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You know too much, we must downvote you into oblivion and set a pack of wild coyotes upon you!

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lol! You want fun? Run a Harris Vertical Baler, and compact bubble wrap through it.

600-700 pounds of bubble wrap, and this was odd ends that were previously compacted and rerun. 6 wire straps every 4-5 inches, and the strapper jams almost at the end of a bale.

So, me, and a supervisor are standing around trying to unjam the thing. I'm more or less in front of the bale, and the supervisor is on the side of the bale. Last thing I see on the outside of my vision is that the straps are getting eaten up because the bale is going into Akira mode and expanding like a marshmellow peep in the nuker.

Did not hear an explosion, not even a "foomp!", the bale just ruptured, and at first I thought the supervisor got buried under the expanding heap of bubble wrap. Nope! He got LAUNCHED! Back about 10-12 feet. His phone went about 50 feet and kept working. Lucky thing that boy had a hard head! :D

Worst snap crackle pop has to be the damned plastic milk crates. Running bales of those was EVIL, 3000 psi, strap the shit out of em, and they still blow. You can hear em under tension as the forklift guy moves and stacks em, and you just KNOW shit will go down.

Most insanely fun, mini halloween coke cans, all of them unfilled. You can attack pillars of them by hand, generally pulling the dividing sheets, and have em rain down insanely. No risk of injury. The sound, just indescribable.

And bales of clean aluminum cans, surreal. Andy Warhol would loose his shit. :D

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But who will build the roads? :D NASA helped break in many generations of engineering weenies, and they did the best they could with the materials they had at the time. Mostly, they learned all the mistakes without getting too many people killed, and the tech was not buried under a mound of secrecy like what they do at Vandenberg AFB and other locations.

But now that you have a base of engineers trained up, and the materials science has caught up, you can generally ditch most of the planning to plan to do something 80 years down the road. So, they dreamed up the first spaceplane in 1930s, now it's more or less practical to build. ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silbervogel

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