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Lawyer here, and I'd seriously recommend that you ask your lawyer about this. It's a pretty common rule during probation that you can't associate with other criminals, but once your probation is over you shouldn't have restrictions like that.

As far as "continuing the conspiracy," that's just flat-out bullshit. You're only continuing the conspiracy if your continuing contact also continues the unlawful course of conduct.

Again, I'm not your attorney, but you really need to talk to an attorney about this.

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Lawyer here. There's nothing wrong with simply recording a drug transaction or drug use. There's generally no requirement that you report or attempt to stop illegal activity (exceptions may include child abuse and elder abuse).

As long as they're not actually a part of the drug transactions and usage, and aren't actually in possession of the drugs, then it's all good.

The videos could, however, probably be used to prosecute the people who are buying, selling, and using.

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3 minutes? Damn, son. Your job has really toughened you up.

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You're still doing better than I am. I've never gotten far enough to know that there's a hurdle.

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Lawyer here. One tax law class was enough for me to decide that the tax code is fucking bogus. My standard fee agreement actually specifically states that I don't give tax advice.