party in my garden with all of the people who have kindly visited me.

I can't wait to assume my normal seat at White Hart Lane, the world famous home of the Spurs.

and I'll savour a pint of Lager in the comfort and safety of my own home

PrincessConsuela6211 karma

Love that the first thing on your list is to show appreciation for the people who have visited you. You seem like a sweetie!! Best of luck on the rest of your recovery - post updates for us!

COYMFS6 karma

Thank you very much. This whole episode has made me realise how great my friends are, I will post updates to the extent that anyone on here would be interested. I have what should be my final operation on Thursday

Spid12 karma


COYMFS2 karma

Indeed, can't wait for the new season, remember though it's the club we support though regardless of the incumbent manager/players. Btw I received a signed letter and photo from Michael Dawson last week. What a great man! Would be a great shame for me if he left.

MooDeeDee3 karma

Attend the next works pissup?

COYMFS4 karma

If there's free alcohol, it would be rude not to. I think I'll get a taxi home though

Phrea12 karma

[CCTV] Video?

COYMFS28 karma

I would love to see it, I might ask the police once I can see their report (after 1 month apparently)

generic_brand_cola8 karma

Send it to You've Been Framed, £250 in your pocket!

COYMFS8 karma

Haha, is that still running!? I'm not sure they put serious road accidents on there

Bojangles31512 karma

How much are the bills?

LDShadowLord10 karma

OP responded that he was actually being paid to be in the hospital, as his medical insurance is paying him and he's still getting payment from work. All while spending nothing as he's in a free NHS hospital. Lucky bastard.

COYMFS8 karma

Indeed, I'm missing a holiday with my friends right now, but next year should be able to afford to either tour Europe or the States


Were you at fault?

COYMFS86 karma

I also had to fill out a witness report, due to my lack of memory the only answer I could give was to the question "How far away from the incident were you" 0 metres obviously

Teemarr9 karma

Should have put "7 metres", let them figure that one out

COYMFS8 karma

Haha I should have. They also had a page where they wanted me to draw the incident. Sadly I have no illustration skills as I would loved to have drawn a dramatised cartoon version of the crash

LGVS3 karma

You are hilarious! No question, but just wanna wish you the best for your recovery. I may complain a lot about the UK but I do love the NHS!

COYMFS4 karma


COYMFS25 karma

I don't remember the incident, I think due to intoxication rather than trauma. I suppose that answers your question

Kwintty724 karma

So not so much "run over by a van" as "stepped in front of a van"?

COYMFS23 karma

Haha, yeah that probably better describes the incident, although...

run over 1. To collide with, knock down, and often pass over: The car ran over a child.

Dick--Justice11 karma

Did you cry?

COYMFS20 karma

I probably did, I don't remember the period when it happened though

kurtkaboom9 karma

Did you feel much pain, or did the alcohol tone it down a lot?

COYMFS15 karma

I don't think there was that much pain initially due to the alcohol, but I did have a double break in my right leg so there must have been some. Most of the pain over the following period was due to the decimation of my knee ligaments and the cracked rib that punctured my lung

PM_YER_BOOTY11 karma

Glad you're alive.

Did your shoes fly off?

COYMFS7 karma

I was wearing slip on sandals, no idea where they went, but I managed to not break any toes and only have a couple of grazes on one of my feet

Halo0510 karma

Why did you make Tony Stewart so angry?

COYMFS8 karma

I never called him back

Anyfulekno10 karma

Is the van driver ok?

COYMFS40 karma

I sincerely hope so. I have not been told anything that suggests that they weren't. It is something I have thought about a lot, it must be quite traumatic to see someone launch into your windscreen at that speed like something out of GTA. I feel pretty bad about that

Positively_Pantless32 karma

Nine years ago I was involved in an accident where a man on his bicycle hit my car while I was driving (I was going about 35 mph). I usually tell people that and get eye rolls as if it weren't true. I used to have the police report that explains it but essentially he ran a red light and the car to my left was just enough ahead of me that I didn't seem him until it was far too late. He struck my car just at the center of the front driver's side tire and ended up across my windshield and then was thrown when I abruptly stopped. He skid across the asphalt for a good 6-8 feet. It was horrifying.

Initially I had some pretty severe PTSD that proved rather difficult when I moved to a college town full of bicycles. When I first got the police report I looked up his address and sent him a letter. I won't lie, I'm very quick to anger but for some reason I can't ever remember feeling anything but intense worry for "Philip the Biker". I never heard back from him and even now I wonder about him still. My PTSD is much more under control, i can't remember the last time I had to pull over abruptly to deal with a bicycle related panic attack. But even now I'm much more cautious in the car. I've moved past that summer but some of those feelings remain. You altered that van driver's life. You didn't intend it and it may not be as extreme for him as it was for me but the moment a person's body is violently thrown on and then off the vehicle you operate, something changes. It's a split second, barely enough time to breathe…
I hope he doesn't feel anger toward you and I truly hope you both recover quickly & well. The moment I read your AMA heading I was flooded with questions for you that still aren't clear. I guess it all boils down to I just wanted to know if you are okay and how much ill will you've felt for the other guy.
It's easy to say that a person hit my car but even now it's a bit hard to accept. I've always felt guilt even though it wasn't technically my fault. I guess I've always just wondered how someone in your position feels about the other person involved in the accident.
Sorry this is rambling.

COYMFS8 karma

Thanks, it's great to hear the other side of the story and your words confirmed what I thought, that this can be a very traumatic experience for the driver through no fault of their own. I sure hope they're ok

TheDestroyerOfWords19 karma

You daft git. I drive a van and its a rare day that I don't have to brake hard or beep at someone not paying attention when crossing a road. I try my hardest but I know one day someone's luck is going to run out. Though I guess getting hammered and then going for a stroll down a dual carriageway is slightly different.

COYMFS24 karma

I know it was stupid and I am very remorseful, Van drivers are however known as paragons of road safety...

oversloth6 karma

I find it really fascinating that in your situation you're feeling empathy for the driver of the car. I mean, it's perfectly reasonable as you said the crash was probably caused by the alcohol and hence not the driver's fault, but still.. I don't know. You're in hospital, hoping whoever hit you is fine. That's unusual but cool.

COYMFS17 karma

Yeah I suppose so, but my injuries should heal. Dependent on the frame of mind of the driver that image might stay with them for a longer period and cause nightmares or flashbacks. It has definitely given me food for thought with regards to my binge drinking

TheCompleteReference3 karma

The van driver is the victim, how could he hate the driver?

oversloth1 karma

Well as I said, perfectly reasonable. Yet, I believe that in the situation, some people would still consider the driver to sort of be "the enemy" to some extend, even when aware that (s)he didn't do anything wrong - (s)he's still the one who'se car almost killed you. But then again, I might be wrong, really hard to tell from my outside perspective.

COYMFS1 karma

Your comment is perfectly reasonable, I was addressing TheCompleteReference

COYMFS1 karma

I don't understand who your comment is aimed at here, nobody has suggested that anyone hates anyone else.

ThorsGrundle9 karma

Why do you support such a shit club?

COYMFS44 karma

I know Tiger Tiger in Leicester Square isn't great, but it plays some decent music and has some ok drinks deals

PrayingMannis8 karma

How has your experience with the NHS been? It has gotten a lot of bad press recently, so would like an unbiased opinion.

COYMFS17 karma

The standard of the operations performed have been fantastic to my knowledge, as this is a teaching hospital there are some great specialists. An incision was made all the way along one collar bone for an operation to screw the break back together and 2 weeks later the scar is almost already invisible.

The nurses have on the whole been extremely helpful and caring as you would expect. One worry has been that when someone on the ward presses their button for assistance, there seems to be no urgency from the nurses to attend to that person despite a 2 second repeating buzzer going off. In these instances people have had to wait 5-10 minute for assistance when there are nurses at their station either doing paperwork or conversing. This was a major worry for me earlier as the old guy opposite had a red light flashing on a machine he was connected to, the alarm was going off for 5 minutes and I had to actually wheel myself to the nurses desk and tell them to deal with him.

The only other complaint is the communication between difference staff groups, there seems to be a disconnect between for example the doctors and the physiotherapists. Until I sought further clarification I have had conflicting information on whether I can weight bear through my arm on the side with the broken collar bone and on which legs to put the specific leg braces (I had to change them over 3 times).

That said, overall I have been impressed with the individual staff and have seen the nurses deal very well with a number of difficult patients on my ward.

DeadeyeDuncan7 karma

About the red light thing. Was it something major wrong? IIRC, if something really bad was happening, the machine would set off a different, more urgent alarm in the Nurses' office.

COYMFS7 karma

I'm not completely sure, but a minute after I called the nurse 3 people were dealing with the situation so I imagine it wasn't completely trivial

cubelips2 karma

I just wrote a reply to this talking about when I was in hospital for a week recently with a torn patellar tendon (knee) because I have such similar stories to you about the buzzer and the miscommunication. Then I realised it was a massive massive rant so I deleted it all and just wanted to say, this is very common and was very very frustrating!

COYMFS3 karma

Both are very concerning, due to miscommunication I almost went for an MRI scan when I still had 8 metal staples in my leg. I will definitely be submitting a feedback form including comments on the miscommunication and lack of urgency

ahochler8 karma

What did you do to pass the time in the hospital?

COYMFS17 karma

Reddit does a good job.

I'm sports mad too and have UK tv channels sky sports and bt sport on my laptop. I'm currently watching the USPGA.

I've had countless friends and family visitors which gives you such a lift.

The guys on my wing are great and chatting to them passes lots of time.

COYMFS5 karma

Wow, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of comments here and find it so interesting how the discussion develops onto different subjects. I'm really growing to like this whole Reddit business.

lavaslippers5 karma

Are you expected to make a full recovery? Are you a runner or in some other way a physically active person? I hope you fully recover.

COYMFS8 karma

Thanks! Yeah, hopefully I should make a full recovery but nearly every ligament in my left knee has been operated on, including the ACL which is a worry. I ran the Madrid marathon this year and would have been cycling 450 mile over 4 days in France next week if it hadn't been for the accident. So I'm desperate to make a full recovery and leg exercises are therefore my sole focus right now

blkfox1275 karma

Have you seen the Tony Stewart video? If you could, would you go back in time to possibly tell the guy a better way to be hit by a vehicle and survive like a boss?

COYMFS10 karma

Be intoxicated, it relaxes your body and softens the blow. Although it does cause the crash in the first place...

Dimestoresaint5 karma

If a van is going 40 mph, and you are 40 miles away, how long will it take until it hits you and you have to spend 3 weeks recovering in an NHS hospital in London?

COYMFS4 karma

If I'm freefalling at terminal velocity of c.120mph about 20 minutes

n0tspencer4 karma

Was it a Chelsea van?

Seriously though buddy, I have no questions for you; only wish you a speedy recovery! xD

COYMFS5 karma

Thanks, think it might have been Van Persie, I've said some bad things about him in the past

FindingNemosAnus3 karma

Poor guy, beer is such an asshole sometimes. On the plus side, being drunk probably relaxed your body so you were less injured

What's the most interesting thing the internet has taught you so far during your stay?

COYMFS3 karma

Reddit is a great waste of time. I have also used the time to read up on a couple of subjects and have learnt a bit about Northern Irish modern history

WGeorgeCook3 karma

Thank God you're in the UK. On a scale of not at all to completely, how screwed over would you be if you were in the States?

COYMFS7 karma

Indeed, the NHS is fantastic and is one of the best things about our great nation. I work for a large multinational company and actually have private medical insurance but was admitted to an NHS hospital and have found no reason to ask for a transfer, in addition the insurance company will pay me compensation of £50 for every night I stay in an NHS hospital.

I suppose due to the health insurance I would have been ok in the US. If I was drinking fourloko in the US though I may have been too drunk to even make the highway therefore sidestepping the situation completely

WGeorgeCook4 karma

Dang, they treat you really nicely there. Also, Fourloko will indeed fuck you up. Not even once.

Good luck on the recovery!

COYMFS2 karma

Thank you kind Sir

NoNeedForAName3 karma

On a scale of not at all to completely, he'd statistically still be likely to have insurance in the US and may be entitled to some compensation from the driver of the vehicle.

So I'd say he'd only be a little bit screwed, although the range of screwedness can vary greatly from person to person and accident to accident.

WGeorgeCook2 karma

Actually, the whole thing might have been avoid were OP drinking around here. See his response to me above.

NoNeedForAName3 karma

Drunkenness in and of itself doesn't necessarily absolve a wrongdoer of responsibility, whether that wrongdoer is the drunk person or a different party.

COYMFS1 karma

couldn't agree more

COYMFS1 karma

If it was my fault would the van driver be entitled to compensation from me in the US?

NoNeedForAName3 karma

I'm a lawyer in the US, and even I can't give you a straight answer to that based on the facts I've seen you give in this post.

I can tell you that it appears to be partly your fault, and partly the driver's fault. (Unless you straight up jumped out in front of the van, the driver has a responsibility to maintain a safe lookout ahead.) A jury would then assign fault based on percentages in most jurisdictions.

However, depending on the state you were injured in, you might recover nothing if you were at fault at all. That's the rule in 4 states, IIRC. It's what we call pure contributory negligence.

Or you might recover based on the driver's percentage of fault. (For instance, if you had $100k in damages and the driver was 80% at fault, you'd recover $80k from the driver.) 13 states allow you to do that. It's called pure comparative fault.

Then there's modified comparative fault. In 12 states you'd only recover that percentage if you were less than 50% at fault. In another 21 states if you were 51% or more at fault, you'd recover nothing at all, but could recover based on the driver's percentage of fault if you were less than 51% at fault.

The numbers of states may be a bit off. I only practice in 2 states and haven't looked at this crap in a while. But you get the point.

Isn't US law tons of fun?

COYMFS1 karma

It sure is, thanks for the insightful comment. Learning all the time in here! Isn't reddit wonderful..

NoNeedForAName3 karma

Damn right.

For the record, the next time you get hit by a van you should try to find yourself in Alaska. They use the pure comparative fault system and require drivers to carry at least $100k in insurance. ($50k per person, up to $100k per accident.) That's the highest car insurance requirement in the country, and the pure comparative fault system makes it more likely that you'll recover at least some part of your damages.

COYMFS1 karma

Delightful, I've never been to Alaska but now i have a good reason to go.

rattleandhum2 karma

What would happen to you if you weren't English?

COYMFS2 karma

In terms of hospital treatment?

The NHS is free at the point of use for anyone who UK resident so that would cover any treatment. I think you may need to pay if you're not a resident but this would be covered by travel insurance

shitfoxes2 karma

What colour are your nurses knickers?

COYMFS4 karma

I'm not sure he wears any....

SouthernMurse2 karma

Trauma ICU nurse here: if you were intubated, do you remember any of the events that went on while you were?

COYMFS4 karma

Based on the definition of intubation on wiki I'm not sure. I was fed through a drip for the first few days but had nothing down my throat. I had a drain in to the left side of my chest as I had a pneumothorax and punctured lung, that was painful. My whole memory of my 4 days on ICU is slightly hazy due to the number of painkillers/Morphine I was on. I remember the care from the nurses on that ward to exceptional though. You guys do a fantastic job!

SouthernMurse2 karma

Glad you got good care and are on the route to recovery. I've heard some patients say they had crazy ideas of what was going on. A lot say they think they're in some type of torture chamber and trying to find a way to fight out. I'm always interested to see the perspective from the other side.

COYMFS1 karma

Wow, that sounds horrific. I have luckily been fully conscious and had none of those problems.

DiarrheaPockets2 karma

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Buddy Holly?

COYMFS6 karma

Haha, no. That must be my new glasses, although people sometime greet me with 'hey buddy' so maybe they have. Considering he died in a crash in his early 20s maybe that would be an unfortunate connection to make

I get Proudlock from the UK show Made in Chelsea though

Jsmith13332 karma

If you remember how it felt to get run over, could you describe in detail how you felt and your emotions at the time?

COYMFS5 karma

Thankfully, I suppose, I don't remember the crash. This may be because of intoxication or trauma, although I would suggest the former.

telekinetic_turtle2 karma

Just letting you know, your proof needs to be a bit better. You could do something like take the same picture you have up there but with you holding a sign with your username and a timestamp.

COYMFS0 karma

Thanks, I could do but I'm not sure it's necessary though. If I were to make up a story to post on Reddit it would be a little more interesting than this and if someone doesn't believe my story, no problem

telekinetic_turtle2 karma

I agree, but the rules are the rules for a good reason. They're listed in the sidebar if you wanted to take a look (since I know you're new to this whole reddit thing :P)

COYMFS1 karma

Ok thanks, in the morning I'll post a new picture if necessary when the lights are on in the hospital

COYMFS1 karma

For now I've added a photo of a letter I received from the football team I support

Eva3851 karma

Can you expand on how you ended up being dragged along the road for so far? Did the driver just panic or something?

COYMFS2 karma

That wasn't me, it was one of the commenters

Scalby1 karma

What's the story?

Dick--Justice16 karma

He was run over by a van at 40 mph and has spent the last 3 weeks recovering in an NHS hospital in London Ask Him Anything!

TheCompleteReference3 karma

And by run over, he walked in front of it because he was drunk.

COYMFS0 karma

run over 1. To collide with, knock down, and often pass over: The car ran over a child. ;-)

ChantelleRoberts1 karma

Is your hospital The Royal London? Hope You Have A Full Recovery, Stay Strong.

COYMFS2 karma

No I'm at St George's, apparently the largest in the capital. Thanks for the kind words

oversloth1 karma

What about the driver? Did he help in any way, or just drive off?

COYMFS2 karma

It's weird, I have been given absolutely no information on this. I would imagine that his or her windscreen would have been so shattered as to prevent driving away. The presence of witnesses and their likely innocence in the matter would also suggest that they'd stop

[deleted]-5 karma


COYMFS5 karma

The fact that numerous people have asked me questions kind of suggests that this is a reasonable topic for an AMA, such is the nature of Reddit if it wasn't worthy people could simply downvote it and banish it to the abyss. But then again I am a new user so may be way off the mark here.

I'm curious as to what made you laugh about the title? Either way, I'm glad it tickled you.

[deleted]-6 karma


COYMFS7 karma

Good for you, I'm British too. Reddit though knows no borders, hence I would assume that a number of the commenters are not from our Isles and might be interested in the NHS in comparison to the US healthcare system which has been a major point of contention in the Obama years.

I don't really understand why you are wasting your own time commenting if you believe this to be a worthless AMA. You are obviously entitled to you opinion but I would suggest that your precious time at 1am on a Sunday night would either be spent reading more worthy topics or getting some sleep before work tomorrow, presuming you are indeed employed.

[deleted]-5 karma


COYMFS6 karma

Apologies, I maybe took your comments in the wrong context. I thought you were questioning the point of the AMA and read too much into your comments. Have a lovely evening