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Former IDF soldier here.

Whenever there's a death in the other side, an investigation is opened. Everything from security footage to testimony is searched for, and of the person is even suspected they're thrown to an army prison. Within some unknown time period (sometimes a few days, sometimes weeks, in extreme cases years) they're given a fair trial in court.

If found guilty they're sent to a real prison with adult inmates. Usually that's far too great a risk for any 18-21 year old, so they just don't do it. Sometimes they do, in which case we'd rather have them in prison than serving the country.

There's actually a running joke that if you don't want to be drafted to the IDF, just say you want to kill all Arabs.

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First of, props man! I remember seeing you in the Guinness book of records. I have an odd question: What does one have to do to deal with cold?

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Israeli here;

Are you pro-Hamas? A lot of people claim that Hamas was fairly elected. Is that true? Why?

Are you receiving phone calls from the IDF? What happens after the warnings? Rumor has it that Hamas denies you shelter, could you please explain how this entire process works?

Thank you and Pro-Hamas or Anti, pro-destruction-of-Israel or anti, I hope this whole thing ends soon. Both sides suffer because of horrible politics.

Peace be upon you brother.

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Asking the important questions here.

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Firstly, thank you for your quick answer.

What about my second question?

And I don't think waivers is a word (of it is then I don't know what it means). Could you please expand on the subject?