I am a 20 year old Gazan and would like to show the world my point of view

Edit: A proof, and Old Passport of mine http://imgur.com/S9C49ie

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Damnskipp651 karma

I'm Jewish. Can we be friends?

riyadhelalami1151 karma

I would have given my hands forward if you were in front of me.

I am all for peace

stevenmc136 karma

Be pen-pals!

riyadhelalami188 karma

I remember my second grade English book telling me about pen pals, this was the last time I heard this term.

sethboy6639 karma

I'm an agnostic atheist. Can we be friends?

Just asking for non-religious folk, because I know some people that don't care what religion you are, just that you have one.

riyadhelalami334 karma

What I care about is how good you are to me and others.

What ever you believe in isn't important.

yoni323243 karma

Hello, I'm Yoni and I'm about your age from Israel. I served in the army and I know for a fact that we were extra cautious around civilians and we never intended to hurt helpless people. I wanted to know from your point of view how does the IDF portrays? also what is your political view and solution ?

riyadhelalami503 karma

Till now I think 44 kids were killed in this operation out of 220. My friends building is all civilians not a single Hamas person lives in it and there is no rocket launchers nor weapon store houses near them and they are as far as it could be from Israel, and they were still bombed, and even my friends father does tons of business with Israel.

MerryWalrus168 karma


riyadhelalami307 karma

What I am saying is that there area has no place for them to fire, it is just so dense. And has many tall buildings making it impossible for anyone to fire or store anything.

And sorry for my English.

red_polo173 karma

Hijacking this comment to say that you should quickly redact your personal information from your passport photo. It's never a good idea, in any situation, to post such personal information on the internet.

riyadhelalami117 karma

I did delete the picture and the number of the passport.

yoni323-1 karma

Do you know everyone at your friends building? I'm sure not.. maybe there are things your not aware of.. And another question: Does all the people who criticize Israel about killing civilians feel bad at all the Hamas is shooting directly at civilians? or just because we have no casualties because of our technologies nobody cares?

riyadhelalami15 karma

No, but my friend knows them all and he is honest with me and he told me no body is there, but civilians.

We see Hama's rockets as a pressure, we know it does nothing to anyone, but it creates fear and fear creates pressure, and this is what Hamas wants.

the_singular_anyone219 karma

Do you live in a camp, or a city?

How easy is access to the internet?

How difficult are checkpoints?

riyadhelalami389 karma

No I live in the city (I am lucky to have an above average wealthy family), It is very easy I have had internet since 2002, and ADSL since 2006.

We don't have any checkpoints in Gaza we can only live in Gaza, and not go out nor go in even to our other part of the country which everyone recognizes "the West Bank".

JAYDEA99 karma

So you are not allowed to leave Gaza ever? Not even on vacation or to visit other countries?

riyadhelalami255 karma

No legally I am, but the last time the boarders were open was 160 days ago.

JAYDEA106 karma

So if you planned a trip to leave the country but the borders were "closed", you would have no way to get out?

riyadhelalami147 karma


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riyadhelalami481 karma

No, Palestine is one, and we Palestinian people are one. Enough dividing us

imthestar87 karma

Forgive my ignorance, but didn't the Hamas and Fatah voluntarily split?

riyadhelalami107 karma

Yes but Israel was like a catalyst.

yoshi_the_cat33 karma

Huh. So you can't travel anywhere on holiday or for school, or anything? You're basically "allowed" to be in Gaza and only Gaza, forever and always? How would one go about leaving - and would you be allowed to come back?

Sorry, I don't want to sound ignorant; I just really don't know as much as I'd like about what it's like to actually live there. Sending positive vibes your way, by the way! Hope you and your family stay safe :)

riyadhelalami39 karma

No we can but when the boarder is open, but not to the west bank.

KhalilK204 karma

How do you feel about "the support" coming from other Arab countries?

riyadhelalami786 karma

I see nothing of that.

Lpreddit161 karma

Is it safe to speak out against Hamas as a citizen of Gaza?

Do you believe Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state?

Stay safe. I also hope for peace soon.

riyadhelalami508 karma

Yes it is, my father once shouted in the face of the prime minister when he was running in the street.

I don't believe any country should be recognized as a religious state, as there are people who don't believe in such religion.

Lpreddit113 karma

Thank you for your quick reply.

Does that mean Saudi Arabia and Iran shouldn't be ruled as Islamic states as well?

riyadhelalami308 karma

Of course not, especially those two should not consider them selves Islam nor are they Islam in any way possible.

garmonboziamilkshake3 karma

I don't believe any country should be recognized as a religious state, as there are people who don't believe in such religion.

Have some gold, Habibi - one secular state for all peoples.

riyadhelalami3 karma

Thanks man, nice from you to do that

Lauve160 karma

Thank you for this AMA.

  1. What do you think about Hamas? Do you think it is justified to call Hamas a terror organization?

  2. Are the people of Gaza supporting the constant fire of rockets from Gaza to Israel? Is anyone in Gaza calling publicly to replace Hamas?

  3. What do people think about the demand of Hamas from the citizens to stay in their houses even if IDF is requesting them to leave so they won't be harmed during the IDF's operation?

  4. If you were the governor of Gaza, would you accept some kind of agreement in which Gaza will be fully demilitarized and in return the blockage will be removed and Israel will support the development of Gaza?

Thanks again.

riyadhelalami187 karma

I hate Hamas current political policy I think they are hypocrites, but their military wing has the good men. And no they are not a terror organization, but their military wing are freedom fighters.

Hamas and other major fractions hasn't fired a single rocket to Israel since 2012, and Hamas was responsible for stopping them. Most of the people in Gaza wouldn't want Hamas in office, we prefer it to be a resistance party away from the political ground.

It is a legitimate request, as if they were to go out of their homes, they would certainly be demolished, and they would not have a place to house them, and they would go homeless. But if they stayed they would have a chance of 1/1000 to be bombed and if they were to be bombed they would know and they would be out of it.

Of course not, every country should have the right to defend it self.

daridri155 karma

Probably not the most important question, but where is a great place to eat in Gaza?

riyadhelalami227 karma

It depends on what you want to eat, but for traditional food of Humus and beans, For Falafel I would go to Abu tala, I would go to Akila, but if I want something that was a 5 star restaurant I would go to one called roots or Archmid.

jzknuckles145 karma

WTF, is this guy scooping falafels out of boiling oil with his bare hands?

riyadhelalami235 karma

Yes and he has the best Falafel in the world.

daridri47 karma

looking for Mahashi. Where can i eat one?

riyadhelalami214 karma

From my mom.

daridri111 karma

Thanx for the invite mate

riyadhelalami262 karma

Please if you were ever there, come and have a meal with us.

JohnnyZack261 karma

Random internet people think you're joking, but those of us who have been to the Arab world know better. As a foreigner with rudimentary Arabic ability I couldn't complete a day of shopping in Amman without 3 tea invitations.

PrinceHerbert139 karma

Can confirm. I was walking around in a small village in Egypt when two small girls, who didn't know any English, took my hands and brought me to their home. Their father and mother served me and my friends coffee and some snacks. It was absolutely delightful and not the only time it happened while I was there. I've never been more accepted traveling before that.

riyadhelalami131 karma

That is what I like about being Arab, Generosity is the only thing we still have from the ancient times.

Stue311230 karma

I love falafel.

riyadhelalami67 karma

I love it too, maybe it is the best thing in the world.

lyam2341 karma

I don't know... Shawarma might give it a run for it's money.

riyadhelalami29 karma

I prefer Falafel

aiydee122 karma

Hi.. I'm moderately ignorant in all this. So please forgive my question.
Is Hamas popular amongst the Palestinians? Or is this like most countries where you have an unpopular 'government' declaring their intent despite the local protests?
My question is simple and the problem is I feel it's complex.

riyadhelalami209 karma

If their was elections it would achieve a 35% vote.

aiydee43 karma

Your answer actually scares me.. It leads me to another question:
Do you think this conflict could be avoided if Hamas were removed from power? ( I'm treating Hamas like they are an elected representative by my understanding. Please excuse my childhood understanding. 36 yrs old, but I don't understand what is happening there.)
If there were elections, and you could vote "Hamas out" would this change what is happening where you are? Better? Worse?

riyadhelalami207 karma

No, almost nothing would change, Israel would still do what they are doing as is Hamas. What we need is real peace without the bloody politicians.

aiydee47 karma

I'm appreciating this conversation. Thank you.
The problem I see is that we need politicians, but I'm seeing this as a "We don't need the politicians we currently have". We need those that represent the Palestinians and Israeli living on the Gaza, not some ideological politician. Is this correct? Or did I over-simplifiy?
I suppose next question is this. And again a simple but possibly profound question. Would you care if the person next door to your in an apartment was Israeli if it brought peace?

riyadhelalami288 karma

Of course not, I would love to have my neighbor as a Jew, we could build a great country together.

Heymanwtvr46 karma

What about all the hate we see taught in schools and television programs? How mych of the population buys into that?

riyadhelalami206 karma

Ask people in the Gazan Street, tell them Hamas or Fatah( which do you prefer)? he will tell you Yahud (Jews). That is 50% of the population.

Heymanwtvr90 karma

The world needs to hear this. 50 percent of Gazans prefer Yahud. Wow.

riyadhelalami135 karma

Yes I am dead serious, especially the poor people which constitute more than 50%. My dad prefers Yahud.

Donjoey072 karma

بالله عليك 50% ؟ ولا يمكن تتعدى النسبة 2% هاد في غزة مش خان يونس .

riyadhelalami2 karma

لا وحياتك في 50% يا زلمة روح جرب اسال

strong_grey_hero18 karma

You may be OK with a Jew as your neighbor, but would the Palestinians who are firing missiles be OK with it?

riyadhelalami35 karma

Yes if they found peace from them.

oferzina4 karma

You say you want actual peace and by reading some of your responses and genuinely believe you. My question is this - Hamas states that there will be no peace until "all Jews left Palestine", does that seem to you like something that can happen? don't you think that's an anti-peace statement that will perpetuate war?

riyadhelalami20 karma

Look I don't agree with Hamas in most of what they do.

AlexiPwns70 karma

Israeli here;

Are you pro-Hamas? A lot of people claim that Hamas was fairly elected. Is that true? Why?

Are you receiving phone calls from the IDF? What happens after the warnings? Rumor has it that Hamas denies you shelter, could you please explain how this entire process works?

Thank you and Pro-Hamas or Anti, pro-destruction-of-Israel or anti, I hope this whole thing ends soon. Both sides suffer because of horrible politics.

Peace be upon you brother.

riyadhelalami99 karma

No I am not pro-Hamas. Yes Hamas was fairly elected and the elections was witnessed by thousands from all over the world. They were elected because the peace process with your government did nothing we gave you more and more waivers(is that the true word?) and we got nothing in the end. So we wanted to try the other way around it.

I hope one day we can live together peacefully.

93mmpuriton66 karma


riyadhelalami108 karma

We are used to it, that is what I can say. Life goes on, even if there was bombing or anything.

Even these days were a there is a rocket fired at an average of 4.5 minuets, these days my father doesn't go to his job, but he wil be going back on Saturday.

anees1257949 karma

Hey, I am an American Palestine teen and I'll be in jenin next week, anything I should be afraid of? I visit almost every year, but is it different in the west Bank?

riyadhelalami86 karma

You will be safe man, don't worry it is safe and everything is alright.

Zerocchi48 karma

What do you think about biased news reports all over the world?

riyadhelalami173 karma

This is the worst thing for me, I hate my self and my life when we are viewed as criminals.

LeonardoTeslaHolmes44 karma

What's going on?

riyadhelalami197 karma

The hardest question in this thread, which takes thousands of books to answer and you won't find an answer.

dukefrinn38 karma

Which future would you prefer and why?

  1. All fighting stops. No one dies. Hamas recognized Israel. Negotiations ensue. An agreement is reached wherein a Palestinian State is created, borders open up, and refugees are compensated (but can't return to Israel). The world helps the Palestinian State economically.

  2. Israel admits defeat. All refugees return to Israel. Within a few years Israel becomes an Arab majority state. Most Jews eventually leave. BUT this happens only in 50 years after many many thousands die on both sides.

EDIT TO ADD: The reason I asked this question is that OP said he favored the "1-state solution". That is, all Palestinian refugees can return into Israel, and Israel plus Gaza plus the West Bank become one state (which would obviously become an Arab majority state with time). This "solution" is absolutely unacceptable to 99.9% of Israeli jews, since it entails the de-facto end of the Jewish state. My hypothetical question was another way to ask, "How much are you willing to sacrifice for the 1-state (unattainable) solution, compared to the 2-state (attainable) solution." This isn't a "false dichotomy" because I don't claim these are the only actual options. But sometimes it makes it easier to understand someones views when you limit their ability to have the cake and eat it too.

riyadhelalami117 karma

A combination of both, I don't care if it was an Arab majority, but what I want is be able to go to my grand dads land and go sea my country. I don't want people to be killed, and I don't want a defeat of anyone, I want a peace process which takes us to a one state solution.

Eaterbunnytherevenge31 karma

I see you're 20.

  • What's the feeling among young people in Gaza? Do you evaluate these events will feed hate and intolerance which could bring to future conflicts?

  • Are you in friendship with any israelian people?

  • Do you plan to build your future there?

riyadhelalami67 karma

Of course they will.

No I have almost never seen an Israeli citizen in my life.

Yes I plane to build my future in Gaza.

toula_from_fat_pizza26 karma

Kebab. Plate or bread?

riyadhelalami78 karma

Plate, with some yogurt, and a small bread in hand.

spiraldancing22 karma

I'm American. I've read the news for many years, going back to Arafat. This is what I see. Israel always over-reacts, killing 10s and 100s of Palestinians for every Israeli killed; I think it's terrible. But it is always Hamas (or PLO, or whoever -- Palestinians) that starts shooting at Israel first. If Hamas would stop shooting at Israel, Israel would stop shooting back.

This is what it seems like to me. Israel killing Palestinians is Hamas' fault.

Question 1) Is the news I see wrong? Is it Israel or Hamas that starts these fights?

Question 2) If Hamas starts the fighting, why do Palestinians blame Israel for fighting back?

Thank you for doing this AMA. Good luck.

riyadhelalami39 karma

It depends this time Israel began it, in 2012 they began it in 2009 we began it.

Who said we blame them, but why rocket citizen.

onlinehero21 karma

Do you believe that if all Palestinians received means to secure their own happiness - i.e. things like education and work, instead of war and suppression, it would take away their hate for Israel? Or do you think that anti-Israeli zeal amongst the Palestinians is unbreakable no matter what?

riyadhelalami97 karma

We are in Gaza, one of the most populated areas in the world, and most of its residents are refugees who had their homes in many different places in historical Palestine, and now they are living in refugee camps, were drainage water is running through their streets. So what I think the best solution is to take people back to their homes, and to live in peace with Israelis, and by the way according to a book called (the Israeli Lobby) Israel doesn't own 40% of the land they are living on and the rest are mostly governmental lands.

UrinalCake77721 karma

I was wondering what your feelings towards the United States are?


riyadhelalami139 karma

My whole family are American citizens, my Grand dad, my uncles are all Americans, so I like the American people them selves, but the government is being played by the Israeli lobby.

UrinalCake7778 karma

Thank you for responding!

What about the other people in Gaza? I understand that you have a connection to America but what of those that don't?

riyadhelalami40 karma

They have the same view as me mostly, we don't have a problem with the people but most people have problem with the government.

shulzi20 karma

Hi, thanks for this AMA. I know I am quite late but hopefully I can still gain some insight. I have several questions:

  • What sources of education do most Gazans have access to? Are there any non-government education institutions? If so, who are they run by?
  • What are possible alternatives to Hamas leadership in Gaza? What are their pros and cons?
  • Are there more extreme movements than Hamas in Gaza?

riyadhelalami52 karma

Yes we have two major universities and a shitload of bad private universities. The two major universities which actually one of them is very good. The Univeristies are Islamic University in Gaza and it is very good, and it takes Hamas funding, and the other is Alazhar University which takes Fatah funding. But they are mostly out of the political scene and almost everything they teach has nothing to do with resistance and other stuff. For me I am studying abroad in Turkey as I am fortunate enough to go there.

For me every major fraction is bad, they are all aiming for their own benefits while ignoring others. What I believe is that our political leadership should constitute from people who have good reputation around us who has no political involvement with any of the fractions.

Yes there was a few, and Hamas eradicated them, there is still one or two but they constitute of at most a 100 men who can do nothing.

shulzi3 karma

And what about education at a primary and high school level?

riyadhelalami26 karma

I was educated at Christian schools which has the best education, but there is governmental schools and a few private schools which home are made to give grades for money, one of the is an American International school.

purple_jihad15 karma

Did Hamas say why they rejected the Egyptian cease fire?

riyadhelalami34 karma

Now both of Israel and Hamas say there is no truth in the BBC report of the ceasefire.

But if you mean the past one, yes they did. As non of their conditions we put to reality.

nbenzi14 karma

How do you think this current situation could be resolved?

How accurate are the statements of Hamas both encouraging the use of human shields and firing missiles close to civilian locations?

Would you be for a two state solution between Israel and Palestine?

Are most people in Gaza for or against Hamas?

riyadhelalami40 karma

The current situation can be resolved by two main issues solved, the opening of the boarders to let people and goods go in and out. And the other is stopping the Israeli intervention in the Palestinian internal concern.

Gaza is very small, there is a schools and houses exactly everywhere and so Hamas doesn't have a place in isolation from citizens.

I could live with the two state solution but I don't prefer it, I would want a one state solution.

chappa_aiXX12 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. Are there a lot of Palestinians who are anti-semites or is the dislike towards Israel purely political? I am asking this because there are a lot of anti-semitic posts being shared around social media. Just wondering if the general Palestinian population think this way?

P.s. I sincerely hope you and your family stay safe. I wish there was more I could do from here.

riyadhelalami73 karma

By the way Palestinians are Semites, so we cannot be anti our selves, and the dislike is totally political, against their Zionist movements that took our land.

Swedif11 karma

Favorite sports team?

riyadhelalami45 karma

FootBall: Real Madrid, NBA: LA Lakers, FootBall (Countries) :Brasil(a very bad team to be supporting this year).

SebBrannigan6 karma

Hi and thanks for doing the AMA. Ist there a realistic way to get into Gaza as a Tourist? Let's just say, i know you and can say - "I am just visiting a friend". Is that possible?

To be clear: I just want to see both sides of - for me - one country.

riyadhelalami19 karma

Yes I think but when the boarders open, you should ask the Palestinian embassy in you country to know how.

kenyal6 karma

What's the worst news you've heard?

riyadhelalami35 karma

I am really immune to news, I am really smiling all the time, what ever I hear or see. But what I hate the most is the outer world perception of our issue.

If you are asking to what happened to me and the ones close to me, three of my friends have their home demolished even though one of them is a Christian, the other is in a christian school for all of his life, and he only cares about athletics and school and the other the most normal family you will ever see.

2ndEntropy6 karma

Have you read The General's Son? If not you should, if so what do you think of miko peled?

riyadhelalami15 karma

I have a book to read now.

areyoueatingthis6 karma

Do you feel like there is a real solution for this conflict? I mean, if Israel doesn't agree to stop colonization, no peace is possible...

riyadhelalami17 karma

A real solution in the short term no. But I am hoping for the next generation to be better.

dukefrinn6 karma

If you could say something to Hamas' leaders and be sure that they would listen, what would it be?

riyadhelalami65 karma

Don't fuck with our lives and emotions?

dukefrinn5 karma

Thats legit, but what would you want them to do or not to do, specifically? Imagine that they would actually follow your suggestions.

riyadhelalami26 karma

Approach a one state solution with peace as the way to go.

sofiboy5 karma

What can I, living in Europe, do to help the people in gaza?

riyadhelalami14 karma

Awareness, spread it.

FreakyVicky4 karma

You seem to have a pretty objective view on the whole conflict. Do you know of an internet source of news on it that you don't consider biased towards any side?

I hope this will be finally over soon. War is ridiculous.

riyadhelalami11 karma

Yes there is this Haaretz writer Anshel Pfeffer, he writes on twitter, and I find what he says is not biased. I usually read from a hundred sources to have an Idea of what really happened.

This is how it works for me


This is how I read news usually.

spocchio4 karma

As you probably know, world news information usually give reason to Israel. Do you have, from your side, something to promote news from your point of view? This AMA could be a good idea but won't leave a world wide trace. What is the situation about documentaries, international blogs, or international reporters that tell the story and the daily news from your point of view?

riyadhelalami8 karma

Ali Abunimah follow him on twitter Anshel Pfeffer, is an Israeli but he is not biased, he says some good things.

The rest of whom I know are Arabic,

Rambo_Brit34 karma

What's the night life in Gaza like?

How often do you get to travel outside of Gaza, like go to a foreign country?

Also, why does anyone really give a shit about that little strip of land there? Like when I was living in San Diego county, there was always a chance of brush fires, so we moved to a place where there is very little chance of brush fires, because you know, danger sucks. I'm just curious why people there don't feel the same way about that part of the world.

riyadhelalami11 karma

Night life and Gaza in the same sentence, I don't think so, unless you mean the bombings that happen at night.

I am studying abroad, but I am lucky, I am in a better situation than most of the population.

Maybe this is a Palestinian thing but we love our land, it is our honor.

SA5UK33 karma

How are the kids taught about the conflict? Are they taught to hate the other side right from the get go?

riyadhelalami7 karma

We are taught to hate them not by our parents but by them. They are the ones who made little guys listen to bombings all the time, they are the ones who killed this little kids father, they are the one that don't allow them to learn as normal people in high school. They are not allowed to travel to the other part of their country the West Bank. As you can see We were raised to hate Israelis by Israelis them selves.

alper3 karma

How do you keep yourself from choosing a path of violence?

riyadhelalami12 karma

I am not a violent person, and has been this way for all my life, I have never been in a fight and everyone is my friend.

BFR22 karma

Have you ever thought about rethinking your views? I looked at all your answers here and your other posts on reddit. You sir, are a brainwashed terrorist supporter. Your logic is backwards and you state two different things as facts (rocket attacks) you use statements that don't works to explain terrorist attacks, and say things about how you don't like Hamas but support their actions? To keep the pressure on? I think you need to rethink a lot of your views. This kind of logic is the reason their isn't peace.

EDIT: grammar (english isn't my first language)

riyadhelalami1 karma

I have been doubting my thoughts for most of my life.

Moooogle2 karma

What do you think about members of the Israeli goverment calling for genocide of the palestinian people?


riyadhelalami1 karma

I think that is what I expect from them, they are Zionists you know.

boblahblahblah1 karma

Why don't you leave? There are plenty of better, safer, and i'm sure inexpensive places to live in the world

riyadhelalami2 karma

I love my country.

TAHbKA1 karma

What does your father do? You mentioned coming back to Gaza from the USA because your father is "more respected in Gaza" and him "not going to job" when there are bombings. What is his job?

riyadhelalami6 karma

He owns a computer and languages teaching center, and he has some work in restoring ruins.

notrichardlinklater1 karma

Why don't you move out?

riyadhelalami34 karma

Because it is my home, would you leave your home if a thief came to steel it from you.

notrichardlinklater7 karma

No, but if someone would drop bombs on my city since before I was born I would just move out.

riyadhelalami19 karma

You won't, my family and I tried to move to the US, but my father couldn't live their he found himself more respected at his home.

AnarchyBurger1018 karma

An ego trip eh? Yeah, pride will kick you in the balls. Even if you make 125k a year, some joe dirt calls you a hajji muslim terist, and back to the war zone you go. lol!

riyadhelalami8 karma


UrbanToreador0 karma

If the entirety of the Muslim world (Iran, Iraq, Syria, among others) were constantly stating how they would like to destroy all people living in Gaza would you fear them as the Israelis do?

I ask this because if I were an Israeli I would be terrified and have a hair trigger as well.

riyadhelalami3 karma

Common man, Syria, Iraq and Iran, are protecting Israel whether you like it or not, Syria was bombed by Israel a thousand times, do you think Syria said something for once, Iran and Iraq follow the same logic.

But for us we are really being killed by Eygpt and Jordan among Syria, which all of them aren't helping us but in a worse way they are closing the borders so no goods can come in, making it harder for us.

rixonian-1 karma

What do you think would happen to Israel if you would win this war?

Would you put the citizens of Israel away like they do with you now? Would you accept it?

riyadhelalami6 karma

I would live with them in peace.

mxrk422-2 karma

Do you go to Israel often?

Do you believe suicide bombings are a step in the right direction in order to achieve peace?

Killing one of our own to kill others? Wheres the quality of life?

riyadhelalami4 karma

I cannot go to Israel, I cannot go to the west bank which is the second part of my country.

When was the last time a suicide bombing happened?

ZeDropsAreReal-3 karma

Proof? This is an AMA.

riyadhelalami6 karma

I provided my passport as a proof.

weirdstuffido-5 karma

Why doesn't israel leave palestine alone?

riyadhelalami0 karma

Because they have international support.