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Dude, you need that global tracking device.

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I've cycled long enough to know accidents happen.

Suppose your bike becomes unridable at some point (you bend your front forks, significantly buckle your wheel).

You fall off and are too injured to cycle in the middle of nowhere.

Someone steals your bike in the middle of nowhere - or at a 'border crossing' it gets confiscated.

You simply get lost in the middle of nowhere.

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The cost won't come from labelling (unless it is a single ingredient product).

It will come from setting up processes to continuously identify and verify whether any of the ingredients (from multiple sources) are or are not GMO.

In an integrated business this would have to be rolled out nationwide, otherwise there would be no guarantee of compliance.

Then you look at the cost of national compliance versus the profits (not revenues) in Vermont. The profit margin is now so low that it's more profitable to spend the money elsewhere or just pull out and return it to the business owners.

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It shows retail can be easily manipulated by social media which is not subject to regulatory oversight.

The people who made the most money out of GME were other hedge funds.