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What is your opinion about sending Pitbull to the Walmart in Kodiak Alaska?

Do you think he should be banished to Kodiak Alaska for life?

Do you consider Pitbull to be a good guy given that he announces his name at the beginning of a song so that it gives you a chance to quickly change the station?

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Here, let me make it about as ELI5 a possible.

Satanists are typically atheists who are just trolling the shit out of Christians. And it works 666% of the time.

Yeah, just like in Christianity you have Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Lutherans, etc... In Satanism you have theistic, as in a belief in an actual dude named Satan, and atheist or LaVeyan or The Satanic Temple, where Satan isn't an actual thing, but instead just a representation of those beliefs.

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After you turn 21, wanna grab a beer?

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TIL Keir Dullea and I have the same favorite sci-fi films