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I'm American. I've read the news for many years, going back to Arafat. This is what I see. Israel always over-reacts, killing 10s and 100s of Palestinians for every Israeli killed; I think it's terrible. But it is always Hamas (or PLO, or whoever -- Palestinians) that starts shooting at Israel first. If Hamas would stop shooting at Israel, Israel would stop shooting back.

This is what it seems like to me. Israel killing Palestinians is Hamas' fault.

Question 1) Is the news I see wrong? Is it Israel or Hamas that starts these fights?

Question 2) If Hamas starts the fighting, why do Palestinians blame Israel for fighting back?

Thank you for doing this AMA. Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply.

I thought this time began with Palestinians kidnapping and killing 3 Israeli teenagers (maybe Hamas, maybe not).

How did Israel begin this current fight?

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Hi Gabe ... long-time fan; I've been following/reading your stuff since the TowerOfBabelfish days.

I don't know how tightly integrated your app will be with Google ... but as one of the few who still stubbornly refuses to use the Google Play service to get apps (mainly, I use F-Droid, direct downloads, and occasionally compile my own from github source)

... any chance you could do an alternative (non-Google) distribution for Android? Otherwise, I'm stuck hoping for your $1.3M stretch goal.

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Thanks Gabe, will do.