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People want to read it, but the answer is shit.

Hey Cosmo, I understand your feelings here. We have absolutely no intention of flagging songs due to original in-game music. If that's happening (and it appears it is), it's a problem and we will investigate and try to fix it.

Nowhere was Cosmo talking about original music. he was talking about all game music. This asshat of a CEO was trying to trick everyone into think he was giving an answer.

The fact is, a site like twitch should be using its money to fight in court if needed to establish that once music is added to a game, any stream capturing the music as used in the game for streaming is a derivative the same as the video is a derivative.

Twitch is selling out hard instead of being a champion for its users.

People need to leave twitch if twitch is going to take its success and fund services that block fair use content instead of fighting to make sure fair use is protected.

Twitch using that service and helping fund that service only increases the likelihood that other sites will be sued. Which means twitch is using it as a weapon against competitors.

This is like when reddit first tried to block any posts to the decss key. Until the revolt of users posting it everywhere forced them to admit they shouldn't go against what users want and they should just defend its base and use their profits to fight in court if it comes to that.

Because we care about you and your viewers, and we want every broadcaster on Twitch to be protected from potential liability.

Absolute fucking garbage. If they cared, they would use their profits to fund defense of fair use. They wouldn't start censoring videos.

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They already make those: http://i.imgur.com/oGRk9I7.png

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The VA is the opposite of obamacare and private hospitals. I think the biggest flaw of the VA is it is ran as some kind of military government organization and not ran more like a private hospital system.

As long as they keep appointing military generals or anyone in the military to run the VA, the VA is going to suck.

Another improvement would be to break up VA management down to much smaller regions. Let some variation occur and let improvements happen.

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And by run over, he walked in front of it because he was drunk.

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The van driver is the victim, how could he hate the driver?