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Hi.. I'm moderately ignorant in all this. So please forgive my question.
Is Hamas popular amongst the Palestinians? Or is this like most countries where you have an unpopular 'government' declaring their intent despite the local protests?
My question is simple and the problem is I feel it's complex.

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I'm appreciating this conversation. Thank you.
The problem I see is that we need politicians, but I'm seeing this as a "We don't need the politicians we currently have". We need those that represent the Palestinians and Israeli living on the Gaza, not some ideological politician. Is this correct? Or did I over-simplifiy?
I suppose next question is this. And again a simple but possibly profound question. Would you care if the person next door to your in an apartment was Israeli if it brought peace?

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Your answer actually scares me.. It leads me to another question:
Do you think this conflict could be avoided if Hamas were removed from power? ( I'm treating Hamas like they are an elected representative by my understanding. Please excuse my childhood understanding. 36 yrs old, but I don't understand what is happening there.)
If there were elections, and you could vote "Hamas out" would this change what is happening where you are? Better? Worse?

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This is why I put Labor above Green.
It just annoys me when your ideologies sometimes blind you to science.
It's too late for nuclear now and solar/wind etc are the way to go now. But we could have done more to reduce our carbon footprint 40 years ago.
But GMO? It's like you get your science from the same "Scientific Method" as antivaxxers.
So.. To your statements. Show peer reviewed sources mate. Especially the statement "Most GM crops don’t increase yield but drive up the use of pesticides and herbicides, leading to resistance."

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Came in after you'd gone to bed. But as an ex-frequent traveller, thanks for your work. A good flight attendant can make or break a flight. I always tried to say "G'day. How are you?" When boarding. I tried to always smile and say thank you. I always said thank you to the flight crew when exiting the plane.
At the end of the day, how much did it cost me to be pleasant to the crew? Nothing. Maybe 3 seconds of my time. I feel that that 3 seconds of my time I gave them, they've given back to me 1,000 fold by being polite to me, ensuring that I am comfortable and getting me drinks (Above and beyond the 'guy next to me').
Be polite to cabin crew and you get 1st class service in cattle class. It does make a difference.