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Hi Kumail! Love you on Silicon Valley and Harmontown. I was planning on watching Big Sick anyway but when my mom called me about "the best movie ever" I got tickets right away (and it's truly fantastic).

My question: how was it working with Bo Burnham? It was interesting to see him in a relatively relaxed supporting role -- a real contrast to the persona in his shows. Any interesting stories there from behind the scenes?

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That's awesome. Can't wait to see Bo's movie, and you and Emily's future projects as well. Thanks for answering my question!

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Which future would you prefer and why?

  1. All fighting stops. No one dies. Hamas recognized Israel. Negotiations ensue. An agreement is reached wherein a Palestinian State is created, borders open up, and refugees are compensated (but can't return to Israel). The world helps the Palestinian State economically.

  2. Israel admits defeat. All refugees return to Israel. Within a few years Israel becomes an Arab majority state. Most Jews eventually leave. BUT this happens only in 50 years after many many thousands die on both sides.

EDIT TO ADD: The reason I asked this question is that OP said he favored the "1-state solution". That is, all Palestinian refugees can return into Israel, and Israel plus Gaza plus the West Bank become one state (which would obviously become an Arab majority state with time). This "solution" is absolutely unacceptable to 99.9% of Israeli jews, since it entails the de-facto end of the Jewish state. My hypothetical question was another way to ask, "How much are you willing to sacrifice for the 1-state (unattainable) solution, compared to the 2-state (attainable) solution." This isn't a "false dichotomy" because I don't claim these are the only actual options. But sometimes it makes it easier to understand someones views when you limit their ability to have the cake and eat it too.

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The 20% Arab-Israeli population has every right that the 80% Israeli Jewish population has. They can vote, work, pray, be elected (there are Arab members of parliament), demonstrate against the country... Arab women actually have more rights in Israel than in any Arab country.

What OP is suggesting - that more than a million refugees who are the descendants of refugees from 1948 return to Israel - would mean the end of a democratic Jewish state. 800,000 Jews have been expelled from Arab countries and don't expect (or want) to return to their homes. There are more than 20 Arab countries, and hopefully in the future an independent Palestinian state. Palestinian refugees deserve a new home in their own state (and perhaps symbolic compensation), not to turn Israel - the one Jewish state - into another Arab state.

Saying all refugees should return into Israel is like saying Israel should not exist.

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I accept that, but if you had to choose?