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Don't worry! It's great that you tried to do this! Definitely post the video.

Those pesky youngsters, your grandparents, can't let the woman focus! Tell her she should send them to their room! Or whatever appropriate punishment a 92 year old thinks is appropriate.

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

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That's bravery friend! I'd keep him in a cage or supported by scaffolding. I'd switch to Velcro instead of zippers.

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Gotta say the spirit in this thread is awesome!

Has your Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis affected your ability to find work get hired?

I've known a few people over the years with visible, non contagious, skin disorders & they were constantly being turned down because of it.

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You mean: Weird Album? I know what you're picturing as the cover! Dirty!

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The forced is strong with this one...